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Chapter 65

I began to notice the change in Anthonio. And it really pleased me. At first it wasn’t easy to make him drink that medicine but he ended up drinking it when I’d told him it was Leandro who brought it. He became less stressed and very much relaxed. But that didn’t mean he was completely back to normal. He still did not react to my little seduction. I thought of the fact that it was one thing at a time and that everything was gradual. I was gonna be patient.

It’d been two weeks now since he’d started to take the drugs. The change in him was more than evident, giving me hope and making me happy.

As for Leandro, he’d travelled a day after he’d arrived. He had something very important, a mission, to finish and that was why he couldn’t stay for long. I thanked him for his help and hoped he would return soon.

One Tuesday morning, I was in the kitchen making pancakes when Anthonio entered.

“Mmm, what smells so good?” he asked and I smiled up at him.

“Pancakes. I hope you like them.”

He smirked and goosebumps took over my skin.

“I love them.”

“That’s great then. Would you like any particular flavor.”

“Yeah. Blueberries.”

“Oh, wow. My favorites.” I admitted with a giggle and he smiled. Gosh! He made my legs weak with just his smiles.

“A coincidence.” he replied, staring at me.

I smiled back then looked away, feeling as shy as a little girl all of a sudden.

“Um, I’ll soon be through. You can go sit at the dining table while I hurry.” I proposed.

“Why do I feel like you’re driving me away?”

His question made me look up at him and laugh nervously.

“Hahahaha. No, no. I just thought– well,...”

“Chill. Was just pulling your legs.” he said calmly with one more smirk, “I’ll wait.”


I watched him leave the kitchen. I stared at how fitting his T-shirt was on him, drawing out all the muscles of his back. Ooh! I couldn’t wait for that moment when he would completely be fine so I would try to seduce him. Because as for now, his brain was still a little fragile and from time to time he could get really angry. But during those two weeks of treatment, he rarely got angry and so I avoided annoying him. It was a good start.

I was almost done with the pancakes when I heard him yell from the dining room:

“I’ll be outside in the pool house! Bring the breakfast there!”

“Okay!” I replied and went on.

I was soon through and put every necessary thing on a large tray which I carried to the back of the house.

He was sitting in the pool house when I arrived. I set the tray down on the table in front of him.

“Let me go serve breakfast to the guards.” I told him.

“Sure. I’ll wait.”

Wow. The Anthonio of two weeks ago would not give a fuck if I was to eat with him or not. He would just serve himself and disappear.

“Okay.” I replied with a bright smile. Unable to contain my happiness.

I rushed into the house and served all the others before returning to the pool house. I met him leaning on the table with an arm and staring at the pool.

“I’m back.” I said, sitting.

He stared straight at me. He was just so handsome. Everything about him was close to perfect! His eyes, his lips, his brows. Damn.

He stared without saying a word and I flinched.

“Uh, should I serve you?” I asked.


I got up from my seat and served him some pancakes before pouring him some tea.


“Thanks.” he replied.

“Oh, I’m coming. I forgot something.” I excused myself and returned to the house to get his glass of water in which I’d put the medicine. Then I joined him.

We ate silently and enjoyed our meal.

“Now that you’re done, here.” I handed the glass, “Your medicine.”

Anthonio twisted his face in disgust and I couldn’t help it but laugh a little.

“Hahahaha. You should see your face. Just close your eyes like always and drink it all in.”

“It’s disgusting.”

“Hahahaha, but you have to ignore that little detail.”

He smiled at me.

“Little detail huh? You’ve never drank this shit and so you can’t know what it’s like. I’ve been drinking it for two weeks now and it’s still as horrible.” he admitted and I laughed.

“Fine. If I drink some of it, will you drink the rest without complaining?” I asked.

“Hmm. Lemme see if you have the guts to drink it. First.”

He pushed the glass with the tip of his fingers to my side of the table. I stared at the ugly drink but had no choice now. I was doing it all for him.

I picked the glass under Anthonio’s watchful eye. I then closed my eyes, brought the glass closer to my lips and drank.

It was the worse thing I’d ever tasted! Horrible! I tried not to puke and immediately put the glass down.

When I looked up, Anthonio was staring at me, amusement lingering in his eyes.

“So? You like it? It’s delicious right?” he teased.

I wiped my mouth.

“Y– yeah. Not bad.” I lied and he gave me a knowing smile.

“Yeah, right.”

He picked the glass up and finished the drink in a jiffy.

“Ugh!” he frowned hard and dropped the glass.

“It’s horrible.” I admitted with a laugh.


“Hahahaha. Here. Some orange juice to get rid of that horribly taste.”

He took the glass of juice.

“Thank you.”

“You’re always welcome.”

Things were beginning to workout very well. Soon enough, I would try to seduce him again. For now, I was giving him a break. And once that break would be over, he would have to dream about me. I was gonna make sure he did.

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