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Romance / Action

Chapter 15

I was locked up in the room again where I stayed till five pm. I cried. I cried because I realised I couldn’t make it. Who knew what mission they would give me? I just said what I’d said earlier so the boss wouldn’t touch me. I was still sobbing when there was suddenly a knock on the door.

“Put the blindfold on. We’re about to walk in.” a voice ordered from the other side. I quickly did as I was told. The door was unlocked and I heard them come in. I stood up and adjusted my short gown.

“This is what you’ll do.” It was the boss’s voice “Some Russians, some of the richest yet most dangerous gang leaders are here in Brazil for the inauguration of a wrist watch belonging to the most dangerous of them all, Rudolfo Krieste. It costs five million in U.S dollars. I need that watch. You are to be considered as Anabelle Bulu, one of the richest heirs of the African continent. You will be going with Anthonio. He knows what to do.”

They left the room after giving their instructions. What had I really gotten myself into?

Velma came in some minutes later with a little box. She opened it in front of me. In the box were, another short tight and black dress. A pair of black heels and a black purse. I wore them all. Then Velma made me up.

I tried to speak to her but she didn’t reply. I was blindfolded again and a man entered my room.

“You’re to be driven to the sea port where Anthonio will be waiting for you. You’ll both leave from there to the inauguration.”


I sat in the limo. As quiet as ever. By me was one of the members of the gang. He was to make sure I made it to the seaport. We drove for about thirty minutes and I felt the car stop in a quiet place.

I was led out of the limo and I felt the man untie the blindfold. I turned to him. As expected, he had a mask.

“W...where’s Anthonio?...” I asked.

“Take the road on your right and go straight. You’ll see him. Don’t you dare try to escape.”

Where could I escape to? Nowhere.

“I...I won’t...”

“Go. I’m watching you.”

I turned on my heel and walked towards the right street. I continued to move all straight.

I walked till I saw water. With boats parked around. I kept on moving until I saw Anthonio. He was backing me. I moved up to him. He seemed to be manipulating his phone.

“A...Anthonio?” I stammered. He turned to me.

I stopped breathing for a moment. He was so handsome, all dressed in a responsible and chic way with his Italian shoes and Rolex watch.

“Y...you’re hot.” the words left my mouth real fast. But surprisingly, I didn’t care. He was very attractive.

‘Yup. I’m beginning to lose my mind...’

He just stared at me. I stared back with courage.

“Since you won’t give me a thank you, how bout you tell me how I look.” I managed to smile. I could feel the depression setting in. I was already behaving strangely without even realising it. Was I trying to accept that my life would never be the same again? By trying hard to act like everything would be alright? I needed help.

It was my first time smiling since I’d been accused back in New York. I had to pretend everything was okay so I wouldn’t lose my mind! He surely didn’t expect me to smile and act like everything was okay.

He approached me and for a moment, I thought he would actually compliment me.

“Let’s go.” was his dry reply. I went cold. What an idiot. I folded my arms in disbelief.

“Are you fuckin serious?” I blurted out, embarrassed. He ignored me and walked up to a limo which was parked by.

“We’re gonna be late.” was his only reply as he motioned for me to come and enter the car. Annoyed and exasperated, I marched up to the limo and got in. What he’d just done to me was rather humiliating.

I sat in the limo, frowning. I couldn’t ignore what he’d done.

“Y...you could’ve at least said that I look good. You’re very impolite...” I managed to say, though with a bit of fear. He didn’t reply but just stared ahead. I turned to him.

“And you’re not apologising?” I blurted out, staring at him. He turned to me and the look he gave me could kill. I immediately adjusted.

“Open your damn mouth again, and you’re dead meat.” he warned. I didn’t look at him again.

“Crazy fool...” I mumbled and Anthonio immediately turned to me.

“What did you just say?” he demanded, anger in his voice.


He stared at me and I watched him put a gun in between us. Yes, that was for me. I pressed my lips tight. No single word would leave my lips till we arrived destination.

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