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Romance / Action

Chapter 56 (A Nightmare)

“It depends.” I answered, carefully beginning to wrap his ankle, “What women love physically about men or?”

“Physically, and other stuff too.” he said, the smile on his face, fading.

“Women have different tastes when it comes to men.” I replied nervously, eyes on what I was doing.

“What’s your taste?” his question made me look at him.

“M– mine?”


“You.” I replied boldly, feeling courageous all of a sudden.

He didn’t reply. He just stared. I finished wrapping his ankle.

“I’m done.” I said.

He was about to say something when there was a knock at the door.

“Yes?” he said

“Anthonio?!” It was one of the guards apparently because I recognised the accent they all had, “You are needed in room 8.”

I turned to Anthonio, confused. What was room 8? Or where was it?

“Okay.” he replied and we heard the guard walk away.

Anthonio carefully lifted his foot off my lap and wrapping the white sheets round his waist, he got off the bed.

“True that the pain is less evident now.” he said, standing.

“You’re welcome.” I replied without a thank you.

He looked at me and walked towards his wardrobe.

“Are you gonna leave or you’re just gonna sit and watch me wear some clothes?”

I stood up immediately, a little embarrassed but not afraid.

“What if I chose the second option?” I dared with a smile.


“Fine, fine. I’ll go out.” I smiled at him and though he didn’t smile back, I didn’t care.

That night, while I slept, I had a horrible nightmare.

{I’m running. As fast as possible. I’m bare feet and cold. I’m in a tiny short and loose T-shirt. My feet hurt because I’m in a forest. The branches of trees and the pointed edges of the bushes around scratch my skin, giving me wounds. They’re after me. I turn to see three men. In black from head to toe. They have claws instead of nails. I don’t know what they are. I’m not even sure they’re men.

I run for my life because if they catch me, they’ll kill me.

I run till I hit myself against a tree. I try to stand but it seems like gravity is against me. They catch up with me. I can’t see their faces. One raises a hand to pierce me with its claws. I scream expecting the worse.}

I got up in dripping sweat. I looked around my heart threatening to pump out of my chest. There was darkness everywhere. I tried to switch on the lights but it didn’t come on. There was surely a problem. The time was three AM.

I was gonna get out of bed when I froze, seeing a figure on my balcony. All dressed in black. When the person saw that I’d noticed him, he began to force the balcony door’s handle, trying to enter!

“Oh my God!” I gasped, suddenly unable to scream. I got out of bed and ran towards my door. To my shock, it was locked and the keys were no where to be found!

“No, no, no!!” I cried, panicking and looking for the keys in vain. The man was brutally shaking the glass doors, using a knife to try and open the door. Never had I been so scared!

“HELP! HELP ME!” where were those guards when one needed them most?!

I panicked, beginning to cry! In no time he was going to break that door open.

“ANTHONIO! LEANDRO! HELP! HELP ME! ANTHONIOOOO!” I screamed to no avail. I turned and grabbed a vase on my table, ready to defend myself in one way or the other.

I watched with horror as the person stepped back and with a foot, kicked the door open.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” I screamed, having no where to run to. The person started walking towards me, slowly, a knife in hand. I stepped back till my back hit the wall, crying all the tears of my body!

“P–please...” I mumbled, slowly shrinking to the floor.

He came closer and that’s when my door flung roughly open. An angry Anthonio stepped in followed by a frowning Leandro.

The man immediately tried to attack them.

Anthonio caught his arm and the started off in a dangerous fight. The person was a good fighter as he was able to fight both guys at the same time. It was surely a trained spy or assassin as they were. The man had a mask on.

They fought and at a point he sent Anthonio falling. Leandro gave him a blow, confusing him before seizing his knife. I watched in shock. Everything went so fast and the next thing I knew was that Leandro was on top of him, the knife pointed at the person’s throat.

“Who are you?? Who sent you??” he growled.

“I rather die than tell you!” and with that, he kicked Leandro off him, causing Leandro to hit his head against the wall and the knife to fall. He immediately picked it up and started coming at me. I screamed.

“Hey!” Anthonio shouted and the man turned to him. He approached Anthonio and tried to pierce him. Anthonio dodged the attack but the knife had succeeded in leaving a bloody scratch on his upper arm. I saw Anthonio’s countenance change. He frowned and charged for the man. Not fast enough to react, the man landed on the floor once more, Anthonio on top of him. Never had I seen Anthonio this furious!

He removed his mask and began to give the man continuous hard blows!On the face! Surely breaking every bone. I screamed. The scene was a horrible one. I froze, unable to look away as I saw blood ooze out of the man’s face! Anthonio was gonna kill him with his bare hands!

“AAARRGGGGGH!!” he growled, destroying the man’s face. The man helplessly tried to push him off but Anthonio’s force was crazy.

Leandro had gotten up to see the scene. He casually walked up to them and simply took the knife that lay by the man. Then he grabbed Anthonio’s arm and forcefully pulled him off the man.

“Let me kill him!” Anthonio growled angrily when Leandro pulled him roughly away

“Calm it. Let’s ask who sent him.” Leandro replied smoothly.

“He’s a trained assassin! He won’t tell us.” Anthonio’s hands were covered in blood.

“Let’s try one last time.”

I watched in my corner as Leandro squatted close to the man.

“One last time amigo, I’m not this good normally but I’ll allow you to tell me who sent you.” he told the man with a smile? One that scared me a little.

The man, trembling, opened his bloody mouth and I thought he would say something. Instead, he spat on Leandro’s face.

In the dark, I saw Leandro’s smile get wider, then he wiped the bloody saliva off his face.

“Aaahhh!” I screamed when Leandro gave the man one hard unexpected blow. As if that wasn’t enough, I watched him grab the man by his hair before slitting his throat!

I was shocked. I froze. I didn’t know whom to fear the most. The man who’d entered my room or those who’d come to save me. It was at that moment that I really realised who I was dealing with.

They both turned to me.

“Take her to your room. I’ll get rid of the body.” Anthonio told Leandro.

“Wait for me. I’ll help you. Lemme go accompany her first.”


Leandro dropped the bloody knife and came over to where I was. He squatted to look me in the eye.

“I’m sorry you had to see all the bloodshed, mi amor. C’mon.” he stretched a bloody hand out and I took it only because I was scared.

As he slowly led me out of the room, I looked at Anthonio who stared back then at the lifeless body with a literally disfigured face. Okay.

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