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(II) Chapter 60 (Preparations -4)

Kloe and I stuck together the whole day and when the twins got up, we both went to carry them. She didn't go anywhere else in that house without me. She preferred to stay in her room. It was very amusing. I couldn't blame her for it though.

It'd been two days since Kloe was at home and it was only on the second day that she finally decided to come downstairs with me.

We joined Lodovica in the living room and she showed us some decoration catalogs and Kloe helped me chose which was best.

"Okay. Yes, this is beautiful. We

take it too. I'll communicate it to Giorgio so he buys these and starts the decorations over there." she said.

"Who's Giorgio?" I asked

"A famous marriage organiser. He is trustworthy because he has some business with the Mafia too."

"Hmm, okay."

"He'll start the arrangements. Today we have to go find a dress for you, Donnica. So I can travel tomorrow and y'all the day after. The boys will follow afterwards."

"Travel?" Kloe asked.

"Yes. To go assist Giorgio."

"Wait, the wedding isn't going to take place in this house?"

"No. In Hawaii. We have a house there, perfect for it. And plus, the Mayor over there will get them married, easily. He too is secretly an active member of the Italian Mafia. Just as well as many other governors, ministers and high class people. But keep that to yourself. Okay, Kloe?"

Kloe looked at me surprised.

"Oops. Forgot to tell you that detail." I giggled, "Don't worry, we'll be using the jet."

"Hmmm, okay." she finally said.

"Good. Now let's hurry and go find you a dress. No. Two dresses. One's gonna be for the ceremony at night. Leandro and Anthonio have gone to find suits for the wedding and then the ceremony at night."

"Okay! Let's go then! I told him I wanted him to wear a grey suit for the wedding and a deep blue for the evening."

"Yeah, he told me. He's gonna find that."

"Perfect. Let's go."


After long hours of searching in the biggest bridal shops, I finally found my match. Something simple yet sexy and beautiful! It was perfect.

"This gown was meant for you!" Kloe exclaimed happily.

"Exactly! You look great in it honey!"

"Thank you very much. I'm so happy and quite impatient to get married."

"We know how you feel. You're gonna look very beautiful on that day. It's fantastic."

"Thank you, Ma."

"Now let's find you a second outfit."

"Oki doki."


That night, I lay with Anthonio, my head on his chest. We'd finally succeeded in getting the babies to sleep.

"I'm happy Kloe is here to help." I whispered.

"She's funny." he chuckled, "Her face on the first day, was priceless. And the fact that I haven't seen her since is even funnier."

I laughed. Kloe had been avoiding them since the day she'd arrived, staying locked up in her room and coming out of it when they were gone. She made sure not to come face to face with them.

"Maybe she'll get used to you once we're finally married." I mused.

"I doubt." he chuckled, "But she's a good actress, though."

"Yeah, I know."

"Though her hands failed her. They were cold and white when I greeted her. She was terrified on the inside." he laughed again and I couldn't help it but laugh too.

"Hahaha, stop. She's my friend." I giggled.

"Hahahaha alright, alright."

We were silent for sometime. Then he spoke again,

"It's been more than a year since we made love. But it was worth it. I'm preserving myself for the nuptial night" he murmured.

"Yeah, me too. I can't wait. I'm so happy."

"You're not the only one, baby."

He kissed my head and we cuddled. I soon fell asleep in his warm arms.

The next morning, very early, we were up to wish Lodovica a safe journey.

We watched the jet fly off and once it was out of our sight, Kloe said:

"Going back to bed, Donnica. See you in two hours." she said, quickly making her way for the house.

"For how long are you going to ignore us, Kloe?" Anthonio asked, amused and she stopped in her tracks.

She turned and faced us.

"Um, I'm not ignoring y'all." she lied.

"You sure?" the masked Leandro asked.

She cleared her throat.

"Yes. And to prove it, I'mma assist Donnica in making breakfast today."

"The thing is, will you join us at the table?" Anthonio asked.

"Do I have a choice?" she asked.

"No." Leandro replied firmly and she stared at his mask. She looked cool but we all knew she was afraid and that amused me.

"Then see you at breakfast." she said and immediately turned to leave.

Once she was gone, I giggled.

"She amuses me a lot." Anthonio laughed.

"Me too. But she sure knows how to keep her cool." Leandro chuckled, "I find her interesting."

"Don't even think of it. She's engaged." Anthonio said and I laughed out.

Leandro chuckled and shook his head.

"That's a shame. And don't blame me. I'm a flirt by nature. I love everything with a skirt." he said dreamily.

"Nope. You love everything that's under the skirt." Anthonio punched him playfully.

"No one knows me better than my brother. You read me." he said and Anthonio laughed.

"She's too intelligent and egocentric for you." I cut in, amused. "And under normal circumstances, she hates macho men like you."

"Ouch. Touché." he said, pretending to be hurt and we laughed.

"Let's go in. I'm beginning to feel cold."



Later that morning, Kloe and I were in kitchen, making breakfast. I took care of the bacon and eggs while she did the salad.

"Can't believe I'll be going to Hawaii in a private jet. Ha! This is great." Kloe exclaimed and I laughed.

"Seems your fear of being in this house is gone." I teased.

"A little. Just a little. I'm still scared when I see your man and the masked one. He scares me more because I can't make out his face. This is crazy, but if I gather dumb courage and ask him to take it off, will he?"

"I don't think so. But you can always try."

"Hmm. Better I don't."

We went on with what we were doing and a few minutes later, a masked Leandro stepped in and went to open the fridge. Kloe gave me a side glance that amused me. She hated their presence.

Leandro got some water and walked past us to leave.

"Umm, boss?" Kloe suddenly called and I stared at her in surprise.

Leandro stopped in his tracks and I saw Kloe swallow, probably regretting what she'd just said. Leandro slowly turned to us. Then he casually walked up to Kloe till they were face to mask.

"You called?" he asked, smoothly.

Kloe cleared her throat and stepped back. He'd been too close to her. Way too close.

"Yeah. I think you should take your mask off." she cleared her throat again, trying to look as normal as possible, "Please."

"Why?" Leandro muttered.

"Because...um, it's creepy?"

"To whom?" he asked, slowly.

She looked at me and I tried not to laugh.

"Me." she muttered. I found her very bold. She was staring straight into his eyes. Though she was scared, she had the guts to look him the eye. "So please, take it off. It makes me uncomfortable." she mumbled.

I waited to see what would happen next.

Surprised, I watched Leandro slowly pull his mask off. I actually didn't think he would but he did.

Kloe froze and I laughed a little.

"Happy?" he asked.

"Relieved, rather." she coughed.

"Okay then." he picked his bottle of water, "I don't look like a monster now, do I?"

And with that, he left the kitchen.

Kloe turned to me.

"I'm still alive. It's a miracle." she whispered and I laughed out.

"You're sick. You see, he doesn't look like a monster." I mused.

"Yeah. He's fine as fuck. Sexy. But he's till an assassin."

I shook my head in amusement and went on with my work.

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