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Romance / Action

Chapter 26

Later that night, Velma came to my room.

“Did he appreciate?” she asked.

“Yeah and I must admit, I’m glad he did.” I replied. Velma gave me a knowing smile as she came to sit by me.

“Are you, falling for him?” she asked and I froze.


“What?! Of course not. I hate his guts.” I immediately replied, staring at her in confusion.

“That’s a sure fact. But are you divided?” she asked, surprising me.

“No. I’m not!” I replied firmly, “Where is this from?”

I couldn’t fall for someone like him. He was a psychopath. I was held captive and would probably never see my family again thanks to him. So no.

“Hmm. Okay then.” she stood up, “I’m sorry if I offended you. Goodnight dear.”

“Goodnight Velma.”

She left the room.

‘What was that? I need to escape. But how?’

I sat thinking. If I had to escape, how would I do it? There were armed guards all over the place. I couldn’t dare. And even if I did, they’d kill my family and friends back home, and then me. I couldn’t take that risk.

I woke up the next day at 6AM because I’d had a bad dream that had scared the hell out of me. Irony was, I got up to realise that I was actually living that bad dream.

I got out of bed and wore my night robe. I was going to stroll round the house again.

I got into the hall and began to walk. As I moved, I passed a pair of glass doors that led to a main balcony. A big one. And I saw him. Anthonio. Sitting right there and staring at the floor. I wasn’t obliged to go speak to him but I just felt like it. Though I knew how rude he was going be. As usual.

I opened the glass doors and moved up to him. He didn’t look up as I approached.

“Hey.” I said. He didn’t look up.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, dryly.

“I’m trapped here. Remember? A simple good morning would do.”

He looked up at me and I was like, damn.

“What is it?” he asked, running his hand through his hair. Anthonio was very handsome. It hurt to admit it. But he was.

“I just came to greet you.”

“Can’t you stay in your own corner and not approach me every time?”

“Well that’s hard because the only people I can speak to are you and Velma. Thanks to you, once again.”

“Well cancel my name from your list.” he replied, coldly.

“I was just trying to greet you. Why do you act like this?”

‘-Cuz he’s a psycho?-’

“Because I don’t like you being around me. There.” he got off the balcony and started to go.

“Once again, why? It’s because of you that I’m here. You owe me a social life!” I yelled after him.

“Well, now I regret. You’re a running mouth on a pair of legs. As dumb as ever.” he said as he walked away. Why did he always insult me?

I had to do something. Without thinking, I angrily removed one of my flip flops (thongs or slippers) and aimed it at him.

I missed him but it flew close to his ear and fell on the floor.

Anthonio stopped in his tracks and I immediately regretted it.

‘I shouldn’t have done that.’

He turned to me. The look he gave me was that one that I dreaded most. Like I’d just awoken some evil spirit in him.

I stepped back.

“I– I’m sorry. I– I didn’t mean to.” I stammered when he started moving towards me. And that’s when I noticed he had a pocket knife in his hand.

“Anthonio, stay right where you are!” I said, afraid.

He just kept on approaching while I took steps back, until my back hit the balcony.

“Anthonio, don’t– I’m the boss’s girlfriend now!” I screamed but he didn’t stop.

Anthonio stood right in front of me. I was so afraid I was leaning over the balcony, trying to escape to I don’t know where!

He raised his knife and I closed my eyes, my whole body trembling and I began to sob.

Then I felt the pointed and sharp top of that knife, touch the centre of my throat. I was shivering. I was in between death from falling from that high balcony and death from getting my throat sliced by Anthonio himself.

“P– please. Oh my god...” I gasped as I opened my eyes to look at the height underneath me. Then I looked at the murderer in front of me. He stared at me. Straight in the eyes. His eyes intimidated me with their oddness. I couldn’t read them. I couldn’t guess his thoughts. He was blank on the other side.

“The next time–,” he growled in a low tone, his face inches away from mine, “...you try–” he pressed the tip of the sharp knife against my throat and I sobbed even more.


“–to do what you just did, again, I’ll take my time to destroy your face. Right before cutting your head of. Careful.” he ended his deadly warning before turning and walking away.

I started breathing again. With trembling hands, I touched where the tip of the knife had been, and there was a little scratch with blood. What was all this? I tried to act as normal as possible and ignore the fact that I was a captive in a death trap, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t with Anthonio and all these bad people. Who was I kidding? I was suffering from within and had recently been having suicidal thoughts. I was feeling the depression slowly setting in and I knew I was beginning to lose it.

I sat on the floor and began to cry. I had to end all my suffering. I had to find a solution. And real quick.

‘I can’t live like this.’

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