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Romance / Action

Chapter 31 (Attacked -2)

We ran into the huge field at the back of the house. It was the first time I got out of the house. I looked back to see that it was actually some sort of castle.

Bullets could be heard from within the house as well as objects breaking.

“What about Anthonio?!” I asked as we ran.

“I don’t know! Let’s go!”

We made it to a white jet, parked at the centre of the field. We got in and when Velma started it, I panicked even more.

“Anthonio’s gonna stay here?!” I asked, afraid and as anxious as ever.

“He just asked us to go Donnica!” Velma was clearly as scared as me. I watched as she pressed all the necessary buttons to start the jet.

I felt like my heart would pump itself out of my chest.

‘Girl, this maybe is your chance to escape. But will Velma let you? ’

As I thought, I spotted something. There was a box under one of the seats. Without thinking, I took it and opened it, looking for anything.

There was a gun inside and I took it out. It was heavy and just holding it gave me goosebumps.

“What are you doing with that??” Velma asked me.

“I – don’t know.” I replied and immediately turned around.


I heard Velma scream my name when I jumped out of the jet. I did not know what I was doing nor did I know what I intended to do with the gun, but I thought of only one thing! If Anthonio was left behind, hell would be my next destination. There was no way Velma would let me escape. I had no choice but to convince Anthonio to come along.

Yes, it was clearly an opportunity to escape but I couldn’t! They would either find me or kill my entire family.
Without thinking, I got on four legs and sneaked into the house. There were dead men on the floor and I almost passed out at the horrible view. I recognised one of the dead men.

Those attacking us were Rodolfo’s men! They were surely sent to get the watch and kill everyone!

Bullets were fired and the loud sounds was terrible. Whenever I heard one, I would cover my head and try not to cry.
I succeeded in reaching the living room. Anthonio had just shot a man down when I entered.

“Anthonio!” I called, standing up. He turned to me shocked.

“What are you doing here?! Go! Go with Velma!” he shouted angrily.

A bullet from the front of the house, broke a chandelier in the living room.

“They’re everywhere! Go!”



I stared at him before slowly raising the gun I had in my hands and pointing it in his direction. His eyes widened when I did so.

“What are you–”

I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger before he could complete his sentence.


Everything happened so fast!

With my body trembling, I slowly opened my eyes. Anthonio was staring straight at me, shock in his eyes. But then, he slowly turned around to see the man I’d just shot behind him.

While Anthonio had been shouting at me, that man had gotten up and had tried to hit Anthonio and so I shot him dead.

“I– I killed him...” I stammered, afraid. The gun dropped to the floor and my eyes watered. I’d just killed a man! A human being!


Anthonio grabbed my hand and we ran out of the house and towards the jet. Some of Rodolfo’s men were following and shooting. I was screaming.

Luckily, we were fast enough and made it into the jet! Velma immediately got us off the ground and into the air. We were soon flying away from that house.

My heart was pumping blood at a dangerous rate. My body was still trembling and I was dizzy. I’d just killed a man! I passed out on my seat.

“Wake up dear.” Velma’s soft voice woke me up. I opened my eyes.

“Velma?” my head hurt terribly.

“Yes dear?”

I sat up. We were still in the jet.

“W– where are we going to?? W– what time is it?”

“It’s four pm. You’ve been sleeping for a long time. We’re heading for England.”

My eyes went wide.

“What? Where’s Anthonio?”

“In the toilets.”

“W– who’s driving the jet?”

“Autopilot mode.”

I was silent for sometime and tears rolled down my cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” Velma asked.

“Everything! I miss my family and now I’m flying far away from them again!” I began to cry “Just look at all that’s happening. I’m a fugitive now. Maybe I should’ve stayed back and gone to prison. I’m tired! I killed a man!”

Velma wrapped her arms around me and gave me a warm hug.

“Don’t lose hope Donnica. Don’t.”

*Donnica sure is in some sh*tty business. Your thoughts? 😊❤*

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