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Romance / Action

Chapter 39 (Emotions)

We travelled safely back to England and successfully returned the amulet to the boss.

“Once again, Good job Anthonio.” I heard him say. I had the blindfold on as usual, “I think you deserve an award. Later during the day, I’ll have a number of pleasure girls come over to the house for everyone. I’ll let you chose the most beautiful of them.”


“I’m fine boss. No need. Thank you.” Anthonio replied.

“Okay my boy, okay. Bring in Donnica so she pleases me a little ”

‘Oh gawd, not again.’

I left the boss’s office after he’d done nasty things to my body. So far I was surprised he had not tried to penetrate me or ask me for oral sex. I didn’t even try to know why.
That afternoon, I sat in the kitchen quietly because some of the members were in the house and I didn’t want to come face to face with any of them.

I sat quietly until I heard the main door open and people walk in. On heels. I left the kitchen to go see.

To my surprise, I saw a group of girls. About fifteen of them. One of the guards led them to the living room and asked them to sit. They had sexy masks covering their faces, escort girl heels, tight and really short dresses. I guessed they were the pleasure girls.

I hid behind the kitchen’s door to sneak a peak.

They sat patiently.

One of guards went upstairs and after some minutes I saw about ten of the members come down, all wearing scary clown masks. I watched everything in fear.

They sat down and the girls got on them, some had two girls on them and others had one each.

The girls would lap dance, caress or even flirt with them. They were VIP prostitutes.

The members would touch them wherever and however they wanted. They would just moan, whisper, giggle and flirt.

It all seemed like some occult sex orgy. Some of the members took their partners upstairs for you know what.

I was about to go away when I saw Anthonio come down the stairs. Somewhere in my heart I was hoping he wouldn’t join them.

He walked by and one of the girls walked to him, standing in his way.

She held his face in both hands and kissed his cheek. Then she began to caress his chest. I couldn’t bare to see it and wanted to turn away but immediately, Anthonio grabbed both her wrists and shook his head no.

The girl, clearly disappointed, moved aside and Anthonio walked away. Yes!

He was heading for the kitchen and I hurriedly returned to sit on the sink.

Some seconds after, he walked in.

“Hey.” I said.

“Hey.” he replied, going to fridge and opening it. It surprised me that he’d even answered.

“Seems the boss had finally ordered for the girls to come over.” I tried to sound as casual as possible.

“And?” he took a bottle of water from the fridge.

“And nothing. Was just saying.”

He drank some water then stared at me before leaving the kitchen again. I was jealous that those girls would try to seduce him but at the same time I was happy because he’d rejected their offer.

Throughout that week, I got more and more attracted to Anthonio. I just liked seeing him. And I told Velma about it.

“So you finally admit that you like him?” she’d asked me one evening in that kitchen.

“I think so, Velma. Odd right? I think I’m losing my mind.”

“Not really. I even think you love him. Or you’ve started loving him.”

I stared silently at Velma.

“What makes you think so?”

“My dear, you’re willing to ignore every bad aspect of him. You see the lovable side of him.”

That scared me. The possibility.

“That’s why I think I have a problem Velma. I’m– I’m not supposed to fall for him. He destroyed my life.”

“True. But you’re confused Donnica. You see it impossible to fall for someone who’s done you wrong.”

“Yes. But whenever I’m close to him I just flirt or I tease. I think it’s because of the fact that he’s the only man I speak to here. The only one close to my age. Maybe that’s what fools me.”

Velma smiled at me.

“Let’s wait and with time we’ll see how things will turn out to be.”

“We’ll see.”

At the end of that week, the boss was absent along with his followers. Surprisingly, Anthonio was never gone with them and when I asked Velma why, she said he’d been ordered to keep an eye on me.

One afternoon I sat and thought of my mom. I missed my parents a lot. I was happy they were a little at peace now that they knew I was clearly alive. But that wasn’t enough. I missed her. My mom was like my best friend.

I decided to go stroll in the backyard, trying to ignore all problems.

I got off the grass and went towards the pool.

I stared down into the blue water, thoughts running through my mind. I knew I liked Anthonio. I’d fallen for him without wanting it. Maybe it was mare physical attraction?? I didn’t even know what to think.

What if I’d even already fallen in love with him? That wouldn’t be surprising.

Whenever he hurt me or attacked me, it didn’t make me hate him more but made me try to understand him more. I started to see his madness as some sort of game I was playing. Yes I was still scared of him. But not scared enough to avoid him.

I turned on my heel and headed back for the house. When I entered, Anthonio was going up the staircase. I just watched him till he disappeared.

“What’s going on with me?” I thought to myself.

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