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Romance / Action

Chapter 42

I opened my eyes, my vision trying to adjust. I felt weak and really tired. I knew I’d passed out after inhaling that stuff from Anthonio’s room. Anthonio. He’d scared the hell out of me. What exactly had come over him? Why was he taking drugs when he knew just how much they were bad for him.


Once my vision adjusted, I looked around and there sat Velma. The only person close to a motherly figure in that prison. Somewhere in me I was more than glad to have someone like her around.

“Hello.” she said softly, touching my forehead, a little smile on her lips. She was a woman who smiled rarely. Very, very rare to see a smile on her lips. She was the kind of lady that if you didn’t know her, you would avoid her because she looked very strict. But truly she was a good person with kids and a family. I wondered if her family knew where she worked or for whom she did. No. If they did, they’d probably would’ve been dead by now.

“Hello, Velma.” I replied, smiling back, “How’s Anthonio?”

My own question surprised me as well as Velma. Why was I asking about someone who aimed a vase at my head? I was worried about him? First?

Maybe Velma was right. I was in love with the person who’d destroyed my life, kidnapped me and who’d tried to kill me several times?

“Well,” Velma began, still a little surprised at my question, “...he’s better now. I think because he is packing some things to leave for a mission.”

My eyes grew wide and I immediately sat up, causing my head to hurt and my head to begin spinning.

“Calm down. You just got up.” Velma stated.

“Going? What mission? He’s going now?”

Questions, questions, questions!

“Yes but–”

Velma didn’t have the time to finish her sentence when I got off the bed and stormed out of the room.

Dizzy as ever, I managed my way to Anthonio’s room and knocked.

“Yes?” I heard him say from the other side. Slowly, I opened the door and walked in. He was in front of his drawers, choosing out some clothes he’d probably be needing on his mission.

He turned to me, but then he went on with what he was doing as if I wasn’t there.

“I’m okay. Thanks for asking.” I told him, angrily. He ignored me. “What’s this issue about you going on a mission?”

He didn’t answer me and went on with his dumb activity. I walked up to him and with the bit of courage I had left, I held his shoulder and made him turn to me.

“You’re supposed to keep an eye on me! Right? That was the boss’s order.” I complained. Anthonio just stared at me and never had I felt like slapping someone real hard in my life. But I wouldn’t dare.

“You’ll be fine. I’m not your baby sitter.” he finally replied.

“I’ll not be fine!”

“So? But you will be. The boss and the others might arrive this night or tomorrow morning. You’ll be safe.”

Was he kidding me? No! With the other members around I felt even more scared.

True that Anthonio was amongst the most cruel of these men, I felt like he understood me a little at times and we’d gotten used to each other. Or I had gotten used to him. It wasn’t the case with the other sickos.

“Lemme go with you.”

“No. And don’t bother insisting .”

I knew that if I insisted it would actually be a wastage of time. My throat seemed heavy and honestly, I felt like crying. Crying because I felt powerless. There was nothing I could do for myself.

Angrily and on the verge of crying, I turned to leave.

“I’ll be back after tomorrow.” Anthonio’s voice suddenly made me stop in my tracks. I turned to him.

“In the morning.” he added, folding his clothes without even looking at me once.

Slowly, I wiped away the tears that had begun rolling down my cheeks.

“O– okay. I’ll– I’ll be waiting.” I replied in a shaky voice. I watched him for about ten more seconds before leaving his room.

I continued to sob. I just felt like crying.


I reached my room and met Velma right where I’d left her.

She watched me silently.

I climbed on the bed and sobbed into my pillow. I felt her hand pat my back.

“It’s okay, hon. You’ll be fine. I’m not sure the boss or the other members will hurt you. Just be strong.” she said

I sobbed some more then finally sat up and faced her.

“I– I think I have a problem, Velma.” I started, sniffing.

“Which is?”

“I’m not crying because I think the boss will hurt me. Honestly, I don’t give a damn about what he’ll do to me.”

Velma was silent for a moment.

“Then why are you crying?”

“Because that son of a bitch is going away.”

Velma’s brows shot up and I realised I’d maybe shocked her with the raw language.

“Forgive my language, Velma. But I am so pissed.”

“It’s okay dear. He’ll be back soon enough.”

“Yeah, after tomorrow. And what do I do while waiting? Get myself molested by a man or monster everyone calls the boss?”

“Shhh. The walls have ears.”

“Pff! I don’t care. Do you have any idea on Anthonio’s mission?”

Velma look thoughtful.

“I heard him speak about Belgium over the phone. Either he has something to steal or to bomb. It seemed serious and so I think he’s going on a terrorist mission.”

“Okay. He should be back here alive and in good shape. He has to.”

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