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Romance / Action

Chapter 36 (Mission Again)

Donnica from this chapter to the next three to four chapters will be acting a little weird. Kind of desperate, childish or strange. You should keep in mind that she is going to through a phase and has still not adapted to this life she’s been forced into. It’s kind of a psychological breakdown or so.

That afternoon, I was in the kitchen washing the morning dishes. I’d planned to go see the backyard. I’d not seen it yet.

When I was done, I went to the back of the house. I stood at the veranda, staring at the vast environment. There were trees, little wooden store houses, a huge wall surrounding the whole property, green grass and I saw a big pool. It was a nice place to take some fresh air.

Velma was probably not gonna be around that day and I knew I’d be really bored being with a grumpy Anthonio and mute guards. Lame.

I didn’t have a phone to occupy myself and I was tired of watching TV every single day.

“What is this?” I asked myself. I missed my family and friends. Back in New York I could never be this bored.

I went back inside and went up to Anthonio’s room but he wasn’t in. Where to start looking for him was one problem as that castle was big. And so, I stood at the centre of that hall and shouted:


By the time I opened my eyes, Anthonio was standing right there. I tried not to smile.

“What’s wrong??” he asked.

“I’m bored. What do you do when you’re bored.” I asked, amused.

‘I’m gonna die.’

“What?! Is that why you called for help?”

I tried not to laugh.

“Uh, maybe.” Maybe I was provoking him a little too much.

Anthonio gave me an ugly stare that could kill. Then to my shock, he turned and removed a sword from a shiny knight statue close by. I realised it was a real sword and when he made an angry step towards me, that was it!

I screamed and ran like never before! I didn’t look back until I finally reached my room.

A month later, the boss had come several times and had done really nasty things to me but luckily for me, he didn’t try to penetrate me or even have oral sex. Whenever he planned on doing so, one thing or the other would come up and save me.
A time came when he decided to send Anthonio and I on a mission.

“You’ll be going to Marseille in France.” he’d said, “To steal the ‘Notre Dame’s amulet’. An ancient and very costly French treasure. Anthonio knows the museum where it’s found and so just follow his orders.”

I nodded, the blindfold tight round my eyes.

We travelled to France that night and arrived the next day at around five PM. Anthonio and I then went to a hotel.

Anthonio went to change in the bathroom while I remained in the room.

I wore the dress given to me and the accessories, before applying make up. Then I wore eye contacts given to me. I was quite good looking in that dress.

I went to the balcony and stared at the beautiful places. Anthonio was soon done and came to the balcony.

“I’m done.” he said in his usual dry tone. I just stared at how handsome he was even in his disguise. He had on a Brazilian male wig, long enough to tie into a ponytail, which he did, he also had a fake beard, not too long but good enough. He wore a grey and fitting tuxedo (suit and tie). Yes, he looked crazy wealthy. Which he truly was in some way, right? Yes.

“You look good.” I cooed.


“And don’t you have anything to say about me?” I asked with a smile, showing off my dress and hair.

“You’re making us late.” was his cold answer before he turned and walked away. I froze and stared at him in disbelief

“Rude idiot.” I mumbled under my breath.

We arrived the museum at seven PM, right in time for the ceremony. We were allowed in under the names of Jerome Goupil and Irene Duvant.
There were many important personalities present for the amulet’s inauguration.

“Play along.” Anthonio whispered to me. I was suddenly very nervous. I was holding his arm and like a couple, we went towards one of the objects in the museum to admire like many other normal people.

“We have to find the the electricity room.” he whispered, his eyes on the object in front of us.

“B– but there are guards everywhere?”

“That’s not a problem. I have a contact amongst them. He’s going to be in charge of the security tonight.”


I thought. These people always had everything planned.

“But how will we steal–” I cut my sentence when another couple approached us to admire the same object we were staring at.

“Bonsoir.” they greeted. Luckily I knew some French.

“Bonsoir.” we replied.

“Est-ce vôtre èpouse? (Is she your wife?)” the woman asked.

“Oui.” Anthonio replied.

“Elle est tres belle. Une vraie Beautè. (She is very beautiful. A real beauty.)” her husband added.

Oh, I was feeling myself at that moment. What an honor for Anthonio that I was standing by him. If I could blush I would.

“Vous avez de la chance Monsieur. (You are lucky sir).”

Gosh, so many compliments and so much flattery. I was loving it.

“Merci. Je l’aime de tout mon coeur. (Thank you. I love her with all my heart.)” Anthonio replied and I looked up at him amused.

“De rien. Au revoir. (Don’t mention/For nothing. Goodbye.)”

We waved them goodbye and they walked away.

I turned with a smile to Anthonio.

“Did you mean what you told them?”

‘Of course he doesn’t!’

“Learn to act.”

I rolled my eyes and we went on with the pretence.

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