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Romance / Action

Chapter 27

Later that morning, after I’d taken a bath, I went down to join Velma in the kitchen and make breakfast.

I passed through the living room and he was sitting there reading a book.


I ignored him and went to the kitchen.

“Good morning, Velma.”

“Good morning, dear. You sure look moody. What’s wrong?”

“Everything since I left New York. Look at this.” I showed her my throat.

“I see a little scratch.”

“Yes. From Anthonio’s knife.”

Her eyes widened a little.

“Oh my. What happened?”

“He’s crazy. That’s all I can say. So, what are we preparing for breakfast?” I said, quickly changing topic.

Velma looked at me.

“Tell me why dear.” she insisted.

“Because I wanted to tell him good morning.” I said, annoyed.

Immediately I’d said that, Anthonio walked in. There was silence as he walked to the fridge and got some water to drink. Velma continued what she was doing while I just stared around.

He finished what he was doing and to my surprise, he walked up to me and I looked up at him.

“You see the little scratch you’re complaining about?” he started, pointing at my throat. I stared silently, “Touch it whenever you feel like annoying me. So it reminds you of what I can do.”

I gulped.

He then turned to Velma.

“How about you do what you have to do and mind your own business.” he said, rudely. He did not care that she was an older woman and deserved respect.

“Y– yes sir.” Velma replied.

He then walked out of the kitchen. I couldn’t believe my ears.

A week passed by and I did my best to ignore Anthonio. I didn’t want a painful death because I told him good morning.


Anthonio went on a mission the next week and I was scared because the boss and the other goons were in the house. True that Anthonio was a sicko, but I felt safe with him around. The boss remained locked up in that particular room and I was glad about it. But he scared me terribly, especially because I’d never seen him.


One day, Velma came into my room.

“Donnica, you have to dress up and put the blindfold.”


“The boss wants you in his room right now.”

My heartbeat increased I was disgusted about the fact that he would want to touch me. But I had no choice. It would be a horrible experience I would regret my whole life! And Anthonio wasn’t going to be present for a whole week. I was doomed.

I wore sexy lingerie given to me by Velma and hid it under a silk robe. I was then blindfolded and Velma took me to him. I was alone with some hideous old man in that cold room. I felt his eyes on me.

“You’re so beautiful my dear.” his old husky voice gave me the chills. I gasped when I felt his rough hands on my skin as he caressed my arms before leading me to sit on what seemed to be a bed.

I almost screamed when he roughly pulled the robe off me, leaving me in the lingerie.

I felt his lips on my neck.

‘Eew. Oh gawd...’

I trembled at the disgusting feeling. I was so afraid. He touched me everywhere! His dry palms moved over my breast, caressing. I opened my mouth to protest but nothing came out.

He rubbed my thighs and lifted the tiny nightie material I had covering my body. I froze when he touched the most intimate part of a woman’s body through my panties.

“S– stop. N– no sex. That was the deal.” I stammered, with one bit of courage. He laughed out hideously.

“You don’t easily forget señorita.” he mused

“I– I don’t.”

“But I didn’t confirm it. I said I’d think about it. And guess what, I reject your damned condition. So, I do what I want to you!” he growled and with that, he pulled my hair, making my head fall back.

“OW!” I screamed in pain. He licked the centre of my throat. He was so disgusting!

“Hmmm, mi amor, I see you have a scratch on this beautiful neck. Who did this to you?” he whispered. I was so disgusted.

“No one.”

“Or did you try to kill yourself?”


“I see. Kiss me!” he gripped the back of my head and forced his lips down on mine. I struggled to avoid his touch.

“No!” I screamed, shaking my head uncontrollably, trying to avoid his nasty lips. At a point he angrily slapped me and I screamed out. Immediately I did, he sent his tongue into my mouth. I choked in disgust but he didn’t leave me!

I struggled and succeeded in scratching his face so bad he let me go. Before I could guess his next move, he slapped me so hard I crashed on the cold floor.

I didn’t cry one bit. No. I would not give him that satisfaction. Never. I heard him curse angrily in Italian.

“I will kill you! Filthy whore!”

He grabbed my throat and I freaked out! I would’ve preferred to die in Rodolfo’s hands or even Anthonio’s.

He began to choke me. He was going to strangle me to death! I wasn’t breathing anymore and I hit his hands mercilessly, struggling for air and life.

I went dizzy and I knew it was all over for me.

But then, his phone rang. It must have been an important call because he let me go. I fell on the floor, coughing and struggling for air.

“Velma?!” he yelled.

“Yes sir!” I heard Velma on the other side of the room’s door.

“Come in and take her away!”

I heard Velma come in. Her soft hands helped me up.

“I have to answer an important call. Lock her up. I don’t wanna see her till I leave again.”

As if I wanted to see him.

‘Thank God.’

Saved by the bell.

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