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Chapter 66 (Time and Progress)

Months passed and it was crazy how time flew! All the leaves had fallen from the trees and the weather was continuously cold. November came with Autumn.

I sat at the window of my room one morning, staring outside. My tummy hurt and that was because I was feeling homesick. Nostalgic. I missed my family and friends. It was the first day of December. A month for celebration.

I sighed and even felt like crying. But I withheld my tears.

I was surprised when strong arms wrapped around my shoulders from behind.

“You should wear a pullover, amor.”

I smiled and turned to him.

“How did you enter Leandro? My door was locked.” I said surprised.

“It’s a secret. What’s up. You look a little sad princess. Why?” he asked, sitting close to me.

“It’s December.” was my simple reply.

“Oh, I understand. For people like you with loving families and normal lives, it’s understandable that this month makes you a little nostalgic. For most of us here, it’s a month like any other. We don’t give a fuck.” he chuckled

“Wow. Do you have a family?” I asked and he looked at me

“Hahahaha, Donnica. If I had a damned family, then I wouldn’t be what I am today. I was picked from the streets by these people at a very tender age. I don’t even remember because I was really just a child apparently.”

I felt some pity for him and Anthonio. They were the youngest and had been raised by these terrorists.

“But let’s forget that. How’s the seduction with Anthonio been? I’ve seen the change in him, though it’s slow but has he reacted to anything yet?”

“I’m patient. I give him time and I don’t stop with my plans. He gets angry from time to time. But I can handle him.”

“Good. He’s alone in his room. How about you go say hi?” Leandro replied, wriggling his brows and I laughed. He was more of normal in his own way than Anthonio. If only he’d been the person I’d fallen in love with. It would’ve been easier. But no. I’d fallen for my stone heart prince.

“You’re right. How do I look?”

I asked, standing. I had a tiny mini skirt and a tight blouse.

“Always so hot. Go drive him crazy.”

“Hahahaha, I’ll try.” I giggled and walked out of the room.

I reached Anthonio’s door and knocked.

“Come in.”

I entered. He had his back to me and was concentrated on a difficult puzzle he was trying to finish. I smiled to myself. The Anthonio of a few months ago would never play any type of game.

“Hey.” I said softly.

He looked up from his game and a smile appeared on his lips. That warmed my heart so much.

“Hey.” he replied before letting his eyes drop to my outfit. I stared at him to try and notice any new reaction. And I did! I could swear I’d seen him swallow!

“Come.” he continued, a smile still on his perfect lips, “Why are you standing at a distance.”

“Oh, for nothing.” I walked up to the couch where he was and sat close to him. He stared down at my thighs and that caused some sweet anxiety run through me.

“You’ve got nice legs.” he said suddenly.

“Thank you.” I smiled sweetly.

“You’re welcome. Can you complete this?” he asked, referring to the puzzle.

“I– I don’t think so. It has 3000 pieces.”

“But I’ve done more than half of it. Your left with only about fifty.”

I looked at his handsome face. He looked at me. He was so handsome with that bit of sunlight reflecting on his face.

“If I finish this, what do I gain?” I asked slowly.

“It’s up to you to chose.”

I smirked.

“Okay, then.”

I started to fill in the puzzle under Anthonio’s watchful eye.

I took my time and after some minutes, I fit in the last piece of the puzzle.

“There. It wasn’t that hard was it?” he asked.

“No. Can I get what I want now?”


I smiled at him.

“Can you massage my back and shoulders? Please.”

He was silent and the little smile on his face faded a little.

“You said I could chose. What did you expect.” I smiled and stood up, heading for his bed. I got on it and with him watching me, I removed my blouse and lay stomach flat and facing the headboard. Waiting.

I was about to turn and call him when I felt him climb on the bed too. I didn’t turn and just smirked.

“I’m telling you before time. I don’t think I’m good at massages.” I heard his low voice.

“I don’t care. Just caress me and do what you can. Remember you said I could chose. So it’s a deal.” I replied, still not looking at him.


Anthonio straddled me but was careful enough not to sit on my butt.

“You can sit if you want.” I teased. He cleared his throat.

“No. I’m– I’m fine.”


He got the oil and applied some on his hands. When I felt his smooth hands on my lower waist, I closed my eyes and tried not to moan. I loved the feel of him. Damn.

He rubbed me slowly and carefully, taking his time. Massaging like a pro.

He got me drowsy in no time. He massaged his way up to my middle back. But there was an obstacle.

“Wait.” I said, sending both my hands behind me and unclasping my strapless bra, “Go on.”

He didn’t move for some seconds and I smiled. Hoping I’d affected him in one way or the other.

He then continued to massage me. He did it so well that I couldn’t withhold a moan.

“Mmm, and you say I have gold fingers? You should feel yours.” I cooed. He didn’t reply but I was sure he’d smiled.

He went up to my shoulders, carefully rubbing and caressing that back and those shoulders that were meant to be his. I was ready to be his. If he wanted.

After long sweet minutes, he finished.

“I’m done.”

“Mmm, thanks. You’ve succeeded in getting me drunk in some sort of way.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. Help with my bra. Please.”

He grabbed both straps of the bra that lay on my sides and clasped them back together.

“Done.” he said, getting off the bed. I rolled onto my back and stared up at him. He stared back.

“Thank you.” I said with a smile, sitting up.

“No prob.” he replied and his gaze dropped to my chest. I smiled.

“You like my bra?” I asked playfully, “Or what’s in it?”

“You’re terrible.” he mused.

“I’m serious.” I laughed, “I can show you.”

“So the boss cuts my head off? No thanks.”

“You don’t even fear him. Admit it.”

He stared at me.

“I’m going downstairs. See you later.”

was his reply before walking out of his own room. I lay on his bed, enjoying his scent.

Then I noticed his phone on the table. I took it and put it on. I knew it was blocked but I was just curious.

When I put it on, a huge smile spread across my face. He’d still not removed that pic of me as his screensaver. Things were getting better and better with time.

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