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Romance / Action

Chapter 49 (Oh, wow)

The next morning, I was really in a bad mood. I felt down and every little thing was able to make me break down in tears.

I walked to my balcony and stared down at the water in the pool. I hated all this. I couldn’t be happy for a damned while?

I shook my head. My life had become really monotonous. I’d already made months with these people yet my life was the same cycle; death threats, kitchen and unreturned love. A love I wasn’t even supposed to have. I’d tried to force a happiness I could not have. Why fight?

That afternoon, as usual, I was in kitchen cooking. Velma wasn’t around that day. Didn’t know why. I wasn’t in any mood to play, joke or even disturb. I just missed my old life.

I was cutting some spices for the food when Anthonio walked in. I I tried to ignore him but couldn’t.

“Why don’t you ever greet first?” I asked, my eyes on the chopping board. He ignored me and went to the fridge to get some water.

“I’m speaking to you.” I pointed, finally looking up at him.

“Why don’t you just shut up and do what you have to do?” he retorted rudely and walked past me to leave.

“Why don’t you stop being a dumbass. Oh sorry, I forgot you’re mad.” the words left my mouth out of anger.

He stopped in his tracks and slowly turned to me. He approached me and I awaited the worse. But I wasn’t going apologize. No way.

“What did you say??” he growled and that’s when I smelled something. He’d smoked something, maybe that drug. I immediately took a step back, knowing I was probably gonna get killed.

“Repeat it!” he growled and I shook, stepping back, “Speak! Now!”

“Aaaaaaah!!” I screamed when he pushed everything found on the kitchen’s table surface, causing all the plates to break into several little pieces. I stared straight at him. I was afraid yes, but I wasn’t apologising shit!

I took steps back till my back touched the wall. Anthonio being close enough already, grabbed my neck with a hand.

“Apologise.” he growled

“Why? It’s the truth...” I managed to reply.

I felt him apply more pressure on my neck when suddenly,

“Anthonio, stop.” a voice ordered. Leandro. Anthonio turned but didn’t let go my neck.

“This fool dared to insult me!”

“Let her go. Anthonio don’t make me force you to.” Leandro ordered a little more firmly but Anthonio ignored him and turned to me, applying more pressure.

I watched with shock when Leandro came over and grabbed Anthonio from the back with force, and threw him on the floor. Anthonio, clearly not himself, got up immediately and gave Leandro a blow, causing him to fall. The act made me scream in shock.

Leandro, touched his jaw and looked up at Anthonio who’s expression had suddenly changed. He looked shocked, surprised, remorseful.

“Lo siento. ¿qué pasa conmigo? (I’m sorry. What’s wrong with me?)” he stammered all of a sudden. Leandro stood up.

“It’s okay, apologize to her.” he replied softly, trying to touch Anthonio but Anthonio stepped back. Then he looked at me.

“I’m sorry.” he said and quickly left the kitchen. I stood there, lost. Leandro turned to me.

“Forgive him. Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine. Th– thank you. I was the one to apologize to him. I looked for his trouble.”

Leandro stared at me and then to my surprise, he smiled?

“Oh, wow.” he smiled And leaned against the table. I looked at him lost, “I was coming here not sure you would accept some proposal I wanted to make to you. But now I’m sure.”

I got confused.

“W– What?”

“You love him. I hesitated to believe it but you’ve proven it. You put the blame of his act upon yourself.” he said with a little more seriousness

“Huh? No, I don’t–” I tried to lie but he cut me.

“Donnica.” he called, serious all of a sudden, “Anthonio is like my blood. I watched him grow. He’s the closest thing I have to a family. The closest person to my heart,” Leandro started and I listened, lost, yet touched about all what he was saying.

“Yeah, I was told.”

“He has a problem. A serious one that you’ve probably noticed. Drugs. He’d told me that he’d stopped but now I know he hasn’t. What happened in this kitchen has shocked me and made me sad. That’s why I want to talk to you.”

“To me?” I asked surprised.

“Yes, Donnica. You’re the only person who cares for him as much as I do. I’ve observed you for a while and I know you do care for him and sincerely. I’m here to ask you for your help. You’re ready to do anything for him and that’s why I’ve decided to trust you.”

I couldn’t believe my ears and I really wasn’t understanding where this conversation was heading to.


“You killed someone for him. I know. That means a lot.”

“Leandro, where is this getting to?”

“I tried saving him from this mental problem but just realized that I’ve failed. You can.”

My eyes widened.


He stood straight

“Yes you.”


“In many ways. You’re the most courageous girl I know. after all that has happened to you so far, you’re still alive. And you’ve found a way to love the reason for your calamity.”

I was close to speechless.

“How can I save him? I’m no one.”

He smirked and approached me.

“You are a woman. Beautiful. Stubborn. Courageous. Quite close to crazy.” he smiled and I couldn’t help it but smile back a little. His smiles were mischievous yet very contagious.

“What can I do?” I asked.

“Good question. Do what you can do best.”

“Which is?”

He smirked


“Oh, I tried. It didn’t work.” I mused.

“This time it’s gonna be different. I’ll help you. Anthonio listens to every little thing I say.”

True. He’d made Anthonio apologize to me twice.

“Alright, then.” I smiled. I hadn’t smiled that broadly since I’d spoken last with my parents. He smiled back.

“It’s a deal baby. Make his dick stand again.”

I laughed out at his sentence and that’s when I noticed blood oozing from the side of his lip because of the blow he’d received .

“You have blood on your lip.” I stated.

He smirked and licked it off.

“Problem solved.”

“Oh, okay.” I chuckled.

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