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Romance / Action

Chapter 52 (Improving)

I smiled to myself as we moved out of the little forest. Anthonio was right behind me and I couldn’t help it but think of that unintentional hug. His perfume, chest, eyes, body. He didn’t know it but he drove me crazy.

As we walked through the backyard, I had a feeling he was watching me. I hoped he was. I hoped he saw all what he was missing but also all what he could get if he wanted. I couldn’t lie that I desired him and I needed him to desire me too.

I opened the door and walked into the house, him behind me. Leandro was already seated.

“I almost waited.” he said and Anthonio chuckled. I turned to catch a glimpse of his beautiful smile.

“Is it just me or you’re always hungry?” he mused. I watched how his features changed. How relaxed and cute he was when he smiled.

“Say what you want but I gotta fill this tummy.”

I was gonna serve them when we heard a car pull up at the front of the house.

Leandro turned to one of the guards who stood at the window. He motioned for the guard to check who it was. The man did and on turning, simply nodded in response. Leandro groaned lazily.

“He’s back earlier than expected.” Anthonio stated.

“Wish I didn’t have to see him until I leave.” Leandro grumbled. I wondered who they were talking about.

I was gonna ask but one of the armed men walked up to me and grabbed my arm. I was lost.

“W– what is it?” I asked, standing.

“To your room!” the man ordered in his heavy accent.

“Hey, calm down amigo.” Leandro told him then turned to me, “Your boyfriend’s back honey and so you gotta stay up there till he goes to his private room.”

I felt like grumbling but preferred to shut up. The boss had returned from a trip or mission for which he’d left two days earlier.

Before I could say anything, the man pulled me along.

I sat in my room till evening. I heard voices downstairs. I thought of the possibility that the boss was seated down there. A crazy idea crossed my mind. I was going to go spy to get a glimpse of the man.

I left my room silently. There were two staircases, the grand one and another little one close by that led straight to the kitchen. I wanted to spy from there and so I took the second staircase.

I was tiptoeing my way down when I met with Leandro. I had gotten really scared thinking it was someone else. He stared at me, a little surprised.

Then his expression softened a little.

“Donnica?” he whispered, “Wow, be careful. I almost thought you were someone else. I could’ve hurt you.”

“I’m sorry.” I whispered back.

“What are you doing here??” he asked, looking back.

“Trying to do something stupid that might cost my life.” I admitted, realising the risk I was about to take.

“Seriously? Amor you need to be careful. It’s preferable you go back.”

“Is he down there?”

“Donnica go.” he replied

“You’re right. Bye.” I turned and hurriedly headed for my room.
I spent the whole night in my room and ended up sleeping. That monster’s arrival had destroyed all other plans I’d had. But I would not give up.

The next day I got up early as usual and made breakfast. I put it on the table and went to sit outside. I’d worn a pair of denim jeans and a crop top. Being sexy and not vulgar all the while.

I sat staring towards the pool when someone spoke behind me:

“Is there any more chocolate?”

I turned to a freshly showered prince.

A smile spread on my lips and I stood up to face him.

“Yes. Yes, there is. I forgot to make you some. Good morning, Anthonio.”

“Good morning.”

“Follow me.”

I sashayed my way into the house and he followed closely behind.

Once in the kitchen, I put the kettle on the fire. Then I went to the cupboard to get some chocolate which I put in a mug.

“I thought you didn’t like chocolate.” I said slowly, putting the chocolate in the mug. On turning to go, I walked straight into him and the bit of powdered chocolate on the spoon I had in hand sprinkled on my chest and cleavage and on his T-shirt. He’d been standing right behind me. So close.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you were behind me.” I said in the softest voice ever. Without moving an inch, I grabbed a napkin and carefully began to wipe the chocolate off his T-shirt. He looked straight into my eyes as I did so and then his eyes dropped to my chest. I literally stopped breathing!

He stared down at my cleavage then back at me. His eyes! The way he looked at me! I was close to losing it.

“You have some on you too.” he said, smoothly. I looked down at my chest.

“Oh, thank you.” I said innocently, a smirk automatically drawing itself on my lips.

We were standing real close to each other. Our bodies inches away and I felt the tension in the air and I hoped he felt it too.

The whistle from the kettle woke me from my thoughts. Without another word, I walked to the kettle, happy with what had just happened.

I finished everything and turned to him. Fast enough to catch him staring at me. Yes!

“Here.” I handed the mug over with a smile.

“Thank you.” he took the mug.

“Can I have a smile please?” the words left my mouth. He stared at me and for a moment I thought he might leave or get angry. But then he smirked. I almost gasped.

“Happy?” he asked, still smirking.

“Very.” I replied, goosebumps taking over my skin.

“Okay. You can join me for breakfast. If you want.” he gave me one last stare from head to toe before leaving the kitchen.

I felt like screaming as loud as a groupie!

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