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(II) Chapter 59 (Preparations -3)

Later that same day, after I'd accompanied Kloe to the hotel to get her things, we went to the limo that'd returned.

"You living that life, huh? Limo for ma'am." she teased after the driver had helped take her bags and put them in the boot before opening the door for us.

"You know I'm costly." I joked and we laughed.

We got in and drove off soon enough.


"Hmm. It's in the woods?" Kloe asked after we'd left town and

were diving through an empty road with tall trees on each side.

"Yeah. It's hidden."

"I have the chills. I'm getting nervously anxious." she admitted, looking out the the window.

"Don't be. They're great people once you get to know them."

"Hm! The only person I'm gonna be trusting in there is Lodovica. And maybe, just maybe, your man."

I laughed.

"Leandro is cool too."

"Save it. I'm gonna avoid his ass. He's boss and as to what you told me about him, seems he hasn't repented like his brother. So, no thanks."

I laughed.

"Hahaha, okay."

"I'mma reach that house looking cool and as calm as ever. Like they were normal people I was coming to visit. Cuz fear pleases such people. No offense. But it's true. So even if I'm scared to death, I won't show it."

"Hahaha, I trust you for that. And yeah it's the best thing to do."


Kloe was one tough case and I liked her for it. I was still so happy she was around.


We drove through the tall and huge gate into the property.

"Man, this place is big!" she exclaimed, staring out the window.

"Yeah. It's the headquarters after all."

We pulled up in front of the house and we stepped out of the car.

"Follow me. The diver will take care of you bags."

"Um, okay. My heart is threatening to burst out of my chest. Tell me, do I look relaxed?" she asked and I turned to her, amused.

"It's surprising. You actually look relaxed."

"I know how to hide my feelings perfectly well. The problem now are my hands. They're moist and white, making my fear evident. Anyway, l'm here now. Let's go."

I laughed.

"You're worried for nothing. Let's go in, then."

We went up the stairs to the main door.

I opened it and stepped in, Kloe following right behind me.

We walked down the main hall to the living room where Lodovica sat.

"Mom." I said and she turned to us. On seeing Kloe, she smiled warmly and stood up.

"Welcome, dear." she said, coming over with a smile and hugging Kloe who hugged her back.

"Thank you, ma'am." she smiled back.

"I'm happy you could make it. You'll be of great help."

"Umm, thanks."

"You're welcome, dear. The driver is going to put your bags in a room I've prepared for you."


"Where are the twins mom?" I asked Lodovica.

"They're asleep upstairs. Anthonio's with Leandro in his room."

"Okay. Lemme take her to her room then."

"Okay. It's your former room."


I held Kloe's hand and led her up the huge staircase. Then we walked down the huge hall.

"You see. She's nice." I giggled.

"Very. She made me feel at home on the spot." Kloe laughed, "I'm a little less scared now. Phew!"

I laughed.

"Well my room is closest so let's quietly step in so you see the twins."


I took her to my room and showed her my babies. They were asleep in their cradles.

"Oh my gosh they're so cute!" she gasped, "Just look at those tiny cute heads. Hihihi they have your nose." she whispered.


"They're so handsome. When they wake up I'll carry both. They're so cute!"

"Hahaha, thanks. Lemme go show you your room now."


We left my room and we went to the next floor where her room would be.

We got in and she dropped her handbag on the table.

"I gotta admit this place is dope!" she exclaimed, falling on the bed. I giggled. "Oh I must get myself a bed like this one. It's so comfy."

"I know right." I replied, landing close to her, "Should we go meet the boys now."

"I'm in no rush. Don't spoil the moment please. I'm loving this bed." she said.

"Hahaha, okay. My bad."

We chatted for some minutes and then there was a knock at the door and she immediately sat up. I laughed.

"Who's that?" she whispered.

"Probably my fiancé and Leandro." I got off the bed and headed for the door.

"Wait! Am I presentable?" she asked, adjusting.

"Hahaha, yes you are. Can I go open the door the now?"


I went to the door and opened it. Anthonio stepped in along with Leandro who had a white mask on. It amused me.

Kloe stood up, looking quite cool. But I knew that wasn't how she felt inside.

"Um Kloe, this is Anthonio, my fiance." I started. Anthonio smiled warmly at her and stretched a hand out. She was staring straight at him, with that unreadable expression. I tried not to laugh because I was very sure she was terrified on the inside.

"Hello." Anthonio said and it was evident he was amused. I tried very hard not laugh.

After some seconds of silence, Kloe shook his hand for not more than a second! I couldn't help it but giggle. Anthonio nodded and cleared his throat before stepping back. The smile on his lips indicated he was holding back laughter as well.

"That done." I said, "Kloe this is Leandro."

Kloe turned to him and stared at his mask, her empty expression still on.

Leandro stretched a hand out.


Kloe stared at me as if asking for permission. Amused, I nodded for her to greet him.

She faced him again and reluctantly stretched her hand out too.

Leandro immediately held it and was bringing it up to the mask's lips to kiss it but Kloe immediately withdrew.

Leandro stood straight and stared at her. Something told me he was smiling behind his white mask.

"I'm Kloe." she said to both of them, trying to sound as courageous as possible.

"Nice to meet you." both replied.


"Guess we'll leave you both, now." Anthonio said, "Excuse us."

Kloe nodded and both boys left the room.

Immediately they were out, I burst out laughing.

"Gosh! I'm still alive!" Kloe exclaimed, falling on the bed. Relieved.

"Hahaha. you're crazy!"

"Phew! My chest! Damn. And it is true."


"Your man is even more fine in real!"

"Well, thank you." I said, joining her.

"And what was up with the other and his mask?"

"Thought you'd be more comfortable if you didn't see his face. And he needs his identity to stay safe."

"Oh right. Problem is, now I'm curious to see what he looks like. Will he take it off?"

"Not with you around."

"Hmm. Okay. Ha! I just greeted the Anthonio Caruso! The Caruso!"

"Hahaha. He's Enrique now."

"Oh right. I forgot. Kloe you've greeted a known terrorist and the Italian Mafia leader. This world is fucked up."

I laughed.

"And I love it!" she added.

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