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Romance / Action

Chapter 32 (England & Tears)

Anthonio on seeing me asked why I was crying. I sat up and wiped my tears away.

“N– nothing.”

He stared at me, then at Velma. When he did so, she immediately stood up and went into the next class. Leaving Anthonio and I. He came over and sat opposite me. I was looking at my fingers, nervous and avoiding his eyes.

“Donnica.” his voice came out low. I looked up at him.


“What you did earlier was very risky and quite stupid.”

I frowned and looked at him.

“There were high chances of you missing your shot.” he frowned.

I bowed my head, exasperated. I continued to sob, caring less about his annoying remarks and just wanting to go home.

“But,...” he continued and I looked up again, “...I want to thank you for the courage you had. I underestimated you. I shouldn’t have.” I just stared at him, “You’re clearly not pleased about having shot a man, and I’m sorry about that. I’m indebted to you now.”

I couldn’t believe what Anthonio was telling me. Was he being honest?

“Call my parents. Please, just to let them know I’m alive and fine. That’s all I ask.”

He was silent for sometime.

“The boss would not–”

“Please.” I cut in, “Anthonio please.” I repeated. He stared at me then sighed, running his fingers through his silk hair.

“I’ll see what I can do. But don’t expect anything.”

I smiled a little at him.

“Okay. But thanks.”

He nodded and stood up to leave but I held his hand. He turned to me.

“Are we friends now?” I asked with a bright smile.

'I might as well use the opportunity to try and flatter him. It’s crazy but it’s worth a try. Maybe I might convince him someday, to let me go.

-You’re kidding right?′
“I don’t think so.” he replied firmly but there was something like an amused tone in his voice.

“Oh c’mon, I saved your life.”

“I know.” he replied and walked away. I smiled to myself. Like Velma had said, I wouldn’t lose hope. I believed Anthonio was beginning to be a little humane and I had great chances of speaking to my parents.

We arrived England at 1pm the next day. We landed in a huge field at the front of a beautiful big house but less big than the last. It was isolated in the woods. There was no house around. It was well hidden just like the last.

We got out of the jet and got into the house. Velma took me to a room and I freshened up.

That evening we all ate at the table and returned to our rooms.

The room in which I was now had good TV cable. Finally. I decided to watch the eight thirty world news. I wasn’t really surprised when I saw my picture on the screen.

<Donnica smith is assumed to be dead since her disappearance along with an unknown police man. The FBI investigated and came to the conclusion that that so called police man was either Anthonio himself or one of his contacts sent to get rid of Donnica smith so she would not reveal any secret.

An alert was made to all countries. If you see Anthonio Caruso anywhere,...>

For the first time on TV, a picture of Anthonio was shown. People had never actually known what he looked like. And though they were now showing a picture, it was very blur and so they had to add a drawing of his appearance which I thought wasn’t very resembling.

Tears welled up eyes when I saw the procession taking place for my so called death. Four of my male cousins served as undertakers, holding up “my” coffin.

My parents and friends were in the background mourning. It was a horrible scene.

Some of my family members were allowed to say a word or two to the camera.

They showed my dad first.

< “That bastard! That mad man who put my only child in this whole situation! Wherever you are, I hope you die and rot in hell. God knows what you did to my daughter. I hope you die.” >

Seeing my father break down into tears on screen, broke my heart. I began to sob.

My mother looked pale and devastated. She was speechless and refused to speak.

They then showed Kloe. She too was crying,

< “Donnie, may your soul rest in peace. Anthonio Caruso is a beast. I hope justice prevails. He is a monster.” >

Darrin spoke,

< “She was a great person, loved by all. I loved her. We all miss her. She didn’t deserve this. We all believe in her innocence.” >

Unable to bear the pain, I switched off the TV. I was angry and sad. A lump in my throat, I grabbed my pillow and screamed painfully into it. I needed to call my parents! Anthonio had to make me call them!

Slowly and weakly, I got up, planning to go meet Anthonio. But on turning around, I saw him standing at the doorway. I wiped my tears away.

“For how long have you been standing there?” I asked, shivering from all the crying.

“Long enough to see your burial.” he replied, calmly.

“Please, call my parents. Tell them I’m fine.” I pleaded.

He approached me and to my surprise, he gave me his phone.

“You call them. They can’t locate the phone. Be wise with what you’re gonna say.”

‘Seriously?! Thank God!’

With shaky hands, I took the phone from him.

“T– thank you.”

He nodded and turned to close my door and make sure that no one would discover.

Hurrying over the numbers, I called my mother. It rang. I got all hype.

Soon she picked the call and my heart almost pumped its way out of my chest!

“Hello?” I heard her soft voice along with the sadness in it.

“Hello momma?”

“W–what? Who’s this??”

“Momma, it’s me. Donnica.”

“What kind of bad joke is this??” she asked angrily.

“What? No m’a! It’s me!”

“Prove it! I’ve received several calls from sickos like you! Claiming to be my daughter! Stop torturing my family! Stop!”

Before I had the time to reply, she hung up. I turned to Anthonio.

“She didn’t believe me.” I muttered with a lump in my throat.

“I kinda expected that.”

My heart sunk

“What can I do now?”

He stared at me silently but then spoke.

“I’ll be right back.” he replied before leaving the room. I wondered what he was going to do.

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