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Romance / Action

Chapter 14 (The Boss)

“Don’t! Don’t pleeeaaaaasse!!” I cried out. He was going to hit my head Against the wall.

“Anthonio stop.” a voice ordered. We both turned to see one of the men standing at the door. He had on a mask that covered his whole face, exposing only his eyes. How mysterious were they?

“She deserves a lesson.”

“Maybe but she has to remain fit to meet the boss after tomorrow.” he replied. I was still sobbing in pain with Antonio’s hand in gripping my hair. “Let go off the bitch. And ask that more food be brought for her. And you!” he said, looking at me “Eat or I kill you personally.”

“....mmm...hmm...” I tried to nod.

Anthonio flung me on the bed and I continued to cry. They both left the room. Some minutes later, Velma brought me another tray of food and I ate. I was really scared now. I felt like I was digging my own grave. What was this?

At 10:30pm, I lay on the huge bed in the darkness. I was scared and alone. I couldn’t find sleep and I knew the night would be long.

While I lay, I suddenly heard voices in the hallway. I got out of bed and tiptoed to the door. I put my ear against the door to try and listen. There were two of them. The first voice was unfamiliar but the second was that of Anthonio.

“She seems calmer now. I expected her to freak out on preparing to meet the boss. What did you tell her?” the voice asked.

“Lies. I told her the boss won’t touch her.” Anthonio replied. My eyes widened. I was scared to death. Anthonio had lied to me! And like a dumbass I believed! What did I expect?

“Hahahaha...” I heard the evil laugh from the other one. It gave me the chills. “...and she was dumb enough to believe?”

“Apparently. The boss does what he wants. Who are we to stop him?”


I heard another laugh as they walked down the hall till their voices faded. I collapsed in shock. I was doomed. There was nothing I could do.

The next day was monotonous. The only person I saw was Velma who would bring me food at the right time. Even when I tired speaking with her again, she wouldn’t answer. And that’s how that day passed till the next. My Doomsday.

I bathed and Velma dressed me up in a short and tight black gown along with black heels. She made me up, though tears would destroy it and she’d have to start over. Finally , she blindfolded me.

“I wish you luck my dear.” were her last words as I felt strong arms grab both my arms. I was led out of the room and down the huge staircase. Then I was led into what seemed like another room. The hands or men grabbing me let go off arms and I stood there lost.

There was silence and I knew was being watched...by all of them. They were sitting right there. I just knew it.

“What’s your name?” a voice I’d never asked before asked. My blood ran cold. It...it was the boss.

I opened my mouth to say something but I froze. I was so so scared! Tears rolled down my cheeks.

“She’s called Donnica Smith.” I heard Anthonio say.

“Is she deaf? Or dumb?” the boss asked and they all laughed. They were about twenty or more.

“No she isn’t.” a man laughed.

“So you’re the one presumed as Anthonio’s contact huh? Poor girl. Hahahaha!” the boss laughed “Too bad we can’t let you go. Or rather, I can’t let you go.”

“She can become one of your pleasure girls.” another man proposed. I stopped breathing!

“True. She is very beautiful.” the boss confirmed.

“N...no!” I blurted out without thinking. My reply caused complete silence and I got even more scared.

“What did you just say?” the boss asked slowly.

“P...please....I can be useful in any other way. Y...you don’t have to kill me....or rape me...” I stammered. I heard fidgeting.

“Donnica shut up. You don’t have the right to speak in the boss’s present.” Anthonio stated.

“No, no, Anthonio. Let her speak. What’s your offer?” the man asked in an amused voice.

I took a deep breath before replying.

“S...send me on missions...or a mission...and if I succeed,...lemme work for you...but not as a pleasure girl.” I was so scared yet I had to speak for my life! “...but if I fail...m...make me your pleasure girl... Or kill me.” I ended.

The men fidgeted amongst themselves for a long time until the boss spoke.

“I have a better idea. If you fail, I’ll make you my pleasure girl. And if you succeed, you work for us, but you’ll be my girlfriend.”

I choked on my own saliva at his reply and they mocked at me. His laugh the loudest.

“Don’t worry dear. It’s not that bad to be the girlfriend of a dangerous sixty year old gang and terrorist maffian leader.” he laughed the more. I was disgusted. Tears found their way down my cheeks again.

“It is either that or I kill you. But before that, I’ll taste you. And so will my men.”

I couldn’t take that risk!

“I...accept. B...but if I’m your girlfriend. No sex.” I imposed my condition with fake courage.

“Hmmm. I like this girl. We’ll see about that later. Your mission will take place this evening. Take her to her room.”

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