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Romance / Action

Chapter 22

The next day passed by with me being locked up the whole time. And soon we were the next.

“I can’t believe I’ll be done with, tomorrow.” I told Velma when she’d come to give me breakfast. I’d not seen Anthonio since the night I’d treated his wound. He was so strange. So cold. Heartless.

“I don’t know what to tell you dear. You just have to pray for a miracle.” Velma had replied, simply.

Velma was a sympathetic woman. I wondered how she’d ended up working for these dangerous people. Maybe she was a victim or captive like I was. I didn’t want to ask her any questions because I knew she would not bother answering.

She was a beautiful, charismatic and British woman with shiny dark hair.

“There’s no miracle now, Velma. I’m finished.”

“Let’s just change topic dear. Live the moment.”

I was silent. She was right.

“Why is Anthonio so strange? At times he seems a little humane but then he becomes cold, again. Like he’s sick up there.” I told Velma. She stared at me before sitting down.

“Of course he’s sick. As a kid he was traumatized.”


“He’s never known his parents and he was made to join these dangerous men at twelve. Their youngest member ever. But ironically, the most dangerous. Anthonio is cold blooded.” she explained.

“Hum! Really?” I asked

“Yes. You’re still alive because the boss asked him not kill you. Else you would’ve have been dead from day one. He is mentally unstable and amongst the most cruel of these Mafiosos.”

All this wasn’t good

news. And I who thought Anthonio had not killed me because he wanted to spare me. I was literally playing with the devil.

“M...mentally unstable?”

“Yes. He’s been to rehab countless times. He took a lot of drugs from his very tender age till his was fourteen. Luckily he escaped death and an overdose, but the drugs affected his ability to act or feel any emotions like any normal person. He can clearly be described as emotionless most of the time, my dear.”

“Why didn’t they try to treat him?”

“They did. But the treatment is long and slow. When he gets angry, he can kill mercilessly. If you notice, he’s quiet at times because he’s trying to control his temper and remain stable.”

I understood the scary reality but yet I felt a tad bit of sympathy for him. I wasn’t supposed to.

“So he has like,...an unstable personality? He’s considerate at times but cruel too?”


“He can never be healed completely?”

“He can. But that’s gonna be hard with his continuous membership in this dangerous group.” Velma stood up “I’ve said enough. Keep it all to yourself dear.”

She turned and left the room.

With all I’d just heard, I had to be very careful. But I was so stubborn at times and wouldn’t shut my mouth up. Anthonio was some type of sociopath. I had to stop pushing him to the wall.

I took a bath and wore some clothes found in the drawers. I was so bored, I sat down and began to braid my hair. Then, I sat on the huge couch in my room to watch TV.

There was only one TV channel in my room. It showed movies, shows and celebrity news. Nothing else. Luckily, it was very interesting.


It was 7:00pm when Anthonio stepped into my room. Scared, I adjusted and stood up. He wore a pair of trousers and a singlet. He’d changed the strap on his wound.

“Prepare tonight for your meeting with the boss tomorrow.”

“You mean, prepare for my death.” I replied and he just stared at me. “H...how’s your wound?”

“Better than yesterday.”

“And you thought I wanted to poison you.” I muttered.

“One never knows.”

“Yeah right.” my gaze dropped to my intermingled fingers. I couldn’t lie. I was scared. I was afraid.

In a few hours I’d probably be raped and killed. I suddenly felt dizzy and sat on the couch again.

“It shouldn’t bother you.” his voice made me look up.



“Stop telling me that.”

“Everything will go well. Trust me.”

I stared at him, lost. He stared back, looking me in the eyes and making me flinch a little. The liar had a very convincing look.

“I won’t be fooled a second time.”

“I received a bullet because of you. The least you can do is believe me.”

I was silent.

“Fine.” I said. “I trust you.”

I lied, just so he could stop intimidating me. I wasn’t comfortable with him around.

“Don’t lie to me. By the way it’s your choice. I won’t force you.”

He was good. I could not lie to him.

“The thing is, I don’t see why I should trust you.”

He stared silently and then turned to leave.

Before going out of the room, he said:

“Good point.”

I stared at him as he walked out.

How could someone be so,...odd.

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