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Romance / Action

Chapter 51 (My Target)

I prepared breakfast with a smile on my face. I knew things would work out even more easily with Leandro on my side. If only Anthonio knew. He was my target and main aim in that house. I had to make him fall in love with, or yet, desire me. And I would do my best to succeed.
While I’d been making the breakfast, they’d both gone to shower after their morning exercise was over.

I made delicious pancakes along with bacon and some fried eggs. I set the table adding bread, orange juice and milk. Yummy.

In some minutes, they were down and walked up to the table.

“Mmm, boy these all look delicious.” Leandro cooed and they both sat down.

“Can I join you?” I asked, causing them to turn to me and I realised the quick stare Anthonio gave me, looking from head to toe, before facing his front again. Ha! He couldn’t help it but stare at me with what I had on.

“Sure princess. Sure.” Leandro replied and I happily sat with them.

I served them first, then myself. They thanked me and we started to eat in silence. I was munching on my food when I suddenly felt someone’s leg rub against mine underneath the table. Leandro. I looked at him and he motioned with his head that I speak to Anthonio.

“Anthonio?” I called in the softest of voices. He looked up.


“You like it?” I asked still so sweetly.

“Yeah, it’s delicious. Like always.”

Hmm. What progress. His compliments were rare.

“Thank you.” I smirked at him and he just stared down at his plate. I looked at Leandro who seemed to be amused.

“Hmm, you’re the best actress I know now.” Leandro pointed out and I smiled. He was with me in the kitchen while I prepared the ingredients for lunch.

“Oh, I wasn’t acting. More than serious.”

“True. And what you have on,” his eyes dropped to what I was wearing once more, “...is clear provocation to any man with or without his senses. If you weren’t so sincere and caring towards Anthonio, I might have tried to get you for myself .”

I laughed nervously.

“Well thanks for the compliments.” I giggled.

“My pleasure, now tell me,” he started, eying me one more time, “...do you have a sister or cousin as hot as you that I’m gonna have to kidnap?” he asked and I laughed out.

Who would’ve thought I would be laughing this much in that house and with a murderer like Leandro?

Honestly, as long as he didn’t try to kill me, I was alright with him. He was friendly and funny, and at least I was sure that he was not being a hypocrite with me. He appreciated me and saw in me some sort of help in healing his brother. What an honor. And I wasn’t going to let him down because he’d turned out to believe in me more than I believed in myself.

“Hahahaha, nope I’m the only child and most of my cousins are either married, fiancées or way younger than me.”

“Too bad. If I where Anthonio, I would not waste time.”

“Are you sure? Sometimes he’s as cold and rude as ever. I wonder if he has feelings. If he can like anyone else apart from you. If all I do even affects him.”

I said sadly.

Leandro stared.

“Oh, it does affect him. He just does not want to admit. He sees and notices everything you do but he pretends to ignore because he has no idea about how he’s to react.” Leandro stated and I knew he felt bad for his friend, “Those drugs have affected him terribly. There’s a time he almost died.”

“He still takes them.”

“He won’t be anymore.” Leandro replied with a smile. He too was hot. Really hot. I wondered on the spot if all the other members took off those masks, would they be this handsome? No. I doubted. No way.

“Why do you say so?” I asked, snapping out of my thoughts.

“Since the day he tried to strangle you here in the kitchen, I found where he’d hidden those drugs and took them. He noticed of course but would he have the guts to ask me? No. Because he’d told me he would stop but didn’t.”

“Oh, that was wise of you. But what if he starts some kind of depression because of the lack of his drugs.”

“He would not die. I’ll be leaving in a week’s time. I’ll send him some medicine that would help for this drug issue and his mental state. It’s a rare and a new kind of treatment that isn’t sold in public markets. Very costly but I know someone who can get me some of it.”

“Wow. I hope it helps. But why are you leaving so early?” I asked, a hint of disappointment in my voice. I was beginning to really appreciate him.

“Aaw, mi amor, you’ll miss me?” he teased with a smirk and I rolled my eyes.

“Pff! Me? Nope.” I lied with a laugh and he just smiled.

That afternoon, I went up to Anthonio’s room to call him for lunch. He wasn’t there. I went to Leandro’s

“Lunch’s ready.”

“Okay, princess.”

“Have you seen Anthonio? He’s not in his room.”

“Go check the backyard. Towards the trees. He went to stroll.”


I went downstairs and to the backyard. I went towards the trees. It was like a little forest but withing the property. As I walked, I spotted him at a distance, he was staring around, his back to me.

“Anthonio?” I called and he turned and the bit of sunlight struggling through the trees shown on his face. Gosh. This guy was just too sexy.

He was silent and I too, admiring his beauty. I wished I could just walk up to him and kiss him. But that might cost my life.

We stared at each other for long until he spoke.

“Yes?” he said, leaning against a tree trunk.

“Uh, I came to tell you–”

“If you have anything to tell me, walk up to me and do so. Don’t stand at a distance.” he cut me coolly, his voice low.

I was standing on a rock, a little distance away from him.

“Um, okay.” I got off the rock and started walking towards him. “I came to let you know that– aah!”

I took a wrong step and tripped over what seemed to be stone.

I hit something hard, not the ground. Anthonio’s chest. He had an arm wrapped around my shoulders and another wrapped around my lower waist. I was literally leaning against his body, my head on his chest. I’d wrapped my arms around him too out of reflex. We were unintentionally hugging each other tight .

Nervous, I looked up at him and he was staring down at me. His eyes seemed so unreal. My heartbeat raced and I immediately let him go, stepping back. I was as shy and nervous as ever, yet I was happy on the inside.

“You were saying?” he asked in that same cool tone.

“Di– Dinner, uh...lunch! I mean lunch is ready.”

“Fine. After you.”

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