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Romance / Action

Chapter 23 (Doomsday)

Doomsday finally reached. I took a bath and was dressed in a rather provocative and sexy way. Velma even made me up for the boss. I was then blindfolded and taken to that same room where I’d been taken to, the last time. I recognised it from the smell. It smelt like alcohol and leather.

I’d cried my lungs out the night before, praying for myself, family and friends.

“Well, well, well. Where is my watch?” I heard that scary voice again. I began to tremble.

“I–I...” I couldn’t speak. I felt urine threaten to roll down my legs.

“Just as I thought. HAHAHAHA!” his hideous laugh scared me terribly. The others joined in his laughter.

“Untie her eyes. Let her see those who are about to use her beautiful body.”

I felt a hard hand untie the blindfold. It fell to the floor. Slowly, I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in a red room. Oxblood red, with leather couches, fat burning candles and old paintings.

The room was a little dark. I saw all of their faces! Older Italian men. The youngest could be 39 if we excluded Anthonio. They weren’t good looking at all. All dressed in black, similar to Anthonio’s contact back in New York. I was so scared that I felt urine finally roll down my legs. Tears rolled down my cheeks. The mixture of terrible emotions was too much. I slowly wrapped my arms around myself.

I was unable to see the boss’s face as he sat in the darkest corner.

I turned to Anthonio who stood there watching me. As expressionless as ever. What a loser. I hated his guts.

“Undress. Now.” the boss’s cold voice ordered.

“P–please...” I begged.

“NOW!” he yelled and I shook. I was crying like a child as I began to unzip the tight dress I had on.

“Wait,” Anthonio said firmly. I turned to him and so did the others, “Zip that back.” he ordered and I stared at him, confused just as much as the others.

“What is it Anthonio?” the boss asked impatiently.

“She didn’t tell you what happened. You didn’t allow her to explain.”

“I gave her the opportunity. She didn’t speak.” he replied angrily.

“She is in a terrible state. That of fear. Lemme explain.”

I looked at Anthonio, lost. Would he tell them how I failed? How he got shot because of me? My situation would worsen!

“Go ahead.”

“Okay. First of all, take this.”

With surprise and shock, everyone including me, watched Anthonio take out the golden watch from his pocket before handing it to the boss. I was speechless!


There was fidgeting.

“Silence! Anthonio continue.” the boss ordered.

“Well, she actually succeeded in getting the watch but was caught. Trying to escape, it fell and she left it behind her. Unknowingly. I was following her tracks thanks to the GPS in the diamond earrings she wore. I found the watch and took it. Yes she failed the mission, but you have the watch. For someone who’s never stolen such an object before, or taken that kind of risk, she was good enough. I think you should spare her. For now.”

There was silence. I was staring at Anthonio with my mouth slightly open. I was shocked and all the same impressed. He’d lied to them? Why?

There was fidgeting for a long moment until the boss spoke again.

“Fine. I believe she’ll be very useful for a lot of things. Including missions.”

I suddenly started to breathe again! I wasn’t going to die!

“You are now part of this house and will assist Velma. Yet, you are my girlfriend as per the deal. I’ll kill anyone who touches you. Don’t mess with me or I strangle you on the spot. Don’t try to escape if not you’ll be putting your family and country at stake. Is that understood?” he ended. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Y–yes sir.” I replied, looking at Anthonio. He didn’t look back at me, ignoring me completely.

“Back to your room. Velma! Come in and show her the way to her room.”

The scared Velma walked in and led me out of that dark place. Anthonio had just saved my life. But why?

I didn’t care as long as I was alive!

I was sobbing. Sobbing with joy! I was alive.

“I’m so happy for you my dear.” Velma said as I followed her through the long halls. My legs were all sticky because of the urine and so I had to take a good bath.

The house was as I’d imagined it. Big with numerous rooms and corners. A labyrinth! Yet, it was beautiful.

“I’m so happy I’m alive.” I murmured .

“I know you are. But that doesn’t mean you’re free.”

“I know. Eew. I’m now the boss’s girlfriend.” I stated with disgust, goosebumps covering my skin.

“That’s worse than being a captive.” Velma replied as we entered my room and sat down.

“Why do say so?”

“The boss has had a lot of young girls as partners. If any member touches them, he would kill both the member and the girl. But they have the right to use the pleasure girls.”

“Pleasure girls?”

“Yes. The girls that are only there to give the whole crew what they want. But being the boss’s girlfriend makes you inaccessible to the others.”


What the hell was up with these people?

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