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Romance / Action

Chapter 43

That night when he was about to leave, I went up to him.

“Uh, good luck.” I murmured. He did not answer and got his car keys, “I’ll miss you. Crazy to admit, but I’ll miss you.”

I’d decided to admit things the way they were. I was really gonna miss him and I felt like I wasn’t safe enough without him around.

He looked at me for a second before leaving the house.

‘You will learn to appreciate me too, Anthonio. You must. I’ll make you love me. Even if I do the sickest of things.’

I thought to myself before turning and heading for the kitchen.

Unluckily for me, most members were to return that night and Velma had told me the boss would not be around. Luckily.
Once in the kitchen, I helped Velma with all the work. We had a lot to cook for the group of men who were to arrive that night. We chatted all the while.


“Yes, dear?”

“Tell me if what I’m about to say is nuts and that I’m literally losing my mind.” I told her and she gave me her attention.

“Honey, whatever you’re gonna tell me, won’t shock me more than all I’ve seen and heard in this house for the past years.”

“You have a point.” I chuckled and she smiled.

“So, what is it that you want to tell me?”

I hesitated a little, but then I remembered it was Velma I was talking to, the only person that could advice me now.

“As you know, I’ve recently been very attracted to Anthonio.”

“Mmhmm.” she smiled and I giggled a little.

“I– I want him to feel the same way I have started feeling. And, I was planning to make him... Well–”

“You want to seduce him?” Velma asked surprised.

“Yeah, I know it’s stupid and close to impossible.”

“No. It’s not stupid.” she approached me and touched my shoulder, “It’s courageous of you. Just keep me updated. I’m on your side.”

I smiled at her and we went on with the work.

That evening, I couldn’t lie that I was somewhat scared as Velma and I set the dishes in front of the already seated men. They were about eight of them. All masked and dressed in black. I did my best to avoid those masked faces. I felt their eyes on me. I just wanted to get out of there.

“Serve me.” one of them told me. I looked at Velma, confused. She simply nodded for me to do as I was told.

I went to that particular man’s side of the table.

“W– what will you eat, sir?” I stammered and he pointed to one of the meals on the table.

I leaned in to get the dish. His dark eyes watched me. Whether the boss was around or not, I could not be comfortable.
Once done with all that, I told Velma goodnight and hurriedly returned to my room where I changed into my night dress.

I then watched a little TV before lying down in the dark.

I tried hard to sleep but couldn’t.

Everything seemed like a nightmare. A horrible nightmare. It was.

I thought of my life of some months ago as I tried to find sleep. The always so happy Donnica, with a lot of friends, loved by most and known amongst her peers, was now a captive to an evil kind of sect or whatsoever, considered a terrorist in her own country and now in love with the psychopath who’d destroyed her life. Wow.

If someone had told me earlier that all this would happen, I would’ve refused. It seemed so unreal.

Every single day I would wake up, hoping all that was happening was a dream and that I’d find my mother close to me.

“I’m tired. I’m so tired.” I murmured, tears welling up my eyes in the dark.

And that was when I noticed something that freaked me out. I saw a shadow. A figure rather, standing at a corner of my room.

“Oh my gosh.” I whispered. “W– who’s there?”

The person did not answer. Fear gripped me and I sat up, struggling to find the switch at the top of my head post.

“Oh my gosh! oh my gosh!” I whispered afraid when I was unable to find the switch. The figure stood there. Immobile.

Panicking, I turned towards my bedpost and turned on the lights. Looking behind me, the person was gone.

Never had I been so scared! It was one of the members! I knew it was one of them. Though I was unable to make out a face, I recognised the long black coats they always wore, along with the hats.

Why the hell was one of them in my room? I could not sleep that night, sure thing. I just knew I would not be able to.

“Oh God please protect me from these evil people the way you’ve done so far.”

Throughout the next day, I kept myself busy, avoiding any of those other men. When it came to either breakfast, lunch or dinner, I left Velma serve them while I remained in the kitchen. What had happened the night before had really scared the hell out of me and the fact that I did not know which of those men was in my room, scared me even more.

“Are you sure it was someone you saw?” Velma asked me earlier when I’d explained everything.

“I might be losing my mind Velma but I’m not blind. There was someone in my room!” I exclaimed, “I stayed up the whole night. Tonight I’ll sleep with the lights on.”

Velma didn’t know what to say about the situation. Things were getting stranger each time. I couldn’t wait for Anthonio to be back.

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