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Romance / Action

Chapter 60 (Rain -2)

I lay quietly in my room, thinking. I could still hear the guards walk up and down. And then I heard Anthonio’s voice.

“Get to your positions!” he ordered “With this rain, anything can happen! Any enemy can attack. And don’t sleep off like the last time!”

The men could be heard rushing to where they were supposed to be. And soon enough there was silence apart from the storm outside. I gathered some courage and got out of my bed. I was still shivering though I had a pullover, and that was because my legs were exposed.

Carefully and discreetly, I left my room and sneaked my way down to the lower floor where his room was. I’d been lucky enough not to be seen by any of the guards.

On getting there, his door was wide open. I peeped in. He was standing in front of his table doing something and had his back to me, and so I tip toed my way in till I was right behind him, trying to surprise him. But it failed.

I screamed a little when all of a sudden, he turned around and the next thing I was feeling was a knife against my throat. Scared,I looked up at him. He had a furious look but when he realised it was me, his expression softened a little.

“What the hell is wrong with you??” he scolded, withdrawing the knife, “You’re lucky I did not slit your throat immediately I turned around. Don’t ever do that again!”

Lightening suddenly struck the dark sky, giving short light and it took my breath away when his eyes seemed to glow. He was beautiful.

“I– I’m sorry.”

He frowned and turned to drop the knife.

“What is it?” he asked irritated, facing me again.

“Can I spend the night here?” I dared to ask the impossible.

“Excuse me?? Are you–”

“The thing is,...” I hurriedly cut in, “...since that murder attempt at me, Anthonio I’m scared. This night is a horrible one and who knows what can happen.” I admitted. He stared at me and I knew he was trying to know if I was lying or not.

I was more than serious. Well, partly.

“So what do you actually expect from me?” he asked smoothly.

“I just want you to be close to me tonight. Please.”

He was silent. For a long moment and I even thought of tapping his shoulder to know if he was still with me. But then he blinked and ran his fingers through his hair, like he’d just woken up from a dream or something.

“Fine. Get on the bed.” he said and I tried not to smile.

“Okay. Do you have any pair of, um, trousers you could help me with?” I asked and that was when he noticed that my legs were completely exposed.

“Are you trying to have my wardrobe?” he asked and I got lost.

“W– what?”

“You have two of my t-shirts and now you want a pair of trousers?”

“Um, I can give them back if you want.” I stammered, slightly amused.

“Keep them. You’ve literally owned them.”

Thunder roared outside and lightening flashed again, making his eyes have that glowing appearance. Gosh, if only I could pounce on him.

“Thank you.”

I turned and walked to the bed. He watched me get on. I got under the sheets and stared back at him.

He looked away and then got a pair of sleeping trousers and threw them at me.

“Put those on.”

“With pleasure.” I smiled and started to wear the trousers, “I love how you take care of me. Don’t you think we’re becoming good friends?” I teased.

“Shut up.” he rolled his eyes and I giggled. I’d never seen him roll them. Clear evidence that I disturbed him a lot and I loved it.

“Isn’t it true? We share clothes now.” I continued.

“Donnica.” he called firmly, frowning.

“Okay, okay. But are you gonna sleep here?” I patted the bed.


“I thought as much. You prefer the couch to the warmth of a woman.” I murmured.

He didn’t answer and entered the bathroom. I smiled and sniffed the sweet smell of his sheets and pillow.

After some minutes, he came out with only a towel around his waist. I watched him closely. He opened a drawer and took out a bottle of vodka and a little glass before going over to sit on the couch.

He poured a little into the glass before drinking it down. I spoke.

“Isn’t it too late to drink?”

He ignored me

“Anthonio? It’s too late.”


“I think–”

“Sleep!” he pointed at me but when he did so, he twisted his face in pain.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, slowly getting out of the bed.

“Nothing. Stay there.”

“Your shoulders and back. They hurt. You didn’t let me finish my massage the other day.” I approached him.

“I’ll manage.”

“No, you won’t. And I bet you won’t sleep easily if I don’t help you now.”

He didn’t answer because he knew I was right.

“Where’s the rub?” I asked slowly. He did not want to answer at first, but ended up telling me where it was. I got it.

“Let’s make a deal.” I started.


“I’ll massage you. But only on that bed. Just sit at the edge. Like the last time.”

“Why? No.”

I knew what I was doing.

“Then you’ll have a sleepless night, Anthonio. I’m not asking you to lay with me, I’m just asking you to sit. Please.”

He contemplated for some time before giving in, he walked to the bed and sat down. I smirked in the darkness.

I got behind Anthonio like the last time and started to massage him, getting him all relaxed and calm.

“There. You’ll feel better soon.” I Murmured. The rain continued to pour heavily outside.

He did relax and leaned back into my hands.

After I’d massaged his shoulders and back perfectly well, I went for his soft spot again. I was trying to get him drowsy again.

“Should I stop or just go on?” I asked softly, knowing he couldn’t say no. Especially because I’d already begun.

“Just go on.” even his tone had softened.

Anthonio was too stressed for a man of his age. He deserved some relaxation too. Like a good massage and good sleep. He didn’t sleep well. He always slept very late and got up too early. Plus, he was a light sleeper and I thought of the fact that that might be one of the reasons for his bad mood most of the time. I would get him so relaxed that he would sleep deeply.

“Mmm...” low moans escaped his lips continuously, being some sort of encouragement for me. Whenever I rubbed that area, I knew he was melting from inside and it pleased me.

“You need good sleep, right?” I whispered against his ear.

“Probably...” he was already gone and I knew that soon enough, sleep would take over.

“I like to please you.”

“I noticed.”

I bit my lower lip, nervous about what I was gonna say next.

“Really? Do you know why?”

“Mmm. N– not really.”

I lowered my head to his ear.

“I want you.”

He tilted his head to the side as if he was expecting something more from me. Without much thinking, I kissed the other side of his neck. He didn’t reject me in any way and so I went on placing soft kisses on the smooth side his neck.

“It’s been long...” he whispered dreamily.

“I know.” I loved where this was going, but I felt I should stop because what I was doing was close to manipulation. If anything had to happen between Anthonio and I, I wanted it to be when he was in his right senses.

“You should sleep now.” I murmured and he nodded

“You’re right...”

I let him go. He stretched a little.

“Thank you.” he said sleepily before climbing on the bed and getting under the sheets.

“I’m happy you feel okay.” I replied but on looking at him, he’d already fallen asleep.

Tempted, I crawled over him and placed a soft and simple kiss on his soft lips, sending a whole feeling of want, of need, through my body. Of sexual frustration.

I sat back and watched him for some time, tears welling up my eyes.

“I love you. I’m not giving up on you.” I whispered.

The earlier Leandro sent his medicine, the better.

I got off the bed and returned to my room.

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