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Romance / Action

Chapter 68 (Australia)

The next day I had another horrible rendezvous with the boss. I was left disgusted as usual because of his stink! He was a gross man and he was very nasty.

I was still very lucky he’d not decided to penetrate me. I wondered why? What if he had a disgusting or infectious disease? Gosh, I would die.

After every nasty meeting with him, I would wash myself twice. With good soap.

That routine of always carrying out some disgusting activities was something I would never ever get used to. Never.

That Thursday, Anthonio came to my room to announce that we were going to Australia. Only both of us. For some type of mission. I didn’t ask any questions. As long as I could spend some time with him, far away from the others, everything was fine.
That same afternoon, we took the private jet for Australia. I sat and stared down at the white snow everywhere. We would be far from the cold for some time.

Anthonio was in the pilot’s cabin but soon came out, leaving the jet under the autopilot command. He sat opposite me and that was when I decided to speak.

“What exactly are we going to do? In Australia?” I asked and he turned to me.

“We are to attend an important meeting.”

I stared.

“And am I obliged to attend?”

“Nope. The boss.”


“Seems he thinks you should see the outside from time to time.”

“Hum!” I was not comfortable with that. Not at all. Was he caring now? Fuck that shit!

Anthonio chuckled at my reaction. He was just so cute.

Then I remembered what he’d said.

“Hey. You had something to tell me right?” I asked.

“Forget it.”

I frowned a little.

“Did you want to speak about emotions? Do you want to know how to understand them?” I asked.

“No.” he replied firmly, “I said forger it.”

I didn’t give up of course.

“Anthonio, I know you have a serious problem with love or attraction to the opposite sex in any way. That’s the only handicap you have now and I think it’s linked to the fact that you were heartbroken at 14. For the first time ever. You should have in mind that not all girls are the same. Plus, she was older than you by far.”

He stared blankly at me like what I’d just said had not affected him in any damned way.

“Who says I have a problem? I just don’t want to change that part of me.” he finally replied with some sort of confidence that surprised me.

“That’s what you think. Don’t you wanna end up with a woman by your side? A loving woman?”

He scoffed, amused.

“Ooookay.” I started, surprised with his reaction, “That’s probably a ‘no’.” I said with a hint of sarcasm.

“The thing is,” he started, “I don’t see what good it can give me. Nor do I see it’s importance. Worse of all, I don’t even want it.”

“What? Love?” I asked. He looked at me.

I gathered some courage and stood up to go sit close to him.

“Anthonio, everyone needs love. Maybe that’s the last ingredient that can lead to your total freedom.”

“Yeah, right. So I get disappointed again?”

I saw his question like a greenlight for me.

“Have you tried?”

“I don’t want to. It’s dumb. And we should change topic.” he replied in a lower voice.

Without much thinking, I slowly raised a hand and touched the side of his face, slightly rubbing his cheek with my thumb. He looked at me in the eyes. But didn’t pull back.

“I can make things easier for you.” I said softly, slightly nervous.

I expected him to pull my hand away but he didn’t. That gave me one bit of courage.

“If you allow me.” I added, my heartbeat faster than usual. He didn’t answer or react and that scared me a little.

“Anthonio?” I called softly, rubbing his cheek. And before my eyes, Anthonio leaned in to my touch, closing his eyes. I watched him.

He was clearly confused and didn’t know how to react towards me. I caressed his cheek and he continued to lean into my touch.

“Honey?” I called and he immediately opened his eyes before standing.

“I’m going to the washroom.” he said, firmly.

I looked up at him.


I did not know for how long we’d been in the air but I knew that hours and hours had already passed.

Anthonio and I did not discuss anymore after the little discussion we’d had earlier. We would just awkwardly stare at each other from time to time.

When we finally got to Australia, it was 6:00pm there. We were really exhausted and with fake IDs and good disguise, we lodged into an hotel room as a couple. I was so tired I couldn’t wait to have a good night’s sleep.

“When is the meeting?” I asked, collapsing on the bed.

“At 9 tonight.”

“What?? In three hours? I really need to sleep first. That journey exhausted me.”

“Same for me.” he admitted, “There’s an alarm on that table. Set it at eight. You’ll get up first and then shower before waking me up.”

“What if we’re late?”

“We shouldn’t take that risk. Do as I’ve told you. Promise to wake up immediately the alarm rings.”

“I promise.” I replied with a yawn.

“Good. If we’re late because of you, I’ll be very furious. I’m serious.”

“I know. I won’t get up late.”

“I hope so.”

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