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Romance / Action

Chapter 19 (Adrenaline)

As I cried, the man approached me and with his gun, he raised my chin, forcing me to look up at him. He was scary and ugly. And very huge too. He smiled down at me and I noticed he had bad teeth.

“You not hov got to trouble dear.” he said in broken English. I frowned and turned away. The man laughed and traced his gun over the upper parts of my breasts. My cleavage was well exposed.

“Don’t touch me! Pervert!” I screamed and he laughed before grabbing one of my boobs in his fat hand.

“Aaaah! Get your hands off me!” I screeched. He didn’t stop molesting me. He squeezed me and I yelped. I was angry and disgusted.

“Leave me alone! Aaaaaaahhh!!”

Suddenly, the door slowly got opened and we both turned to see who it was. To my surprise, it was Anthonio! He stared at the man’s dirty hand on my chest. The man immediately let me go and turned to him.

“Leave! No guests arloud up here! Go dow!” he ordered in his bad English.

“Um, excuse me. Rudolfo said I should come and assist you.” Anthonio replied calmly, slowly approaching us.

“Lies! You don work here! Who are you?” the man raised his arm angrily and it mistakenly hit Anthonio’s forehead.

“Go and ask your other colleagues.” Anthonio replied casually. I stared the whole time, lost.

“Leave! Or I kill you.”

“Fine fine. Chill.” Anthonio sighed as if exasperated and turned to leave. To my surprise, after the man had lowered his gun, Anthonio turned around and gave him one solid blow! I shook in surprise.

The man crashed onto the floor and didn’t move again! He was huge for nothing! He fell so easily! It was either that or Anthonio had some crazy strength!

Anthonio bent over and took the man’s gun from his hands before turning to me.

“Why are you here?” I sobbed angrily.

“I’m here to save you.” was his cool reply.

“I don’t need your help! I’ll...I’ll free myself.” I lied. “Better to stay here than to return with you! I’ve failed the mission. What awaits me back at the mansion is worse.”

“Suit yourself.” was his cold reply as he turned to leave. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

“Wait! Wait! I didn’t mean it!” I screamed. He stopped in his tracks and made his way back to me.

“Do you have a stone as heart?” I asked, hurt. He didn’t answer and just untied me. Once he was done, I stood up.

“I’m not saying thank you. Why did you come back to save me?”

“To prove to you that I’m ignorant of that so called trap you claim the boss put you in.”

“You’re part of that group. You’re supposed to know the plans made.”

“Apparently not all. If the boss had actually planned to get you killed easily here, then I wasn’t aware of it.”

We both left that room. As we walked down the hallway, I was surprised to see some of Rodolfo’s men lying unconscious on the floor. The ones who’d gone to get the machine!

“W...what did you do to them?” I stammered. “...you beat them up?”

“Maybe. Now go get your watch.”

“Huh?” I stared at him like he was crazy. And he was! “What do you mean get the watch?”

“You should hurry.”

“Are you deaf? I’ve failed the mission. I give up.”

He turned to me

“I’m not sure you want to be raped and killed.”

“If you’re among those to do so, I guess I can persevere.” I laughed hysterically.

Yes, it was at that moment that I started accepting the bitter fact. I was losing my mind! He stared at me, realising I was acting all strange.

“What’s up with you?”

“What’s up with me?” I laughed out “Lemme tell you what’s up. I’m following you back to get raped! And killed! I’ll never see my parents again! I’m close to a mental breakdown, or maybe I already have lost it, given that I’m a captive! My life is literally over! That’s what’s up!” I stated with a fake smile on, my eyes beginning to water.

“And even if get raped, what’s it to you? You don’t give a damn! So please let me, and my depressed self, die in peace.”

He just stared at me, emotionless. Impassive. Vague!

“Do you want to get raped or not?” was his dry reply.

I blinked several times, a lump growing in my throat and my thoughts slowly getting back in place. My eyes watered.

“N...no.” I muttered in a shaky voice.

“Then stop talking and let’s go get that watch.”

He turned to go but I grabbed his arm.

“Why are you helping me?” I asked.

‘Please tell me something that will make me feel a little better...’

“I’m not helping you. My boss really needs that watch. If you don’t get it, I have to get it.”

He was so inhumane.

I was about to lose it again, when...

“HEY! STOP!” an accented voice called. We both turned in surprise to see the angry Rudolfo and three other armed men behind him. Before I could realise it, Anthonio pulled me back into one of the rooms and locked the door, fast enough and dodging some bullets that were immediately shot. I was more than scared now.

“Oh no! What do we do? They’ll kill us!” I cried afraid.

“Hold this.” Anthonio gave me his gun to hold. I was even afraid to touch it! It was heavier than I thought.

“What are you doing?”

Anthonio went towards a sealed window in the room. The angry men were hitting the door vigorously and I knew the door wouldn’t last. I saw my purse on a table in that room. I quickly opened it and took that pen out.

Anthonio succeeded in opening the window and then turned to me and gave me his hand.

“What? We’re gonna pass through that window??”

“If you ask one more stupid question, I’m leaving you. Trust me.”

I knew better than to speak again.

He removed his suit, shoes and socks. I was already bare feet by the way. He untucked his white shirt before giving me his hand again. I held it.

Scared as hell, I slowly followed him out of the window.

We were high up!

“Oh gosh!”

I was at the top top of a huge mansion. I had a phobia for heights! My grip on his hand tightened as we started to move slowly down the slanting roof of the big house

“Don’t look down!” he told me before letting go off my hand so we could move easily.

“Omigosh omigosh!” I murmured to myself, fear possessing my body.

We moved as slowly as possible. I didn’t look down one bit! I was praying. The pen in my hand fell and I tried to pick it up and that’s when I looked down! I got dizzy and before I could realise it, I slipped and fell off the high roof.


“DONNICA!!” I heard Anthonio’s shocked voice.

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