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Chapter 63 (The Solution)

I woke up the next day, quite happy because I knew Leandro would soon come to sort things out. I was gonna try my best to avoid Anthonio throughout that day. Though it would not be that easy since I loved him and couldn’t stay without taking to him.

I hated how deeply in love I was with him. So deep. I was in an emotional pit I couldn’t get out of.

“Anthonio Caruso. I love you and you treat me like nothing. That will change. You’ll be at my feet, begging. You’ll be crazy for this body that you don’t even admire for now.” I’d told myself one day. And trust me, I was gonna do every possible thing to make my words come true.

I made him breakfast in the morning and lunch in the afternoon. He ignored me throughout. Not saying thank you for the meal or even greeting me. It hurt but then I would think of the fact that Leandro was soon going to be around, and it was enough to console me.

That same evening around five PM, he was in the mansion’s little gym working out. Boredom taking over me, I took a risk and decided to go see him.

I went up to the room where he was working out. The door was open. I stood there and stared at him lift some heavy weights. He’d not noticed me. Or so I thought.

“What do you want?” he asked, putting the weight down and sitting up to face me.

“I’m–” I started and walked up to him, giving him a bottle of water I’d brought along, “...bored.”

He took the bottle and of course, no thank you.

“So, you’re working out?” I asked without thinking because I was nervously trying to avoid saying something that would get him annoyed.

He stared at me.

“No, I’m dancing. What does it look like I’m doing??” he asked, sarcasm filling the air.

I was speechless.

“If you have nothing more to say, leave. I don’t like being uselessly interrupted.” he added rudely before standing and going towards another sports machine.

I stood there, feeling embarrassed and slightly humiliated. Enough to get me really annoyed. Unable to take his nonsense, I decided to speak out.

“You’re weaker than I thought.” I stated.

Anthonio stopped in his tracks and turned to me.

“Excuse me?”

I folded my arms.

“You’re a weakling, Anthonio.” I added, fearlessly.

He glared at me. I didn’t care. I went on.

“You claim to be strong. You appear to be fearless. But you are–” a laugh escaped my lips, “Hahahaha. You fear nothing but a woman. How dumb is that?” I provoked.

I saw his eyes narrow.

“Shut. Up. Now.” he warned in a low growl.

“Oh, no. I’m not gonna shut up. You won’t make me.” I replied, slowly approaching him, “You want to be an animal. How stupid is that? Why? Because you fear me. Me! Donnica smith. Pathetic.” I provoked some more.

I’d had it up to here and needed to speak my mind. He would kill or do whatsoever to me but I had to speak.

“Shut up!” he growled louder, his countenance changing and his eyes slightly reddening.

“No. Boy, I’m tired of your bullshit!” I yelled back, tears threatening to well up my eyes. But I wasn’t gonna cry. No.

“Don’t you dare raise your voice at me.” he warned.

“Or what?? What?? Tell me something. Why did you take the drugs that monster gave you? Huh?!”

He was silent and I knew he was furious.

“Let me tell you why. Don’t tell me you are addicted to them. Even if you are, you were doing fine without them. But decided to take them still. Let me tell you why. You took them in order to have that courage, not to kill, but to avoid me. To reject me. Hahahaha and you say you’re fearless??” I provoked.

“SHUT UP!” he growled in anger, so loud that I jumped a little.

“Shout! Shout for all I care! You are weak! Weak! Tell me!” I started, shouting back and staring into his eyes, ” Are you gay??” I laughed hysterically, “It won’t surprise me one–”

Before I had the time to complete my sentence, my back hit the wall so hard that I yelped in pain.

And then, Anthonio grabbed my neck with both hands! He was furious! Boiling! His face got red and I saw the vein at his temple swell.

“Take back all what you just said or else you’re dead!” he warned in a low growl. He was pressing my neck and I soon found difficulties in breathing.

I managed a smile.

“Isn’t– isn’t it true?...” I whispered. I was beginning to choke. I tried to pull his hands away but he didn’t move and inch.

“Take it back.”

I’d stopped breathing and I was getting dizzy. But I found that bit of strength to answer.

“Never. You know you can’t kill me.” I stared straight into his eyes. He just pressed my neck continuously and I knew I was gonna die.

But to my surprise, he let go off my neck and I fell on the floor, coughing and struggling for air. He stared at me silently.

After regaining my breath, I looked up at him. And that was when someone appeared at the door.

“L– Leandro?!” I choked out, coughing some more and struggling to stand.

Anthonio turned in surprise.

Leandro stared silently. He did not look happy. At all.

I stood up straight.

At that moment, Anthonio turned to me and the words that left his mouth surprised and confused me.

“I– I’m sorry.” he muttered.

I stared in wonder.

“Donnica, please I’d like to talk with Anthonio. Privately.”

I nodded and walked out of that room as fast as possible. I didn’t go away though. I tried to listen to their conversation from the other side of the door.

But to my disappointment, they spoke in Italian. They were arguing. But not in a violent manner.

“Anthonio, do what I’m telling you or just forget about me. Okay?? Forget I even know you.” I heard Leandro say in English.

Anthonio said something in Italian and they argued again. While I listened, I heard someone walk up the stairs. I immediately rushed to my room.

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