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Chapter 67 (Acting)

Later that same day, while helping Velma out in the kitchen, she told me something I wasn’t happy to hear about. Not at all.

“You’re leaving?!” I asked, shocked.

“It’s just for the holidays dear. The boss gives me permission to leave in December for holidays so my family doesn’t suspect anything.”

“Oh no. And when are you gonna be back?!”

“After the new year.”

“In January?! A whole month without you?? Velma I don’t find this funny.”

“I know my dear and I’m sorry I’m only telling you this now. But that’s how it has always been.”

I sighed and tried not to let anger and frustration take over me.

“Hm. Fine. I– I understand. I’ll miss you.” I admitted and she gave me one of her rare smiles.

“I’ll miss you too, dear. Don’t give up on Anthonio.”

“Ha! I would never.” I laughed and she too.

“That’s more like it.”

Days passed by, snow started to fall, making me very happy. But Velma had left and unluckily for me, the boss had arrived with most members. And they were even more present in the house. It annoyed me because I believed they had great influence on Anthonio. Plus, Leandro had travelled again.

Anthonio had finally completed his treatment by finishing the medicine. Since the arrival of the boss and members, he rarely spoke to me, avoided me at times and was quiet. But at least I was reassured that he was well.

I was happy he was treated, yes. But I was unhappy that I couldn’t benefit from it. He remained loyal to his boss and colleagues. I hated when they were around!

One afternoon, I decided to go sit in the living room to read a book. The house was warm with fire from the chimney.

I got to the living room and noticed Anthonio and some members were discussing in Spanish, their voices low, in a corner.

I politely greeted but no one bothered to turn or answer, behaving like I wasn’t there.

I rolled my eyes and went to the other corner of the living room where I sat and opened my book to read.

They kept on whispering. I couldn’t help it but look at handsome Anthonio sitting in their midst. He was just so attractive and I loved to stare.

I pretended to read so I would not be caught.

A few days ago he would come to my room just to say hi and discuss. But recently, he’d completely ignored me.

With my book covering part of my face, I stole glances at him.

There was a moment when one other member was saying something and they were all focused on him. I took that little opportunity to stare to my satisfaction.

And then, Anthonio looked at me! I froze, not knowing what to do. And that was when he winked at me! I blinked and stared in surprise!

Immediately he winked at me, he looked away. He’d done it so fast that the other men hadn’t noticed at all! My heart skipped a beat.

I covered my face with my book once more, hiding a smile. He’d winked at me. He’d made my day in some sort of way because I’d thought we had a problem. Which wasn’t the case at all!

After ten minutes more, they all got up to leave in a line. I watched them pass in front of me, Anthonio last in line.

When he passed in front of me, I reached out and slightly touched his hand. He looked at me and smirked. A smirk that faded almost immediately! Then he left with the others. I smiled even more. He was a pretty good actor. He was surely ignoring me for a reason.

That night I found it hard to sleep and stayed up till 1:00AM. The whole house was quiet and darkness filled it. The power was off because of the bad weather caused by the snow. I got my torchlight and headed downstairs.

I entered the kitchen and took a glass before pouring myself some milk from the fridge. Once through, I turned to leave but–

“AAH–” Anthonio immediately muffled my scream by placing a hand over my mouth.

I’d been so scared that my torch light fell and went off, leaving us in complete darkness.

“Shhh, calm down.” he whispered because I’d been scared and was trying to free myself from his arm around my waist.

When I did get calm, he let me go. I touched his face to be sure he was the one.

“It’s me.”

“Don’t you make noise when you enter a room??” I whispered, still a little shaken.

“I don’t know. I just entered. You’re the one who never hears.”

He replied.


I heard him chuckle.

“Fine. I’m sorry.”

“Why are you here? For the past two days you’ve stopped talking to me.” I said, irritated and sounding like a hurt girlfriend.

“Oh, you care that much?” he teased in the dark.

“Yes. Anthonio I’m serious. I feel like punching you right now.”

I felt him smile.

“Go ahead. If it can make you feel less annoyed.”

He didn’t need to ask twice! I punched him hard in the tummy and a low grunt escaped his lips.

“Ow! You got force for a girl.” he admitted.

“I know. Why have you been ignoring me?”

“Because of the others. What would they think if they saw me talking to you? And worse, smiling.”

“Hmm. I really don’t see what the hell you and Leandro are still doing with these people. For real. Why don’t you just stop everything and start a new life?”

He was silent for some time.

“I can’t. Leandro and I are indebted to these people.”


“Donnica, enough.” he ordered in a more serious tone and I knew better than to get him angry. The medicine had helped him, yes. But he needed to learn how to control his emotions. And he’d started, so, it would be stupid of me to make him lose his temper.

“Fine.” I replied firmly and clearly annoyed.

At that moment, the lights came on. The power was back. I stared into his glassy eyes for about a second before looking away.

I noticed that my torchlight had rolled to a corner of the kitchen.

Without further ado, I walked towards it. And that was when I heard the sound of something tearing off as cold suddenly took over my body.

I stopped dead in my tracks. Then I turned around to see that my nightgown had hooked on a nail poking out of one of the chairs in that kitchen. It’d torn off my body.

“Shit.” I gasped and looked down at myself. I was in a pair of red panties with a matching bra. I got nervous all of a sudden.

I looked at Anthonio who was clearly staring at my body before meeting my eyes again.

I know he’d already seen me in my underwear, but this seemed different.

I watched him take the hanging night gown from the nail, before slowly approaching me. I felt shy like never before.

He approached me and managed to cover me with the torn material, all the while, looking at me in the eyes. Then he gave me that half smile that made my knees weak.

“Since when did you become so shy?” he asked. I didn’t answer.

He took the torchlight and gave it to me.


“Th– thanks. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” he replied, his smile still on. I tried to leave but he grabbed my arm.

“And I almost forgot.” he started, “We gotta have a serious conversation tomorrow.”


“My inabilities. And your truths.”

“Uhhh, okay.”

Not sure what that meant.

He let me go and I literally ran out of that kitchen.

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