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Romance / Action

Chapter 47

“He looks like a flirt.” I told Velma as we cleaned the kitchen.

“He is. A seducer and a very cunning one.” Velma chuckled.

“Looks like him.”

“He can get any girl he wants into his bed. So be careful.” she mused and I turned to her.

“He can’t seduce me.”

“They probably all said the same thing.” she laughed

“I’m serious. And plus, I’m the boss’s girlfriend.”

Velma laughed some more.

“Let me tell you a secret. Keep it for yourself.”


She leaned in and whispered,

“Leandro has slept with all the girlfriends the boss has ever had.”

My eyed widened.

“And he’s still alive?!”

“Shhh. Nobody knows about it apart from Anthonio and I. But they don’t know that I know.”


“There’s a time when Leandro had come to the house back in Brazil before the attack and before your arrival, I would stroll round the house at night and always saw the girls leave his room. By then boss could have about five girlfriends at a time.”

I listened to all Velma was telling me with wonder.

“He seems to be a case.”

“He is one.”

We were silent for sometime and carried some of the dishes to arrange them in the cupboards. I looked at the living room and they were gone.

After all Velma had told me about that Leandro, I really feared him now.

We were through and I told Velma goodnight before retiring to my room. Immediately I got in, I hopped on my bed and went to sleep almost immediately.

The next morning, I got up at six. I had to help Velma make breakfast for the members. I got out of bed, brushed my teeth and washed my face. I would only shower once done with all the work.

I got to the kitchen and greeted Velma. Then we got to work.

By seven thirty we were through and the table was set.

“I’ll go tell the members dear. You, bring this food up to Anthonio and Leandro respectively. They won’t be eating at the table with others.”

“Um, okay.”


I pushed my way down the dark halls of the floor where Anthonio and Leandro’s rooms were found.

My first stop was at Leandro’s door. I got his own tray of food and knocked at his door.

He didn’t answer and so I knocked again, harder this time.

“Yes?...” he answered in a sleepy voice.

I took a deep breath and opened his door.

He sat there on his bed, wrapped in white sheets and in nothing but a pair of boxers. He stared at me.

“Oh it’s you? Entra en el amor (Come in sweet heart).”

I guessed he meant that I could come in and so I did.

Carefully, I walked towards his bed and slowly put the tray on the table by his bed, as I did, he raised an arm and slightly caressed my arm with the tip of his finger. I immediately stepped back with a low gasp. He smirked at me.

“Thank you.” he said smoothly, “How about you go give some breakfast to Anthonio too?”

“I was planning to.” I muttered.

“Okay.” he blew me a kiss and I immediately turned and walked away. Woah. How sick was he too?

After leaving Leandro’s room, I walked further down to Anthonio’s room. Just being in front of his door and already smelling his scent, sent a sweet feeling through me.

I knocked and he didn’t answer. Maybe he was sleeping too because at times after his morning jog, he would shower and return to bed.

And so, instead of knocking harder to get him up, I simply opened his door and walked in.

He lay on his back, an arm over his head. He was so handsome. He looked so harmless and peaceful.

I just stood there and watched him. I remembered how he’d laughed and smiled the day before with Leandro. How it’d warmed my heart.

“Anthonio?” I called softly and he moved a little, “Anthonio?” I called him again and his eyes fluttered opened. He stared at me silently.

“Good morning. Sorry for waking you up but I brought you breakfast.” I explained in a soft voice.

“Good morning, Donnica.” he replied, sitting up and stretching that perfect body. He was shirtless. I just watched like a dumbass. He took the sheets off him and I was a little disappointed that he hadn’t been in boxers like Leandro. He had his sleeping trousers on.

“Leave the breakfast on the table.”

I did as I was told.

“If you need anything let me know.”


I turned to leave and to my surprise there stood Mr flirt. He’d worn a pair of jeans only and was seriously staring at me.

I turned and Anthonio was watching.

“Uh, I’ll leave now.” I murmured and made my way past him and out of Anthonio’s room.

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