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Romance / Action

Chapter 34

We sat at the table and Velma passed by to wish us a goodnight.

“Won’t you join us?” Anthonio asked her, to my surprise.

“No, Anthonio. I’ve eaten enough and now that I’m back in my country, I’d like to pay a visit to my children. With your permission of course.”


“Thank you. Goodnight to you and Donnica.”

“Goodnight.” we both replied.

Velma then left the house.

Anthonio started to serve himself some food. I watched him. He was so hot and it scared me how attractive I found him. Anytime soon, he might decide to threaten my life again but I didn’t really care.

We started to eat in silence until I decided to speak.

“Tell me a little more about yourself. You know a lot about me.”

‘I just dared.’

He stared at me.

“None of your business.”

“Oh, please!” I exclaimed, “Be fair. I want to know about your love life or what you think of women.”

‘I need help. Stop.’

He stared silently at me.

“Please. Okay, how bout I tell you first, what I think of men or about my love life. And promise to speak after me. Deal?”

He was silent before finally saying,

“Deal. I promise.”


“Well,” I started, “I started dating at 13. My boyfriends were uncountable by then, hahaha, because I would fall in love with any cute guy that would step up to me.” I mused.

“Hmmm.” was Anthonio’s reaction and I laughed.

“All puberty’s fault.” I continued, “I broke up with my last boyfriend five months ago. A cute but annoying guy. Unluckily, he was the one I gave it to.”

Anthonio’s brows shot up slightly and I laughed.

“Yup, I lost my innocence to a brat. But I’m happy I lasted enough with it first. Most girls don’t even reach twenty before losing theirs.”

Anthonio had literally stopped eating and was listening to me attentively. I was so pleased and amused. And it seemed he hadn’t even realised how attentive he was.

“My ex would brag a lot of how he was a tough guy and how he was the hottest on earth.” I scoffed, “He was some boring shit in bed. A snail, indeed. Such a deception for my first time. I–” I stopped talking when I realised what I had just said. I looked at Anthonio and this time he was clearly amused, though he didn’t smile.

“Now you...” he started to my surprise, ” ...are one crazy girl.”

‘Sounds like a compliment, coming from him.’

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” I smiled, wriggling a brow at him.

To my sweet surprise, he smirked!

‘He smirked?! Damn.’

I lived for the moments when he would manage a simple smirk. It caused so many confusing reactions in me and some part of me felt comfortable, like I wasn’t held captive.

I went on.

“Recently, before this whole prison break incident, I had a crush on a guy called Darrin. The cute black guy that was last to speak at my funeral on TV that day.”

"Had a crush?”

“Yeah. It’s over now. So, tell me about you.”

He seemed to hesitate.

“Anthonio you promised.”

“I know.”


“Fine. Already told you about that ex of mine that I killed right?”

“Uh, yeah. Creepy.”

“That’s it.”

My eyes widened a little.

“Are you kidding me?”

“I never kid.”

“Well, learn to. Are you telling me you’ve never dated someone else?”

“No. She was my first and probably last.”

I stared in disbelief.

“Y– you’re still..., I mean you’ve never slept with someone before?”

“She was my first, like I said earlier.”


“So, even with the so called pleasure girls you’ve done nothing?”

“I got really bored of women after she cheated on me.”

‘What the hell??’

“At fourteen??” I couldn’t believe my ears.



“Your problem is worse than I thought. Your dick has a problem or what? You sure you have one?”

’-What is wrong with you?!-.

Why am I behaving like this? I’m losing my common sense or? God help me.′

The question escaped my mouth and there was no way to take it back. Anthonio looked at me and I regretted my questions. I opened my mouth to excuse myself but no word came out.

“Oh trust me–“he started in a slow manner, “I do have one and it’s in a perfect state. I just decide for whom and when it’s ready.”

‘Pinch me!’

My mouth dropped slightly open in shock at his answer. He stared with that same amused look in his eyes then suddenly, he stood up and took his plate.

“Enjoy your meal.” was his cool statement before he turned to leave.

I watched him go with my mouth still open like an idiot’s.

I looked around to see if the guards had been listening to us but apparently not because they stood there quiet and immobile as usual.

‘Did he just say that?’

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