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Romance / Action

Chapter 13 (Captive)

I felt him untie my hands.

“Remove the blindfold.” he stated, once done with my hands.

With shaky hands, I did as told and waited for my vision to adjust before looking around.

I was in a very large yet beautiful room. White walls, a king size bed, large windows way up the walls and finally a ceiling that was a long way up along with the windows. So far away that even with the longest ladder ever, I couldn’t reach it.

At its centre was a chandelier. I thought of the fact that I might be in some sort of mansion or castle.

There was a round table and a chair, a couch and TV. On the table were a lot of novels.

After analysing the room, I turned to Anthonio.

“W...where am I?” I asked, shivering.

“It doesn’t matter. You’ll have to stay here till the boss returns after tomorrow. You’ll be served food and water. There are clothes and everything necessary in that drawer and in the bathroom.” he replied. I stared sadly at him, my lips trembling as I was trying not to cry. He stared back, emotionless.

“W...will your boss rape me?” I stammered. He just stared.

“Anthonio answer me!” I cried out, tears finding their way down my cheeks.

“He won’t.” was his plain reply.

“You’re lying! What makes you think so?” I yelled angrily as tears rolled down my cheeks. I sat on the floor, my face in my hands. “H...he’ll rape me...”

“I won’t let him.” his reply made me look up at him in surprise.


“You heard me.” was his dry reply. Unable to understand what was happening, I just stared at him, speechless.

He silently left the room, locking me in.

I stood in front of the huge mirror, staring at my reflection. I’d cried the whole evening and had decided to stop and get a hold of myself.

I removed the stupid wig I had on and eye contacts. My eyes had swollen from so much crying and so I quickly covered the eye bags with make up. I didn’t want the next person coming in to find me all frustrated and pale. I had to be strong. I had to prove I wasn’t scared and I had to escape! I just had to!

It was eight pm and the chandelier lighted the whole room. I felt like dying! I slowly moved about the room, bored and tired. I began to have suicidal thoughts. The isolation for a few hours mixed with fear affected my way of thinking.

I looked around for something sharp! Something I could kill myself with or keep in case I wanted to escape and needed something to defend myself with. I even scattered the drawers full of clothes, throwing the clothes about the room and making the whole place messy.

Unluckily for me, these people had planned everything.

There was no single sharp object in that room! Nothing! I even tried breaking the mirror but it was as strong as a bullet-proof window!

“Argh!!” I groaned out after my last attempt on trying to break the mirror. It was useless. I grabbed my hair angrily. I was hungry and scared. I needed help.

I picked up the wooden chair present in the room and raised it to hit the mirror but at that moment, I heard someone unlock the door. I immediately dropped the chair, removed the boots and fur jacket I still had on before running to the bed and lying on it , backing the door and trying to act as normal as possible.

I heard the door open and someone entered. I didn’t look back until the person moved towards the other side of the room where I could see who it was. It was an older lady of about forty seven. She had a tray of food in her hands. She walked up to the table in front of me, by the bed, and dropped the tray of food. I stared up at her.

“...uh hello.” I murmured “...are you...a servant here?” I stammered. The woman looked at me wide eyed as if she was surprised I could speak. She simply nodded and began leaving.

“P...please...help me! W...what’s gonna happen to me??” I sat up, afraid. She stopped and turned to me. I went on. “...help me escape. I beg you.”

“I can’t.” she replied in a rather dry tone yet mixed with another emotion. As if she was scared of something.

“Why?? Please....I’ll be very grateful if you...”

“I said I can’t.” she cut in firmly “I have children to feed. And I’m not going to put my family at risk.”

“...you’re...you’re not forced to work here....are you?”

“I’m not. But I need to work for a living.” her accent was British and she didn’t look Brazilian at all.


The door flung open before I had the time to finish my sentence. Anthonio stepped in. He’d washed the blonde spray off and was back to normal. The woman stood at attention, clearly afraid with her head low. Anthonio frowned at me and folded his arms.

“Velma leave.” he ordered. The woman immediately rushed out of the room. He stared at me.

“You’ll never escape. And don’t even think of doing so. Ever. Now eat.” he ordered rudely.

What was up with him? At times he seemed a little humane but then turned into a monster again.

“I don’t want to.” I replied with the same rudeness and with fake courage.

He raised a brow and I flinched. I shouldn’t have opened my damn mouth!

“Don’t mess with me. Eat.” he ordered in a threatening manner, approaching me.

“Y...you won’t force me! Are you deaf??” I replied, standing up and stepping away. He walked up to me and before I could realise it, he’d grabbed my arm with undescribable force. I yelped but stared at him straight in the eyes, challenging him. I was scared to death but I would not back out. By the way, I was ready to die!

“I won’t repeat myself. Eat.” he growled, applying more force on my arm.

“Oow! No! Let me go you animal!!” I cried out. Never had I been so afraid yet determined at the same time.

“How dare you!” he growled angrily and before I had time to realise it again, I was thrown roughly on the floor. I hit my leg so bad I cried out.

“Who do you take me for?! You’ve underestimated me enough!! This time, the boss will really get to meet you covered with scars you fool!” he growled angrily, pushing the tray of food and sending it crashing to the floor. I screamed and tried to crawl away from him.

“Where do you think you’re going?!?”

He grabbed my leg and I cried for help.

“Aaaaaah!! Nooo!! I’m sorry!!” I was living a nightmare!

He pulled me towards him and grabbed me by my hair, forcing me to stand.

“Aaaaahh!! Pleeeaaaassee!! HEEELLPP!!” I cried painfully.

“Let’s see if you still open your mouth after I hit your head against the wall!” he growled in his throat like the crazy person he was.

I cried painfully, trying to pull his hand off my hair. I knew it was all over for me! I would die!

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