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Romance / Action

Chapter 45 (Another One)

That day, Velma and I were very busy. We had to cook one whole buffet. She’d told me that the other members who were to arrive were those who normally stayed in Italy, at the headquarters of this whole group, gang or whatsoever.

“Great.” I stated sarcastically, “So a group of even more dangerous men, that is, guardians of the headquarters in some way, would be arriving tonight. I’m finished. For sure the boss would be with them.” I told Velma.

“No, you are not finished, Donnica. Just lay low and avoid getting their attention.”

“I see why Anthonio seemed to be in a good mood this morning. His partners and psycho friends are coming over.” I scoffed.

I was annoyed and scared. I didn’t know what to expect from the men that would be coming. For sure nothing good could come from such a visit. I wished I could vanish. It was during such hard times that I really felt bad for myself. My situation was a mess. My life was always being threatened. I could die at any moment. Either because of Anthonio’s anger, the boss’s anger or some surprise enemy attack. I always asked myself why this had to happen to me.

By afternoon, Velma and I were done. We were putting the dishes in the fridge when Anthonio walked in.

“Don’t put everything in the fridge. Keep some out because they’ll be arriving earlier than expected. In an hour’s time or so.” he said.

“Okay.” Velma and I replied. He left the kitchen.

“Is it just me or the fact that those men are arriving is one of the reasons Anthonio seems a little normal today?” I asked Velma after he was gone.

“I think so. I’m even quite sure.”

“Hmm. Odd shit.” I then turned to Velma, a hand over my mouth. “Forgive my language Velma.”

“It’s alright dear.”

“Let’s just sit back and watch those people arrive.”


“Velma?” I called again


“So far I noticed all of them wore masks. I understand it’s to hide their identity. But why doesn’t Anthonio wear one.”

“I heard he refused. According to him, he wasn’t scared of anyone and that his identity made him what he is. A terrorist.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Once done setting the table, Velma allowed me to leave. I’d explained to her that I didn’t want to be present when they would arrive and she understood.

I ran upstairs to my room where I removed my greasy kitchen stained clothes to take a cool shower. Once through, I wore a T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

I lay on my bed and was about to sleep off when I heard vehicles. Vehicles outside. Surely two. They’d arrived. I heard the main door get open and people walking in.

I got up and tiptoed out of my room till the top of the staircase where I looked down at the living room.

Some of the members who’d already been in the house with Anthonio, Velma and I, welcomed the others. Some hugged each other and whispered. One couldn’t hear a thing. Not even the guards who stood by.

Anthonio didn’t greet or welcome anyone. He just stood there, as expressionless as ever, simply nodding and shaking hands with those who greeted him first. He watched them enter one by one and then all of a sudden, Anthonio smiled!

Not a smirk. An actual smile ! One that showed happiness! I blinked in confusion, thinking I’d not seen clearly.

He was smiling at one of them. One who’d just entered. I saw the person’s black hair. He didn’t wear a mask but I couldn’t see his face because he had his back to me.

They were smiling and talking to each other, hugging themselves and chatting. Who was that? That made Anthonio smile? And chuckle. Was this person the reason for Anthonio’s sudden good mood. I waited for him to turn around but he didn’t. He just spoke with Anthonio.

“Turn!” I whispered impatiently to myself. A little too loud because one of the guards downstairs looked up at me with an ugly stare.

I immediately turned around and ran back to my room.

I heard fidgeting downstairs and I wished I was a little mouse so I could go down and spy on them.

Bored and unable to find sleep, I walked out to my room’s little balcony that had a view on the backyard. Luckily for me, I saw Anthonio and that other person leave the house and walk into the backyard. I immediately entered my room to spy on them through my window.

They sat on the benches found on the cemented part of the backyard ground, to chat. I hid behind a curtain and watched.

I could see the side of his face now. It was quite a young guy, but maybe slightly older than Anthonio. He had shiny black hair and that Latino skin tone. He had a well shaved and carved beard. He looked quite handsome from the side.

They discussed and at a point, Anthonio actually laughed. He laughed. He was even cuter when he did. Seeing him laugh was so pleasing and surprising at the same time that a low gasp escaped my lips.

To my surprise, the guy he was speaking with, immediately looked up at my window. As if he’d heard the gasp from all the way up where I was. I froze, afraid. He was very handsome. Another beautiful man indeed. And I noticed his eyes. They were glassy grey with a hint of blue. His eyes were as odd as Anthonio’s. I immediately got away from the window, my heartbeat racing.
I sat on my bed for an hour, afraid to walk up to the window again. I wasn’t sure he’d seen me but the way he’d stared seemed to prove the contrary.

I shook my head and walked up to my table where a novel I’d started reading was. I sat and tried to read but my head ached a little and I rested my head down on the table for some time. Short sleep took over.

I woke up about twenty minutes later. I yawned and raised my head but what I saw almost gave me a heart attack. Sitting right on the other side of the little table was the guy I’d seen Anthonio with. He was staring at me like I was some painting.

“Oh my gawd.” I whispered afraid, trying not to scream.

He smirked.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to wake you up, princess.”

“Who? For– for how long have you been sitting here??” I managed to ask.

“Long enough to watch you sleep. So, tell me. What’s your name?”

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