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Romance / Action

Chapter 29

He led me downstairs and I couldn’t stop crying.

“Just let me die!” I cried out hopelessly but he ignored me and continued to pull me along.

He took me down to the floor where my room was and then to my room.

“You’re gonna stay in here.” he said, throwing me on my bed.

“Typical. Another week of being locked up?” I asked sarcastically. He looked at me.

“The boss would be pleased if I told him what you tried to do today.” he stated, coldly. I stared at him in disbelief.

“Why are you like this?! Don’t you have one bit of sympathy??” I screamed at him not caring, “You surely have a bit of flesh found on that stone heart of yours Anthonio. Think with it!”

He ignored me and turned to leave. I was so frustrated and my head so messed up, I got up and hit my own head against the book shelf close by. The loud thud and my scream made him turn abruptly. I was about to hit myself again but Anthonio caught me, wrapping his arms tight around me.

“What is wrong with you?!” he asked, angrily. I was dizzy and weak as I struggled to look him in the eye. “Look what you’ve done to yourself!” he growled and touched my forehead. I saw blood on his fingers.

Carefully, he made me sit. My vision was getting more blurred with each second.

“What has come over you?!”

Holding me with an arm, he reached out for a cloth on a table close by with his other.

I wasn’t at all in my right senses as I began to laugh hysterically. Anthonio stared at me like I was the psycho amongst both of us.

“Sssooo, you care huh?” I laughed historically, completely losing it.

“Donnica stop talking and lay down. You’re bleeding.”

“you– you’re a devil.” I continued to laugh as he struggled to wipe the blood off my forehead, “You destroyed my life. I hate your guts.” I did not know what I was doing, nor did I know what I was saying at the moment. I was finished psychologically and emotionally, at the moment.

He tried to make me lie down but I struggled, refusing to do so, all the while laughing.

“Donnica stop.” Anthonio ordered, annoyed but I didn’t care.

“Ooou. You’re angry?? Watchu gonna do? Hit my head against the wall? I can do that by myself.” I laughed out.

Exasperated, Anthonio carried me and made me lay on the bed. He was about to let go but I gripped his arms. He looked at me.

“I hate you, but you’re so odd. Special?” I’d completely lost my common sense. I was delirious, “Have you ever fallen in love? I can teach you how.” I giggled.

He remained expressionless. Holding my wrists, he pulled my hands off him.

“Sleep.” was his firm order and like magic, my eyes shut and everything went blank.

“Ouch...” I moaned in pain as I opened my eyes. My head was pounding like crazy.

My vision adapted to its surroundings and there was Velma, sitting by me.

“Good morning, dear.”

“G– good morning??”

I’d slept off till the next morning?

“Yes. Sit up.”

She helped me sit and then gave me a tray of food.

“Thank you, Velma.”

“You’re welcome. Now eat so you drink some medicine.”

I twisted my face.

“Eeew. I hate drugs.”

“You’ll have to take them, dear. You have headache and fever. Plus, you need painkillers for that bruise you have on your forehead.”

I’d forgotten all about what I’d done the night before.

“Oh, right.” I touched my forehead. It was painful, “But I still won’t take drugs. I can’t bare them.”

“You’ll have too. Anthonio said I should make sure you take them all.”

“What’s it to him? He wants to keep me fit for the boss?” I scoffed.

“Shhh. Don’t say that. The walls have ears and you might end up hurt.”

“I’m hurt every single day as long as I’m in this prison. Velma there must be a way to escape. Haven’t you ever tried to ?”

Velma stared at me.

“Why should I? I work here. I’m not a captive. I come early in the morning and leave late at night. I need a job to feed my family.”

“B– but why this one? Why this particular death house? How did you convince them to employ you?”

“Donnica, it is better you mind your own business dear.”

It annoyed me. I felt like I was being treated like a child.

The door slowly got open and Anthonio stepped in. Velma stood up.

“Good morning, sir.” she quickly said.

“Velma, I said you should call me Anthonio.”

She nodded. He turned to me and I gave him an ugly stare. He didn’t care.

“Why hasn’t she taken the drugs yet?” he asked Velma.

“She dislikes taking drugs, sir– Anthonio.”

He looked at me, then Velma.

“Leave.” he ordered and the lady hurriedly walked out.

I looked down at my tray, trying to ignore him.

He took a chair and sat close to my bed.

“Take the drugs.” he ordered. I frowned. “Take them or I force you.”

“Go ahead.”

He stood up abruptly and that was enough to scare me! I picked the drugs and put them in my mouth before swallowing them with some water.

“ugh. You happy now?”

“Why should I be? Did it kill you?”

“No.” I grumbled.

“Good girl. Now eat. I’m not leaving this room until you eat everything.” he stated, his face as impassive as it always was.

Not ready for any morning time quarrel or painful argument, I did as I was told. His blueish glassy eyes were on me throughout, making sure I ate everything

*😂 Anthonio’s determined. Your thoughts?*

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