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Romance / Action

Chapter 58 (On My Own)

Time passed by and before I could realise it, Leandro was leaving us. Never had I thought that I would be this sad. I already missed him and was beginning to feel the lack of liveliness in that castle once again.

“I wish you a safe journey.” I said, hugging him, “Please be back as soon as you can.”

He smiled down at me.

“Okay. Don’t forget what I told you.” he replied, kissing my forehead. He was good in his own way. He cared for his friend. “I leave him in your hands. Don’t break our deal. Even if he gets rough. Okay?”


He smiled and I smiled back. At that moment, Anthonio came down the stairs, Leandro’s bag in his hand.

“Thanks, pal.” Leandro said taking the bag.

“Let me accompany you outside.” Anthonio replied and I decided to follow them outside.

Once outside, I stood at a distance and watched them exchange words and jokes. Anthonio would smile a little and I knew he too wasn’t happy about his best friend leaving. None of us were. But we had no choice. Leandro had orders to follow too, not to forget hitman missions and terrorist ones to accomplish. He couldn’t just fool around.

“C’mon, put a better smile on your face.” Leandro joked and they both laughed, “See you soon.”


Then Leandro looked at me and back at Anthonio.

" Ser su guardián. No es su pesadilla. (Be her guardian. Not her nightmare ).” he told Anthonio in Spanish. Once again I couldn’t understand a thing. Anthonio stared at him for a while.

“Ya soy su pesadilla (I’m already her nightmare).”

Leandro smirked and shook his head.

“That’s what you think. Anyway, try not to take any drug immediately I leave because I know some day you’ll still take some. But if you respect me one bit, don’t take any drug today.”

Anthonio simply nodded and they shared a personalised handshake. Leandro then waved at me before entering his car. I waved back and we both watched his car drive off. I was really going to miss him. And it hurt.

“Shall we go inside?” I asked Anthonio.

“Yeah.” he replied and we both headed for the house.
I was on my own now. I had to seduce Anthonio with no one’s help. He had high chances of retaking drugs and that would make things really difficult for me.

One morning at six, I was in my bathroom putting on a bra and a pair of panties after I’d showered. I looked at myself in the mirror.

‘Donnica, you’re bold and beautiful. He’s still a man. Try to handle him, girl. Try.’

I thought to myself.

It’d been a week now since Leandro had left and so far I’d not tried to seduce Anthonio. But that particular day, I thought of getting back in the game.
I walked into my room and headed for my wardrobe to find some sexy clothes to wear. I was gonna put something on when there was a knock at my door.

“Who is it?” I asked

“It’s me.”


I wondered what he wanted at that time. He was normally still out for sports at such early hours.

“Come in.” I said, not bothering to wear any clothes.

He came in.

“I was wondering if you–” Anthonio cut his sentence short when he noticed that I stood only in a bra and matching panties.

“Close the door behind you.” I told him, trying not to smile.

Still staring at me, he did as he was told.

I noticed how his eyes took their time to scan me from head to toe. I hid a smile, hoping I’d affected him in one way or the other.

“Good morning. You were saying?” I asked innocently.

His eyes met mine again and I wished I could read his mind because he remained expressionless.

“Well, I was wondering if you could massage me.”

‘Oh my.’

“Massage you?” I repeated, slowly.

“Yeah. On trying to lift weights I made a wrong move and now my shoulders and back hurt.” was his cool reply.

“Oh, sorry. Of course I’ll massage you.” I said with an innocent smile. Then with him still staring at me, I sashayed my way back to the wardrobe and took out a robe which I put on, but I didn’t tie the front. I left it open so he could continue to get a glimpse of what he was missing.

Anthonio watched my every move and I loved the fact that his eyes were on me.

“Come and lay.” I said, sitting on the bed with a hint of sexual tease in my voice, “Or do you prefer to sit?”

He was silent and I thought he might leave. But then he spoke.

“I’ll sit.”

“Suit yourself. Come.”

He walked to the bed and sat on its edge. I smiled then crawled across the bed to where he was sitting with his back to me. I knelt down behind him.

“Take your T-shirt off, please.” I murmured.

He did as he was told. I was just pleased with all that was happening. I got the menthol oil and poured some in my palms before rubbing them on his shoulders.

“Relax.” I whispered and he did. I massaged his shoulders carefully and slowly, feeling his body loosen up, evacuating all stress.

I loved to touch him. I took my time on his shoulders, all the while staring at the lion head tattoo at the back of his neck. I wondered what it meant. Surely to represent his strength and nature.

I massaged his shoulders and at point I massaged a spot close to his neck. To my pleasant surprise, a moan escaped his lips and I almost lost it. I continued to massage that spot. I watched his head slowly tilt to the side, giving me more access to that spot.

“You like it here?” I murmured, smiling to myself.

“Mmmm, yeah. Please go on.” he replied, dreamily.

I’d found his soft spot and I loved the way he was reacting to my touch.

I smiled and continued. At a point I pressed him a little and he moaned again, giving me the chills.

“I’m happy you’re enjoying the massage.” I said.

“You have gold fingers, Donnica.” he murmured so low that it was only by chance that I’d heard him, “You’re good at this.”

I smiled and bit my lip, happy with what I was hearing.

“Thank you.” I lowered my lips close to his ear and whispered, “Wanna know what else I’m good at?”

I felt like I had a little control over him. I’d found that spot that made him melt. That softened him a little. That made him drowsy.

“Tell me...” I started.

I bit my lower lip, loving how far this was going.

Without another word, I gathered the bit of courage left in me and placed a soft kiss on the side of his neck, all the while massaging him. He didn’t say a word. How sensitive was that spot to make him this vulnerable to my touch?

With the other hand, I slid my way down his chest, arms, abs. I was ready to go lower but he immediately grabbed my wrist, standing up.

“D–Donnica, no.” he said, looking down at me.

“Why? Anthonio I can make you feel things you’ve forgotten about. Baby, just let me.” I looked up at him in the eyes.

He stared at me then ran his fingers through his silk hair and I knew he was contemplating with himself.

“No.” he said trying to sound serious but I already knew the harm was done, “Don’t ever do that again. Don’t. Or you’ll regret it.” he warned a little more seriously.

“You’re the one who came to me. From today, you should know that being alone with me, is like a sheep lingering in a lion’s den. And don’t get confused. I’m the lion.” I replied boldly.

Anthonio frowned.

“What is wrong with you? All you’re saying is nonsense.” he stated, angrily.

“We’ll see about that.”

I smiled courageously at him but he frowned even more before leaving my room .

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