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Romance / Action

Chapter 46 (Leandro)

I couldn’t be more afraid than I already was. This stranger who’d appeared from nowhere sat on the other side of my table, staring at me.

“So?” he spoke again “Cat got your tongue?” he asked with a smile and I flinched. I stared back, as mute as ever.

“Well, since you won’t speak, I will. I’m Leandro. And you are?”

I was silent and even thought of standing and running away. Fear was written all over my face for sure because he realised.

“You’re afraid?” he asked with a toothed smile. He had perfect white teeth. As perfect as Anthonio’s, “I won’t bite, unless you want me too.” he added. All of a sudden, his smile made me think of that cat in ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

I stood up immediately and stepped back.

“L– leave my room, please. I– I was busy with something and– and I’d like to go on.” I lied.

He had that bad boy look. That rebellious appearance that could easily attract the opposite sex. He was handsome but I knew better than to smile with these people.

“Busy doing what? Spying on people from your window?”

I was about to lie to him when my door got opened and Anthonio stood in the hallway.

Leandro turned and smiled at him.

“Hey mate.” he said before standing. Anthonio smirked at him before walking in.

“I was looking for you. What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing. After a shower I decided to come see this delicate flower that had been spying on us, earlier.” he said, turning to me, “The boss has taste. These pleasure girls are becoming even more beautiful.”

“Oh, she’s not a pleasure girl.” Anthonio said.

“Hm. Then who is she?”

“The girl from that New York issue.”

Leandro, as he was called, turned to me wideeyed.

“Wow. I didn’t recognize her. She’s prettier in real than on television screens.”

They both stared at me.

“Don’t worry honey. You’re better off here.” Leandro said. I was silent and he turned to Anthonio, “Is she mute?”

“Who? Her? Give her some days to get used to you and I swear you’ll want to strangle her.” Anthonio stated.

“Oh, I’d love to strangle her. But in a different way.” the Leandro replied with that devilish smile of his.

“I’d be glad to let you do that but she’s the boss’s property now.”

“Oh. Wise old man.”

“Let’s go downstairs.” Anthonio said pulling Leandro’s arm along till they left my room. I stood there, lost.

That night, I went down the stairs, heading for the kitchen to go help Velma with the dishes. I walked past Anthonio and Leandro in the living room. They sat, each with his phone in his hand. As they did whatever they were doing on their phones, they would discuss in Italian all the while.

I made my way towards the kitchen and turned to look at them one last time. As they spoke, Anthonio smiled at something Leandro said and I couldn’t help it but melt from inside.

I met Velma already washing the dishes. I joined her.

“Hello, Velma.”

“Hello, dear.”

“Who’s that in the living room?” I asked, picking one of the dishes.

“Leandro. The person who introduced Anthonio into this mafia/terrorist group.”

I turned to Velma surprised.


“Yep. He found Anthonio at 14.”

“Wait. Leandro was fourteen and he was already part of this group?”

“Yes. He was the youngest until he brought the little twelve year old Anthonio. Anthonio found himself in the streets at twelve. All alone and with no family. Leandro found him and helped him. And so I can say Leandro is Anthonio’s only friend. He’s like an older brother to him.”

I froze. Speechless at what Velma was telling me.

“Wow. How did Anthonio find himself in the streets at twelve?”

“I don’t know my dear. The boy’s a mystery. They’re literally best friends and up to date, nobody makes Anthonio laugh the way Leandro does.”

“I see that.” I said, turning to look at them in the living room.

“Some members tried to associate with Anthonio, that is, get close to him, but he rather rejected any other relationship apart from work. Some of them are jealous of their friendship.”

“Hmmm,” all I was hearing surprised me, “They’re the youngest in this whole sect right?”

“Yeah, I think.”

I admired both boys discuss from a distance.

“Leandro scares me a little though he’s very handsome. Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem as cold as Anthonio.” I told Velma.

“Yeah, he’s not as cold as Anthonio. He’s worse.”

I turned to Velma, shocked at her sentence.


“He’s not as rude as Anthonio, but he’s a coldblooded killer. The thing with him is, he can smile with you today and cut your head tomorrow. A good hypocrite. Apart from that, he can be considered okay.”

“Okay? I don’t think so.” I scoffed

All these people were strange.

“That’s creepy!” I added.

“Yes. You never know if he truly likes you or not because he behaves the same way with everybody. With friends just as much as with enemies. You only discover he doesn’t like you when he has his gun pointed at your forehead.”

I felt goosebumps take over my skin. I stared at the Leandro. I already had a psycho to cope with and now I had two? The other members were better because they ignored me just as much as I ignored them.

“H– how do you know if he likes you?” I asked Velma.

“He has to tell you himself.”

“Wow. I prefer Anthonio. When he doesn’t like you, he let’s you know on the spot!” I exclaimed and Velma laughed.

“For how long will they be here?” I asked.

“I don’t know dear.”

That week was gonna be a long one.

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