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Romance / Action

Chapter 41 (Not Again)

I got up the next morning in a very good mood. I’d slept as if I was safe back at my home in New York or Chicago.

I guess I was a little happy about the step I’d succeeded in taking with Anthonio. It wasn’t very easy.
I took a good shower and soon I was clean. I then grabbed some clothes from the drawers and wore them. I felt like nothing could spoil that day.

I went downstairs and greeted some of the guards. None of them answered. Always so immobile. I wondered if they ever slept. The highest I’d seen them doing was to talk to each other and crack Jokes from time to time. And they only left their posts to eat or go to the bathroom. There were two groups. Those who secured the house from four in the morning to about four pm and those who took over from four pm till the next day at four AM.

I went to the kitchen and Velma was already there.

“Good morning Velma. What can I help you with?” I asked her happily.

“Good morning, Donnica. You sure are in some good mood this morning.” she mused in her British accent.

“Well, yeah. Just had a good night’s sleep.”

“I see. Did Anthonio enjoy your food yesterday?” she asked.

“Did he have a choice?” I laughed “So, what can I help you with?”

“I’m done with everything but you can help me set the table then go upstairs to call Anthonio.”


I did as Velma had said and set the table, then I went upstairs to call Anthonio.

I knocked several times at his door but he did not answer. I then decided to go in.

When I stepped into his room, the first thing I noticed was darkness and smoke. There was smoke everywhere! I immediately covered my nose and looked around. I couldn’t really see a thing as his curtains were not pulled aside for the sunlight to come in.

“Anthonio?” I called, my shirt over my nose. No one answered. I tried to look through the darkness and then I noticed a figure sitting in a corner, in a white T-shirt.

“Anthonio?” I called again and tried to approach him.

“What do you want?” his low voice made me stop in my tracks. I stared through the foggy room at where he was sitting. I suddenly felt afraid.

“A– Are you smoking a *cough* *cough* drug?” I struggled to ask.

“This is the last time I’ll repeat myself. What do you want?”

Fear gripped me and I was suddenly speechless. According to Velma, drugs were the cause of what he was at the moment. A mentally disturbed person. She had told me how even more dangerous drugs, weed, cocaine, made him. He was supposed to avoid them. To control himself. That was what Velma had told me earlier.

“Uh, breakfast’s ready.” I muttered.

“I’m not hungry.” his voice was low and had that scary tone about it. I took a step back.

“O– okay.” I took another step back and intended to turn and leave when he suddenly chuckled. I couldn’t see his face and it freaked me out.

“W– where are you going?” he suddenly asked in a loud whisper, chuckling again.

“D– downstairs.”

“Don’t you wanna stay with me?” he chuckled again like an evil maniac.

“Velma’s waiting for me.”

I wanted to run away at that moment. He was so weird. But I couldn’t dare. What if he decided to go after me? In his usual state he could kill for some reason but in this present state, any mistake of mine, even a step, would make me dead meat. I just knew it.

“Oh, Donnica. You that likes to disturb me. That tries to get my attention every single time, wants to go now?”

My breath hitched and goosebumps covered my skin. Who’d sent me there?

I froze on the spot, shivering. Not knowing how to answer him or what to say next.

“You have three seconds to leave my room.” he laughed as if it was a joke.

I needed no second warning as I turned to run.

“One! Three! Hahahaha!”

Immediately I opened the door, fear taking over, something crashed on the wall, very close to my head! It was a glass vase!

“Oh, I missed!” I heard him shout.

I was out of that room in no time, running down the hallway and then down the stairs No turning back or stopping! My heartbeat was so fast it hurt. I didn’t stop until I reached the kitchen where I tripped and fell on the floor.

Velma came over to help me up.

“Dear, what’s wrong?” she asked me, trying to make me stand. My legs felt weak and tears started to roll down my cheeks automatically. My chest hurt and I felt like that vase had actually hit my head, though it hadn’t.

“D– Donnica are you alright? What’s wrong??”

I tried to look straight at her but everything in that room seemed to be moving, making me dizzy.

“Donnica??” Velma called me. Everything looked weird and seemed to be spinning as if I was in a trance. Then all of a sudden, I started giggling for no reason.

Velma stared into my eyes.

“Your eyes are red! Did you smoke or inhale anything?”

“A– Anthonio.” I stammered, my head aching, “–is taking something...” I weakly pointed upstairs.

“Oh dear! You inhaled it! It’s affecting you!”

I saw Velma turn to call one of the armed men for help.

“To her room!” Were the last words I heard before everything seemed to go blur.

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