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Romance / Action

Chapter 16 (Mission)

We drove through town in silence. I knew better than to speak again.

“Do you speak Russian?” Anthonio asked. I turned to him and shook my head no.

“Then avoid saying anything once we’re there.”


“Because you might say something stupid and blow up your cover.”

I frowned at him. Why did he always refer to me and anything I did, as stupid? It was annoying.

“...Anthonio Caruso?” I tried to call with confidence.

“What?” he asked rudely.

“It’s my mission. Don’t interfere.”

“You’re gonna need my help.” he replied in a matter of fact manner.

“How weak or stupid do you think I am. I don’t need your help. End of topic.”


I looked at him in disbelief. I expected him to argue a little more. But he just ended the conversation. I was trying him but he did not react. This guy was a machine. I wondered about him.

“H...have you ever fallen in love?” I asked courageously. He stared at me and shook his head before facing front again.

“Uh...was the head shaking an answer? A ‘no’ ?” I insisted. He rolled his eyes and I heard him grumble something in Italian.

“Anthonio, Answer please.” I urged and he turned to me abruptly.

“The hell is wrong with you?? I shook my head because of your stupid questions and running mouth! I swear señorita I should’ve killed you a long time ago.” he stated in an irritated yet low voice. He was someone who didn’t shout much unless you really angered him.

“Kill me if you want. The boss won’t mind. You seem to be his pet.” I provoked. That was all I could do right? And he couldn’t beat me up in the car....right?

“Don’t get me angry.” he warned in a low growl.

“I’m not trying to get you angry. Kill me.”

He stared at me. I was clearly trying him.

“Why should I bother to give you an easy death? You’ll fail this mission and the boss wins. You’ll get raped by all the men and killed at last, and I’ll be at peace again.”

My mouth dropped open. I was speechless and shocked.

“H...how heartless are you??”

“Keep your shock to yourself. We’re here.” he shut me up. I couldn’t believe it! I hated his guts!

Turning around, I saw a huge black gate. We drove through it and a big mansion came into our view. I saw cars, limos and all other types of chic vehicles. My heartbeat increased. I saw hard-faced Russian men. The women were beautiful yet strict and dangerously looking. They all looked expensive. Most of the women were redheads or blondes. Typical. I felt intimidated.

The car parked somewhere with other cars. I was scared to death.

“You’re already giving up?” Anthonio’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

“N...no. What makes you think so?” I stammered, folding my arms.

“Your face is enough explanation.” I turned to him annoyed and I could swear I saw something like amusement lingering his blue eyes.

“It’s not funny.” I stated.

“Who said it was?”

“Your face is enough explanation too.”

“Shut up.” he frowned. “Wear these.”

He handed me a pair of diamond earring to match my neckless. I took them and wore.

“Let’s go.” he ordered taking his suit on a seat and putting it on. I adjusted my wig and wore my eye contacts before stepping out of the car.

My knees were wobbly. Anthonio closed the door behind me and gave me his arm. I held it and we followed the other rich couples into the big house. It was a mystery that I had not passed out yet.

When we went in, there was a man that checked or verified the names on the invitees lists. It was really long. When the couple ahead of us was through, Anthonio and I moved forward.

“Your names please.” the man asked. His English was heavy with the Russian accent. I almost laughed out.

“Vick Ratchriv.” Anthonio replied. It sounded like a Russian name. The man searched his list and nodded.

“Okay sir. And your partner’s name please.” the man said, giving me an ugly stare. He looked at me like I wasn’t supposed to be there. I was confused. It crossed my mind that he was probably racist, given the fact I seemed to be the only black person, there.

“Anabelle Bulu.”

The man went through his list and confirmed who I was. We were then allowed to go in.

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