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Romance / Action

Chapter 53

We sat down at the table and I was quite happy inside of me. I watched him serve himself and I decided to take a risk.

“I love it when you smile.” I started but he ignored me and continued to serve himself. I went on, “You’re even more handsome and it warms my heart.”

He looked up at me. Bingo.

“You understand right?” I asked

“What am I to understand?”

I gathered that bit of courage I had left and spoke.

“That it’s thanks to you that I’m not mad yet. With this situation I’m in, someone else would’ve lost it. And I haven’t killed myself.”

“But you tried to.” he pointed out.

“And who was there every single time.”

I leaned in and touched his hand. He stared at me.

“Anthonio,” I started, “I want something. Something that you know about. Admit you want the same and let’s fight this problem you have. I’m ready to take the risk.”

I saw him swallow.

“That’ll be wasting your time.” he replied.

I stood and courageously went to his side of the table before leaning in close to him.

“That’s what you think. Anthonio let me help you. I just need your permission.” I raised a hand to touch his face but he grabbed my wrist.

“Donnica, stop.” he said firmly.

“But why?” I asked softly, staring into his eyes.

“Because there is no way.” he stated firmly, his grip on my wrist tightening.

“I’m not giving up.” I was leaning close, his face some inches away from mine, “Don’t you want me? You might think you don’t but your body language proves you wrong.” I surprised myself with the courage I had on the spot.

“You’re fooling yourself.” he continued.

“Says the person who looked at my cleavage earlier.”

“You had chocolate power on you, Donnica.” he replied dryly.

At that instant, Leandro appeared at the bottom of the staircase, surprised to see us in that position. He hid a smile.

“Let’s close this topic once and for all. If you don’t want me to get really angry with you, stop.”

“Fine. But accept the fact that you’re still a man. And I’m still a woman.” I pulled my wrist out of his grip and stood up straight, “Bonne appetit.”

I walked past Leandro and went upstairs, a little hurt about the fact that he’d rejected me. But it wouldn’t last. That stubbornness would disappear on its own.

That same day, in the afternoon, the boss demanded to see me. Gawd, I hated it! There was something really strange about that man. He did all sort of nasty things to my body like touching me and licking my skin but never ever had he penetrated me or try to have oral sex. I didn’t know why and I did not even bother to know.
Velma had come that afternoon and so she prepared me for the boss.

“Velma you missed out on this weekend.” I told her.

“Oh, really? Why don’t you give me some information.”

I told her everything that had happened with Anthonio and Leandro. To my surprise, she seemed pleased. Really pleased with what I was telling her because she grinned.

“I’m quite happy to hear what you’re telling me.” she admitted with a smile. Never had I seen her smile so much. She approached me, “Leandro is right. You’re probably the only one who can help Anthonio.”

“I hope I succeed. Apparently I ain’t the only person who wants him to be normal again.”

Velma was soon done with me. I was then blindfolded and taken to the monster’s lair.

“Stand up.” he ordered and I immediately did so, struggling to arrange my bra. I felt so dirty. I wondered what a sicko like him looked like. Whenever I was in his presence, I felt like breaking down into tears.

He always licked my skin. Every part of my body like an animal! He would undress me completely, leaving me in only panties. I always shed tears once he was through. I felt disgusted and dirty. But I tried to see the good side of things. Though he took my bra off, he’d never removed my panties. What was up with him and his licking fetish? He was a sick man.

“You always taste so good. Like there’s sugar on your skin. And those nipples. Hahahaha!” he laughed hideously and I tried not to cry. Eew.

“I love to see you shiver the way you are doing so right now. Makes me want more of you.”


He’d tied my hands and there was no way I could even think of defending myself.

“I’ll maybe be needing your services tonight. One last time before I leave tomorrow morning.”

Yes! He had to go!

“Would you miss me sweetheart?”

‘No, thank you.’

“Say yes.”

When I didn’t answer, he slapped me hard across the face and I cried out.

“Shut it!”

I went quiet.

“Say you’ll miss me you bitch. Say you need me.”

“I– I’ll miss you. I need you.”

“There, there.” he grabbed my chin and I felt his dry lips crash down against mine. I tried to resist him but he forced the kiss and once done, he threw me on the floor.

“Slut.” he insulted and I heard him open his door. He then grabbed me and threw me into what seemed to be the corridor.

One of the guards then led me down the stairs to my floor. He untied my eyes and hands before leaving.

I collapsed on the floor in front of my room’s door, crying out. What hell was this? What was all this?

I cried and cried, sitting in only a pair of panties and a matching bra and heels. He’d not given me my robe back.

I felt like dying.

I stood up weakly and entered my room before going straight to the bathroom. No. I wasn’t going to give up on my life and make the people I loved and who loved me suffer.

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