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Chapter 55 (The Question)

I was a little surprised when we ran up to a wall. A dead end in that little forest. So what Velma had told me was true. All this was within the property.

We stopped to rest, panting and struggling for air. I sat on one of the huge rocks while the boys remained on their feet. I looked around me. Wow. Who would’ve thought, that I would be jogging along side my kidnapper and another murderer as if nothing was wrong. It was such situations that made me realise that things were beginning to work out bit by bit for me. And if I was lucky enough, I might be allowed to go.

But that would only happen on the day the boss died and when Anthonio became a normal person.

“Let’s run back.” Leandro proposed and I stood up.

“You both should go. I’m gonna hang around here for a while.” Anthonio replied.

“Alright. Donnica, let’s go.“.

“Um, sure.” I replied before turning to Anthonio “What would you want for breakfast?” I asked sweetly.

“Nothing but fruits.”

“A fruit salad then?”


I smiled sweetly at him.

“Okay then. See you later.” I ended, raising a hand and slightly caressing his arm before turning and following Leandro.

“You’re a case.” Leandro teased as we ran back.

“Hahahaha, I admit. Please let’s stop and walk back. Else I might collapse.” I panted coming to a stop and Leandro did same.

“So tell me,” I started, “What gossip Anthonio and you were sharing earlier.”

Leandro chuckled.

“Please, please, please tell me. I know you were talking about me. I could sense it. Please.” I begged.

“Chill amor. Of course I’m going to tell you.”


While strolling back to the house, Leandro shared every detail of his conversation with Anthonio. And trust me, I was more than pleased!

“Oh my gosh, He thinks I’m hot?” I whispered out loud enough to make Leandro laugh.

“Yes. That is proof that I was right to believe in you. He’s changing. With you and I around him, he’s changing bit by bit.”

“And that’s why you have to stay. I know what’s gonna happen after you leave. Anthonio’s gonna get more of those drugs to poison his reasoning.”

“I know, Donnica. But you can stop him. You have your ways and I know they’ll work.”


“Promise you won’t give up and you’ll do your best.”

“I’ll try.”

Trying to seduce Anthonio without Leandro around was gonna be a hard task.
We reached the backyard and sat on the grass to rest.

“Will you be jogging everyday now?” Leandro asked.

“Hell no. It’s stressful.” I admitted and he laughed.

“Hahahaha. Anyway, I’m gonna go take a bath now.” he stood up.

“Okay. Let me rest a little more.”


Leandro went into the house and I looked around at the guards and property. I couldn’t escape without being caught. That would be risky, stupid and useless.

I got up to enter the house but then Anthonio emerged from the woods, limping. I turned to him, confused as he approached me.

“Are you okay?? You’re limping.”

“It’s– it’s nothing...” he stammered and I knew he was in pain.

“Seriously? You think I’m gonna leave you alone?” I replied.

He limped over to a beach chair and sat. He then took his T-shirt off. I stared at that hot body, all covered in sweat. Gosh, he was killing me.

He then took his shoes off. As he pulled one off his foot, he frowned a little, biting his lower lip. It hurt.

“Anthonio what happened?”

“A wrong step.”

“I can massage it and–”

“I’m fine.” he cut in rudely.

“You need my help.” I insisted.

Ignoring me, he stood up and limped his way into the house. I noticed he’d left his phone on the chair. I took it and put it on, he’d not removed my picture. That made me smile. I tried to search his phone but he’d put a password.

Velma had arrived later that morning and insisted on making breakfast and so I told her what the boys wanted to eat before retiring to my room.
I was going to read a novel when I decided to pass by Anthonio’s room. On reaching there, I met Leandro at the entrance of Anthonio’s room. The door was open and so I could see them.

Leandro was talking to Anthonio who was lying on his bed, face up with the sheets covering his waist down to his ankle. I approached the door. Leandro had his back to me.

“Why don’t you massage it? It hurts and you know it.” Leandro told him.

He was gonna answer but then noticed me at the door.

“What?” he asked, making Leandro turn and noticed me. I stepped in.

“Your phone.” I went over and put it on the table close to his bed, “You forgot it earlier this morning on one of the chairs.”

I ended and then looked at his foot.

“Anthonio, I said I can help you with that.”

“Really?” Leandro cut in.


“Then go ahead.”

Anthonio shook his head no.

“I said I can handle it.” he stated.

“No, you can’t. Let her help you. Stop being an ass.” Leandro replied, annoyed.

Anthonio rolled his eyes, sighing.

“Do what you want but I’m here to make sure she massages you.” then turning to me, Leandro said, “Go ahead. There’s menthol oil in the drawer.”


I got the bottle of menthol and went to sit on the bed, close to his feet. He looked up at me.

“Put your foot on my lap.” I said softly. His eyes still on me, he did as he was told. Leandro watched silently.

I opened the bottle and poured some of the medical oil on my palm and rubbed both palms together.

Carefully, I held his foot with a hand and his ankle with the other.

I started to massage him, very slowly at first and then a little more rough for it to be efficient. Immediately I did, he frowned and closed his eyes, trying not to make any sound. Leandro chuckled.

“Wanna cry?” he teased. I watched with amusement when Anthonio picked a pillow up before aiming it at Leandro.

“Get out man.” he said with a little smile.

“Oh. So you want me to leave now? Hmm. Okay.” Leandro smiled mischievously before walking out of the room.

Anthonio turned to me and I avoided his eyes.

I went on with the message.

“Um, this might hurt a little more.” I murmured.

He didn’t answer but stared blankly at me, making me breathless all of a sudden.

I turned and kept my eyes on his foot.

I started to massage a little more roughly. He groaned lowly and goosebumps took over my skin. I didn’t stop and went on with the massage.

Whenever I pressed his ankle, he would either groan or growl deep in his throat, sending some sweet sensation through my body. At a point it really hurt him because he covered his face with a pillow.

When he did so, I took the opportunity to stare at his perfect tummy, chest and arms. My eyes dropped to his waist where his bed sheet covered him. And that’s when I noticed his dick print again. Nervous all of a sudden, I looked away.

I was soon done massaging him.

“Do you have a band that I can wrap your ankle with?” I asked.

He took the pillow of his face and looked at me.

“Yeah...” he dropped the pillow and without really moving, he stretched out to the drawer on the other side of his bed. His muscles flexed when he did that and I felt wet. Jeez. What was wrong with me?

He stretched out and the bed sheet on his waist went a little lower, exposing that ‘V’ line most hot guys had. The ‘V’ lines on each side of their waists that led to you know where. I stared. Lost. And then I realised from how low the bedsheets were that he had no boxers. He was naked under those light covers. Apparently after he showered, he dried off and immediately climbed into bed. The thought made me swallow hard.

He got the band and turned fast enough to catch me staring at his lower waist. Oh.

“Here.” he said smoothly, amusement clearly visible in his eyes and expression.

“Uh, thanks...” I replied nervously.

“Tell me something.” he continued, a smirk drawing itself on his lips.

“Yes?” I replied, taking the band.

“What do women love about men?”



“Don’t tell me you don’t know. I know you do.” he ended, leaning back into his pillow.

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