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(II) Chapter 58 (Preparations -2)

The next morning, I received a text from Kloe that said where we could meet. I was so happy and immediately freshened up.

Once I was done, I went downstairs to meet everyone seated at the table.

Leandro had Lorenzo in his arms and Lodovica had Alejandro.

"Good morning, everyone." I said happily, going over to kiss my future husband.

"Good morning, Donnica." they replied.

"I should probably feed them first, before going." I said, hurriedly taking Lorenzo from his uncle's arms.

"You're going somewhere?" Anthonio asked.

"Yeah. I have to meet with Kloe in forty minutes."

"Honey, you should sit and eat first." Lodovica said.

"Um, okay." I sat down and immediately filled my plate.

"You're so impatient to meet her. She's your best friend?" Leandro asked.

"Yeah." I said, chewing on my salad.

"You should convince her to come to the house." Lodovica said, "It isn't right for her to stay at a hotel."

"Wait what?" Leandro cut in,

"Mama if she comes here she's going to see my face. And that isn't right, now that I'm the boss. Plus, I'm gonna be going to take care of some business in the USA soon and I can't take no risks. I have to be anonymous."

"Kloe is trustable." I said quickly.

"You say that cuz it's your friend. I wouldn't want her to see me someday in the streets and be like 'oh that's Donnica's brother in-law. He's leader of the Italian Mafia.' " he said and I laughed.

"No. Kloe isn't like that. She wouldn't even take that risk herself. Plus she doesn't give a damn."

"Hmp, okay. I'm still doubtful. Means I'll have to put a mask on if she comes here." he laughed and we joined him.

"Suit yourself. Let's see how long you last with it." Anthonio teased and Leandro rolled his eyes. Lodovica turned to me and insisted:

"Invite her over. Convince her. I know you can. We're not monsters."

"Well we literally are for everyone else in this world." Leandro muttered and his mother gave him a cold stare that made me laugh.

"Learn to shut up." she said and Anthonio chuckled.

Leandro twitched his mouth to the side in amusement.

"Sorry, mama."

"You're as stubborn as your father was." she shook her head.

"Thank you."

His mother shook her head in amusement before turning to me again.

"You'll try right?"

"Yes I will."

"Good. Now eat."

I was soon done with my breakfast and hurriedly fed my twins.

"There's milk in the fridge if they're, hungry." I said, standing.

"I'll take care of that, honey." Lodovica said.

"Thank you very much. Bye."


The limo dropped me on the streets where I was supposed to meet Kloe. I got out and it drove off till further notice.

I stared around and spotted Kloe on the other side of the street.

"Baby girl!" I shouted and she saw me. A big smile appeared on her lips.

"Stay where you are! I'm coming to meet you."


I watched her cross the street, a smile on her face, and I couldn't help it but smile too.

As she approached me, I opened my arms for a hug. She laughed and we hugged tight.

"Oh my gosh I missed you!" I said happily.

"Not more than I missed you!" she laughed, "For someone who gave birth recently, you look great!"

"Thank you! Work out with my man."

"Oooou." she cooed and I laughed. We hugged tight again.

"So where are we going?" I asked.

"I heard there's a chic fast food restaurant not far away from here. Let's go take a snack so we tell each other gossips and news! My treat."

"Hahahaha. Okay. Let's go!"


Kloe and I settled in a fast food and ordered some pizza and ice cream.

We chatted and laughed. It was like the old times again. When we were still in university. I always felt happy around her. She was the sister I'd never had.

"I'm happy you haven't bought a dress yet. Leave that to me and you future mother in-law."

"Hahahaha, of course."

"Why didn't you bring my twins along? And before you say anything else, I officially proclaim myself their godmother." she giggled.

"You already know. Of course you're their godmother!"

"Good. I can't wait to see the princes. Ha! I'm an aunty." she laughed and I joined her.

"Yeah. So, how's Tyler?"

"He's fine. As busy with his work as much as I am with mine."

"Business couple, huh?"

"Hahahaha, yup."

"Hope y'all still find some quality time to spend together ."

"Of course we do. Our nights are sensational." she cooed and I laughed.

"Naughty kid. You'll never change."

"Why should I?" she giggled.

We spoke for a long time. Sharing gossips and news. And then I decided to convince her to follow me back to the house.

"Kloe please follow me back to the mansion." I begged with puppy eyes.

"Fuck no, honey." she mused, eating a slice of pizza.

"Pretty pleeaaaase. You can't say you're coming to help for my wedding but decide to stay in am hotel. C'mon. Please. There's no one at home apart from the twins, Lodovica, Leandro and Anthonio. And they won't bother you at all. Please. Do it for me." I begged.

Kloe stared silently for a long time.

"Pleeeaaase." I insisted. She sighed, giving up.

"Fine. You win."

"Yes! Thank you! I love you!"

"Yeah, yeah I know. When I'm done eating, we'll go to the hotel so I get my stuff."

"Okay! No problem!"

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