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Romance / Action

Chapter 6 (Graduation)

Saturday finally reached. Shania and Kate, two other friends of mine came over and we helped each other to make up and arrange our hair. By the time we put our robes over our gowns, we were beautiful and ready to go.

The campus was crowded! Parents, friends and relations had come from far and near to see their loved ones graduate. Even my parents had travelled from Chicago to come join in my joy. I was so happy. I was soon to be an independent girl. Or rather, young woman.


We went to the grand field and took our seats with the other graduates. I looked around and spotted my parents. I smiled at them and they smiled back. The day was gonna be an unforgettable one.

The ceremony began. Speeches were made by important personalities present. The vice Chancellor made a speech too and soon it was time to give our certificates and diplomas. There was happiness. The vice called us one by one while the Chancellor gave certificates and took pictures with each student.

Anytime a classmate was called, we would clap and cheer.

"Next up, Kloe Meave Bakari!"

We screamed and cheered her. Kloe was smiling like never before, as she got up from her seat. She was elegant and beautiful. We happily watched as she climbed up to the stage. She got her diploma and smiled at the crowd. We cheered again. She then took a picture with the Chancellor before leaving the stage.

Two more people were called before me.

"....Donnica Smith!"

What I'd been waiting for! There were loud cheers and screams for me. My eyes watered in joy. Finally! My hard work had paid for. I got on the stage and collected my diploma.

I waved to my parents and friends who cheered and clapped for me. A picture of the Chancellor and I was taken before I left the stage.

Soon, the ceremony was over and we went for the second session of the ceremony, where we ate, drank and danced all night.


I ran to my parents and hugged them tight.

"Oh my darling. We're so proud of you!" my dad said happily.

"Thank you daddy!"

"We love you, dear." my mom added and I hugged them again.

I spent enough time with them because they had to travel back to Chicago by nine pm. And they actually did. I was still happy they'd made it though. I spent the last hours of my happy night in the company of my classmates.

I was a graduate! Finally!

That same night, in our room, Kloe and I chatted and laughed. I was in the kitchen washing dishes and she was in the living room.

"Can you believe it, Kloe?"


"Derrin asked me out on a date today!"

"Omg! At the party??"

Derrin was a cute guy I crushed on. We always checked each other out. That particular day, during the ceremony, he'd finally walked up to me.

"Yes! It still seems so unreal! He's so hot."

"Finally! When are y'all going out?"

"Next week Wednesday. I can't wait"

"Girl, you're so lucky."

"I know!" I giggled happily

I had a good feeling about Derrin and I. Things would go on perfectly well.

That night, Kloe and I chatted happily about the ceremony and how it went. The next day was going to be a tiring one, because we had to pack our things to leave the campus for good.

I was going to go to Chicago that Monday to spend time with my parents and then return Tuesday evening. They'd bought me a little house in New York and had given me the money to settle down. Of course Kloe and I would be staying together till we found suitable jobs.

That night I slept extremely well.


Soon it was Sunday so Kloe and I got up early and started packing our stuff. The day was tiring and hot.

By evening we were done, but really tired. We each took a good bath and landed in front of the TV at exactly 8:30 pm.

"Let's watch a good movie." I told Kloe.

"Sure. But let's watch the news first." she said and I agreed, reluctantly.

"Fine, fine. You win." I grumbled.

She got the remote and put the news.

There was "LIVE" breaking news. Cameras filmed an helicopter in the air and many police cars with loud sirens speeding through the streets of New York.

Kloe and I immediately adjusted and listened attentively. Something serious was going on.

'Breaking news! The police and FBI are racing through the city of New York, right here in Manhattan, in search of the very dangerous Anthonio Caruso who has escaped the highly secured Manhattan Central Prison!'

"What?!" Kloe and I, exclaimed in shock.

'It was reported that the murderer's cell had been found open by seven PM. Nobody saw him leave or open his cell. By now he's probably far away. An underground dug hole was found in the prison's field. It's still a mystery. None of the guards have an idea of how he escaped. We advice everyone to stay indoors! He's out there somewhere and as dangerous as ever!...

A suspect has been identified. The police says all evidence proves that it might be the murderer's accomplice. This is the suspect's picture...'

A picture appeared on the screen and it was a picture of me!

The plate in my hands dropped and broke to pieces. Shock took over me and I stood there paralyzed!

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