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Romance / Action

Chapter 50 (Let's Start)

That evening, I felt great! The other members were no where to be found and I guessed they were either in their secret rooms whatsoever or they’d gone out.

I was in my room reading a novel when I heard voices in the hallway and laughs. I recognised the voices of both guys. I smiled to myself, happy Leandro hadn’t gotten angry with him or anything of the sort. I was listening to their conversation though it was partly in English, Italian and in Spanish. I heard Leandro say:

“I forgot something downstairs. Go ahead I’ll join you.”


I heard footsteps disappear down the hallway and then someone knocked at my door.

“Yes?” I got up and opened the door. Leandro walked in and I smiled.

“Hello.” I smiled. He smiled back.

“Good evening, princess. Now’s the time.” he said

“The time for?”

“You want to apologize right?”


“Go on. I’ve put him in a good mood for you.”

I giggled.

“Okay. Let me go on then. Wish me luck.”

“You won’t be needing it.” He smirked and eyed me and I laughed.

“You’re a case.” I said playfully before leaving the room. I felt like I would be very good friends with Leandro, despite his flirtatious attitude.

I walked down the hallway, my heartbeat slightly faster than usual. I was gonna do everything to seduce Anthonio in the most innocent of ways. And now things were different. I had Leandro’s help. I knew I was gonna succeed now. Yes!

I stood in front of his door and knocked.

“Come in.” I heard him say in a voice less stressed than usual.

I took a deep breath, opened his door and stepped into his room.

He was lying on the couch in his room, staring at the ceiling. When he saw me, he sat up.

“Hey.” I said

“Hey.” he replied.

Without asking him anything, I walked up to the couch and sat down. Not too far from him though, but at a respectable distance.

“I’m here to apologize,” I started, “For today afternoon. I didn’t mean to insult you. I was– I was just in a very bad mood.” I explained, my emotions taking over, “Forgive me. Please.”

He stared at me and his eyes melted my heart.

“It’s fine. Maybe I should be a little polite from time to time.” he replied, his face as expressionless as ever.

I smiled.

“Thanks. I–” his hand was on the couch and with the bit of courage vested upon me by Leandro, I put my hand over his, “I’m happy you understand.” I said in a rather soft voice. He was silent and just stared at me.

“Honestly, I am.” I ended, slightly caressing the top of his hand. At that moment, he slowly took his hand away but I didn’t care, the act had already been done.

“What would you like to eat tomorrow? Ask me anything.” I made sure there was some seductive or sexual hint in the tone of my voice. He just stared and my eyes dropped to the little movement his Adam’s apple had just done. He’d gulped. Seemed like things were working. I was already loving this whole game.

“I don’t know. I have no idea for the moment. Ask me at breakfast tomorrow.” he finally replied.

“Okay then.” I stood up, “goodnight Anthonio.”


There was a knock and Leandro stepped in. At the right time.

“Oh hi, Donnica.” he acted surprised to see me, “Anything wrong?”

“No.” I turned to Anthonio.

“No. She just came to ask what we’d want to eat for breakfast tomorrow.” Anthonio stated.

“Oh, okay. We’ll think of it overnight honey.” Leandro said.

“Okay.” I smiled one last time at both of them before leaving the room.

The next morning I was in a good mood. I’d woken up at six and had taken a good bath. Once done, I searched my drawers and picked out some sexy clothes that I could find.

I wore a tiny Jean short that stuck to me and drew out my curves perfectly well as well as a tight top. I arranged my hair and applied a bit of gloss on my lips. If Anthonio didn’t notice all these efforts, then he was good enough for an asylum.

I went downstairs and luckily for me, I saw both of them in the backyard. They’d returned from their morning jog and were carrying out little exercises. Perfect timing.

I stepped out into the backyard with an innocent smile on.

“Good morning!” I greeted politely and both guys turned. I tried not to laugh when I saw the looks both gave me. I was pleased when Anthonio stared at me, eying me from head to toe. Paying attention to what I had on.

“Good morning, princess.” Leandro replied with a knowing smirk, too contagious that I couldn’t help it but smile even more.

Anthonio stood there as if he’d froze for a second or so. Then he spoke.

“Yeah, hi. Don’t you think what you’re wearing is a little too–” he started but didn’t finish his sentence.

“Too what?” I asked innocently.

“Sexy? Hot? Oh, yes.” Leandro cooed and I tried not to laugh.

“You think?” I asked still so innocently “They are all I could find. Most clothes up there are like this. But if Anthonio wants me to take them off, I will.”

Anthonio was silent and then turned to Leandro who just smiled, saying nothing.

“Um, no it’s fine. It’s not your fault.” he said.

“Okay. So what would you like to eat?”

“Um, surprise us.” he replied.

“Okay.” I turned and began to sashay my hips back towards the house, feeling their eyes on me. And it was just the beginning.

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