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Romance / Action

Chapter 17 (Mission-2)

I was in awe and slightly scared when we walked into the ceremonial room. It was huge and beautiful! Chandeliers and lights everywhere. Nervous, I tightened my grip on his arm but he didn’t react. The place was full and I really turned out to be the only black person present. Most people turned to me.

“Let’s join the entourage.” Anthonio said and we made our way to a table for four where a couple had already occupied two of the seats.

We occupied the two others.

I stared around and suddenly realized something with shock. This whole mission thing was a death trap for me! The boss had sent me to steal from Russians? Most of them, a great majority hated Americans! And were all the same racists! I was a combination of all what they hated! I would die. I gulped realising the danger. I felt like running away at the instant. I’d been tricked....again! I would leave that place alive! I couldn’t back down now.

I stared at the couple seated with us. Anthonio and I greeted them. I was dumbfounded when Anthonio introduced himself in Russian. He spoke that good. How many other languages did he know? What other talent did he hide?

The woman turned to me and spoke. I didn’t hear a thing! But I guessed she’d asked my name.

“Um...Anabelle Bulu.” I replied.

She nodded at my answer and asked another question.

“Kenya.” I replied with another guess. The couple smiled and nodded at me before looking away. Anthonio turned to me and whispered:

“Good job with guessing on her questions.”

My first compliment.


Time passed by and nothing important had happened yet. We ate and Anthonio chatted normally with the other couple. If only they knew who he was. At a point, an expensive and dangerous looking man got on stage and everyone clapped.

“That’s your target.” Anthonio whispered. I gulped and my gaze dropped to his wrist. He was wearing a silver watch instead. Not a golden one.

“W...where’s the watch?” I asked

“They’ll show it off later. Play along. Look as normal as possible else they’ll immediately notice you.”


Only God could help me now.

The man began to speak in tough Russian that scared the shit out of me. He would speak and people would laugh. Anthonio did not laugh though. He ended his speech and was cheered. The man then finished and joined his wife.

I got confused when everyone stood up. Anthonio too stood up. I got confused and stared at the crowd. Anthonio gave me his hand and I looked at him lost.

“It’s time to dance.” I stared at him, hesitating “...people will start watching.”

“Why should I dance with you? I don’t want to.” I stated.

“Don’t start. We have to look as normal as possible. And you’re supposed to be considered as my fiancée. And so get your ass off the chair before I lose it.”

I blinked in confusion before standing up and taking his hand.

Slowly, he led me to the dancefloor to join the other couples. We faced each other and the slow music began. I was clearly afraid of my situation but I didn’t show it. The others began dancing and I got nervous.

Anthonio slowly wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him till our chests met. I’d never been so close to him before, except for the time he’d tried to bang my head against the wall! But this was completely different. The fact that I was this close to him made me dizzy.

I put a hand on his shoulder while our fingers intermingled with our free hands. We began to sway slowly across the dancefloor. He smelt so good. His lips were really close to my ear.

“Now this is what you’ll do.” he whispered and goosebumps covered my skin. “...the watch will be inaugurated at midnight. It’s eleven. You have an hour to find and get in. Then join me outside.”

He told me exactly where the watch was found and how I’d be meeting some guards. I had to be wise with them. I was scared.

“Why should I bother?” I whispered back.


“I know your plans. You all know I cannot make it out alive.”

“What? You proposed to go on a mission, yourself.”

“And your boss chose this one. I’m black. I’m american. These people hate both! You all knew this was some easy way to get rid of me. You knew too. That shit about waiting for me outside, is fake. You’re just gonna leave me here.”

He raised his head and looked me straight in the eyes. I stared back with hate and anger. My throat was heavy and my eyes watered.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. What plan?” he slowly replied, seeming surprised. I rolled my eyes.

“I’m not gonna be stupid this time.”

“I’m serious. I’m ignorant of all you’re saying. There is no plan.” he seemed sincere but I scoffed.

“Yeah right. You expect me to believe your lies again? Like the fact that the boss wouldn’t touch me?”

“Did he? No.”

“Because he hasn’t had the opportunity yet. I heard your conversation with another member. Bravo.” I was so disgusted.


“Fuck off.” I cut him “Lemme go and try to lose my life. Don’t bother waiting for me. I might not return.”

I got out of his grip and walked away. I moved through the crowd, heading for the door at the end of the hall.

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