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Romance / Action

Chapter 38 (Hotel)

We travelled to Paris that same night. We had to find a hotel where we would lodge. Anthonio saw it better that we travel the next day because it was really late.

We parked in front of a chic five star hotel, Hotel LA Vida. It seemed to be owned by Italians.

Anthonio got us signed into a room that cost 500 euro a night. What an amount for a simple room. Anthonio instead saw it as cheap.

We were given a luxurious suit. I loved this. The room was as I’d expected.

A large Californian king bed, linen and silk pillows and bedsheets, a soft, warm blanket, luxurious lights, a white polished bathroom, a fridge, a flat screen, an A.C and free WiFi.

There were fancy chairs at a corner and a huge couch.

Anthonio went into the bathroom to change while I remained in the room to do so.

I had no night dress with me and so I undressed and wore Anthonio’s white shirt that he’d removed before entering the bath. Gosh, now I had his smell all over me and I swear it made me dizzy. I took my time to wipe my make up away.

Some minutes later, he left the bathroom with only a pair of shorts on and nothing else. I just admired that body.

He stared at me, noticing I had his shirt on.

“Why do you have my shirt on?” he asked, dryly.

“Well because unlike you, I didn’t know we’d be spending the night in France and so I brought nothing. No nightie. Nothing. Unless you want me to take the shirt off?” I teased

“Keep it.” he replied rudely before turning and heading for the couch at the corner of his room. I stared at the lion head tattoo at the back of his neck, then at his firm back and finally at his lower waist and that’s when for the first time, I noticed he had another tattoo. A sentence was written in Italian words on his lower back.

“What does it mean? The words on your lower back?” I asked. He turned to me.
“Please answer. I know I’m curios and it probably annoys you but we both know what’s gonna happen if you refuse to answer me.” I stated, innocently.

He stared for long then said:

" ‘Only the wise know their destiny.’ That’s what it means.”

“Oh, okay.” I replied smiling. I got on the bed and under covers, waiting for Anthonio to join me. But to my surprise, he went over to the couch.

“Hey wait. You’re gonna sleep there?” I asked in disbelief.

He didn’t answer and just lay on the couch, face up to the ceiling, completely ignoring me.

“Anthonio I can’t sleep here alone. I have nightmares.” I lied.

“Lies. You’re not a kid anymore.” he replied, his eyes closed.

Annoyed, I got off the bed and made my way towards him.

“Scoot over.”

(Another instance of her hidden depression and breakdown.)

He opened his eyes to look up at me standing there.


“Scoot over. Please. I’m joining you on this couch.”

He raised a brow at me.

“Are you sick? Go back to that bed.”

“No. Please, please, please. Either we squeeze on this couch or we go to the bed.” I was determined.

“Go back to that freaken bed. Don’t let me force you.”

“You can’t make me Anthonio. Please.”

He sat up and I immediately took a step back.

“Don’t get me angry tonight. What is wrong with you, Donnica?”

“I’m just asking you not to leave me alone on that big bed. Nothing more. You’re the one who wants to get angry. I’m not sleeping alone.”


Anthonio stood up abruptly and before I had the time to run away, he’d swept me off my feet, carrying me in his arms and flinging me on his shoulder like a bag of I don’t know what.

“Oh my gosh! I’m sorry! Put me down now! Please!” I panicked, not knowing if he was gonna throw me over the balcony or throw me out into the corridor.

But he didn’t do any of that, instead, he threw me on the bed.

I looked up at him, slightly amused and still a little shaken. He frowned down at me.

“If you dare leave this bed again, you’re gonna have it hot with me.” he warned.

“Is– is it just me or there’s something naughty about the sentence you just made.” I stammered.

“Donnica!” he growled angrily.

“Okay, okay! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll keep my mouth shut! I don’t know why I’m acting like this.” I quickly replied.

He frowned and turned. I watched him walk up to the couch and lay once more. I then put off the lights.

I woke up the next morning at six. I looked around and saw that Anthonio was still sleeping. I tiptoed to the bathroom and brushed my teeth with the spare toothbrushes offered by the hotel. I then washed my face and returned to the room. He was still sleeping. So handsome.

I tiptoed my way over to the couch and got on my knees near him, just so I could admire his features while he slept. I couldn’t lie that Anthonio was eye candy to women. So handsome and unique in his own way. Never had I seen someone with his kind of eyes. Honestly. Too bad he was considered mad.

I wanted to admire every detail of his face and I didn’t realise that my face was a few inches away from his.

At a point, I was tempted to touch him. I raised a hand to touch his cheek when like a zombie, he opened his eyes and grabbed my wrist, causing me to scream as if I’d seen a ghost!

“What were you doing?” he asked firmly, his hand tight round my wrist.

“Ow! I was about to wake you up. Ow...you’re hurting me!”

He slowly let go off my wrist and I immediately rubbed the area.

“Go take a shower then I’ll do same. In an hour’s time we should be on our way back to England.” was his order.

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