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Chapter 54 (Little Gossip)

After a good shower, I lay down down on the couch in my room to think. I had to think positive. Really positive to try and see the good side of things.

As I thought, Velma walked in and I looked up at her.

“Dear, are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

I managed a little smile.

“No. I’m fine.”

“Hmmm, okay. I had a bad feeling and thought of the fact that maybe he’d done something horrible to you.”

“He always does horrible things I can never get used to. But I have to live with it. Till I’m free from here. And the only person that can free me is the person that brought me here.”


“I’ll just pray to leave this prison as fast as possible.”

The next morning, I woke up real early and decided to go for a run. I opened the drawers and looked for anything that looked like a sports shorts. I finally found one that was way too short but that was all I could wear. And so, I put it on with a grey sweat that ended right above my belly and converses.

I went downstairs and into the backyard. I was about to go for a run when I heard Leandro call me. I turned to see him, a smile on his lips. I smiled back.

“Hey, love. Didn’t see you since yesterday afternoon.” he said coming over to hug me. It felt so strange when he did so. I was very pleased though. In a few days of his presence, we’d gotten close and I knew I could consider him a friend now. I wondered if he would’ve still been this kind to me if I’d not loved Anthonio. No. Probably not. He would’ve seen me as one more useless chick added to the boss’s list. He was still considered a coldblooded murderer by most after all. But as long as he was on my side, I didn’t care.

“Good morning.” I smiled, “I’m going for a run.”

“Really? Me too. I’ll join you.” he then noticed what I wearing, “You just can’t help being sexy in everything you do, huh?”

I laughed.

“Blame the wardrobe in my room.”

“I should thank it rather. Anthonio should too.” he joked and I laughed, “Let me take a pic of you.” he said, taking his phone out.

“Hahahaha, are you serious?”

“Yes. And don’t worry, it’s not my phone. Mine is on charge. Anthonio asked me to hold his. Let’s be fast before he comes down here.”

I laughed at how mischievous Leandro could be.

“Where?” I asked.

“Stand by the wall in the pool house.”

I went over and took a pose. Leandro switched on the white light in the room so it would show directly on me. Then he clicked a pic and I walked to him.

“Lemme see.”

“You look good.”

I saw the picture and smiled.

“I look like I went for a photoshoot.”

“It’s great. Now all I have to do is change his wallpaper. ”

I stared at Leandro in both surprised and amused.

“Don’t tell me–”

“Yes.” he cut in.

“Hahahaha, but– but he might get angry.”


I watched Leandro put my pic as Anthonio’s screensaver.

“Now let’s go.”

Leandro was a case. We walked out of the pool house.

“Lemme put my shoes on.” he said, sitting on one of the pool chairs.


I was patiently waiting on him when I felt a hand on my lower back. I turned to Anthonio.

“Good morning.” he said smoothly. A little surprised and still so amazed by his handsomeness, I was speechless and unable to reply. He didn’t bother and turned straight to Leandro.


“Hey. Guess who’s gonna be jogging with us today.” Leandro said, referring to me.

Anthonio looked in my direction once more and that’s when he noticed what I had on. After staring at me from head to toe, he said:

“Okay. You have my phone?” he asked Leandro. Leandro stood up.

“Yup. Here.”

Immediately Anthonio took his phone, Leandro tapped my shoulder, amusement lingering in his eyes.

“Let’s run then.” he said and immediately, we began to jog towards towards the woods, not waiting for Anthonio. Wise of him. I did my best to suppress a laugh till we reached the trees. I looked behind me to see Anthonio staring at his phone. He’d seen it for sure.

“He’s seen it for sure.” I told Leandro, amused as we ran, “I hope he doesn’t get angry.”

Leandro smirked.

“For?” he mused and I laughed.

We ran through the little forest as there was a path to follow. I’d been told there was an end to all the trees but I wondered if it was just a lie to keep me from escaping.

While we ran, I was more than surprised when Anthonio appeared at my side. Leandro too noticed him.

“You’re fast.” Leandro stated with a smile.

“Es usted derecho? (It’s you right?)” Anthonio replied in Spanish and once again I went lost, not understanding a single word.

Whatever he’d said, made Leandro chuckle.

“¿La imagen? (The picture?)” Leandro replied and I wished I could hear.


“Si (yes).”

I watched Anthonio shake his head, a smirk drawing itself on his lips. I just watched from one guy to another, trying to guess their conversation.

“Tuve que tomar una foto. Ella es hermosa. (I had to take a picture. She’s beautiful.)” Leandro added.


“Tú lo sabes. ¿No la encuentras atractiva? (You know it. Don’t you find her attractive?). Be honest.”

The last two words were the only thing I heard.

Anthonio didn’t reply and was ignoring what seemed to be a question from Leandro.

“Anthonio.” Leandro called, panting.

Anthonio turned to him and with a smirk barely visible, said:

“Esta buena. muy. No era lo suficientemente honesto? (She’s hot. Very. Was I honest enough?)”

I don’t know what he said but Leandro smiled broadly and I almost laughed at his expression.

“Yes.” he replied, “Very honest!”

Honest about what?

“Now keep it to yourself.”

“Count on me.”

Anthonio nodded and ran a little ahead of us. Leandro winked at me and went ahead too. Whatever Anthonio had told him, concerning me, he would for sure share the news.

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