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Romance / Action

Chapter 37 (mission Again -2)

While Anthonio and I strolled round the museum, looking at stuff, we noticed two guards. They were fidgeting while looking at us.

“They think we’re fake.” Anthonio stated.

“What makes you think so?” I asked, beginning to feel a little anxious.

“I have a device in my ear that enables me to hear distant conversations.”

I looked at his ear and saw a little device. Barely visible. Wow.

“Wow. You speak French added to the three other languages, you’re strong and intelligent. Just marry me already.” I joked and he just stared down at me.

‘Shut up.’

“Just shut up.” was his reply before to my surprise, he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, my chest hitting his. Then he brought his lips down to my ear and whispered:

“Giggle as if I just told you something sweet.”

I giggled as if he did tell me something sweet. He held me tight and smirked at me.


I knew it was all just a plan to make the guards to stop suspecting us but I was enjoying the whole act.

“What are they saying?” I asked with a bright smile so they won’t suspect anything.

“They don’t believe us still.” he started with his smirk still on and then he caressed my cheek with the back of his hand. Goose bumps took over my skin, “We need to be more convincing.”

“I have an idea.” I whispered back, leaning into his touch and running my hands slowly up his firm arms.

Gosh, I was loving this whole act!

“Which is?”

I smirked at him and my eyes dropped to his pink lips.

‘I...I want him? Do I?’

It’s that same night that I suspected that I had maybe fallen for this kidnapper. This psychopath. And I didn’t give a fuck yet. I was willing to take the pleasure along with the pain.

“Kiss me.” the words left my mouth. Anthonio stared at me and I saw surprise in his expression, his smirk slowly fading.

“There’s nothing more convincing than a kiss.” I added, staring straight into his glassy eyes. Anthonio was clearly not happy with my idea but he knew damn well that I was right.

“Fine.” he gave in and I almost jumped out of my shoes.

My breath caught up when he held my face in his hands. He slowly brought his face down to kiss me. I was close to fainting.

His lips were a few inches away from mine when suddenly a waiter tapped us.

“Oui?” Anthonio turned to him, letting me go. The frustration.

“Um, Monsieur, pas de ça en publique s’il vous plait. (Um sir, none of that in public please.)”

I tried my best not to open my mouth and drive the poor waiter away. I just took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

“D’accord. Sans soucis. (Alright. No problem.)” was Anthonio’s reply.

I couldn’t lie I was both angry and disappointed. But luckily, that short act had been enough to convince those guards who’d stopped talking about us and had all gone away.

At a point in time, the guards present started to go away.

“What’s happening?”

“Their time is up. Another set of guards to replace them would be here in a minute.”

“It’s all thanks to your contact?”

“Yes. We have exactly a minute to reach the electricity room, do what we have to do, then leave.”


“Let’s go. I know where it is.”

I held his hand and we hurriedly yet discreetly went up the museum’s staircase.

We walked through an empty corridor when to my great surprise, Anthonio stopped in his tracks and pushed me, but gently, to the wall, causing my back to hit it. Then he leaned against me, his body pressing up against mine.

“W– what are you–”

“Shh.” he cut me straight before lowering his lips down on the side of my neck. I gasped when he kissed me there. I automatically wrapped my arms around his neck, not trying to understand why he was doing what he was doing. I just decided to enjoy the moment.
The feel of his lips nibbling and kissing the side of my neck caused a sweet feeling in between my legs and a cold but sweet feeling go down my spine.

‘Oh my gosh, this feels good.’

At that moment, some men came out of a room which appeared to be the toilets. I realised Anthonio had heard them coming. That’s why he was doing what he was, to me. The men looked at us and smiled before commenting:

“Trouver vous une chambre (Find yourselves a room.)” they laughed and walked away.

Anthonio immediately let me go, to my greatest frustration.

“So, did I act well?” I teased, slightly breathless.

“You were okay. Let’s go.”

I took that as a compliment. Damn, I still had the feel of his lips on my neck, not to talk of his perfume lingering on me.

We sped to the electric room and Anthonio took a penknife from his suit.

“Wear these.” he gave me a pair of eye contacts.

“I already have a pair on.”

“Remove them and put these ones.”

I did as I was told.

I watched him cut off some wires from the system. He took one last blue wire, and when he cut it, all lights went off. Darkness in the whole museum.

But I could see. The eye contacts were green rayed, permitting me to see in darkness. I looked at Anthonio.

“Let’s get out of here.” he grabbed my hand and we ran our way back to the main hall.

People were confused in the dark. The amulet wasn’t surrounded as the guards were walking up and down, trying to find a way to arrange the lights. I watched Anthonio head for the glass box in which the amulet was. With no electricity, the alarm was off and so he easily raised the glass box before stealing the amulet.

He walked back to me, held my hand and we left that museum incognito.

There was a car waiting for us outside. We got in and drove off as fast as possible.

“That was easy!” I exclaimed happily. I couldn’t believe I’d just said that happily. I was getting used to stealing important objects now? Anthonio was making me a criminal like himself or what?

No. No way. I would never be like him. I was happy for the fact that we weren’t caught or shot at. I wasn’t ready to risk my life. Again.

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