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(II) Chapter 57 (Preparations)

I took a lot of time to recover. But it wasn't easy either. The twins were a lot of work and stress! The only time there was peace at home was when both succeeded in falling asleep at the same time. And that wasn't easy to do.

When I succeeded in getting one to fall asleep, the other would cry and wake him up again. The sleepless nights for everyone, especially Anthonio and I, had increased. It wasn't easy at all. True that I got really exhausted at times but I was still proud to be a mother.


One December night, at past midnight, I lay staring at Anthonio who walked about the room with both boys in his arms, trying to get them back to sleep. We were both exhausted and had not gotten enough sleep recently.

"Gosh, I have severe headache." I whispered and Anthonio looked up, a little smile on his lips.

"Same here." he whispered back. The twins had just fallen asleep in his arms and we knew best than to wake them up again.

"Can't wait for them to start running about the house." I giggled lowly and Anthonio's smile grew wide.

"That'll be nice."

"You'll teach them Italian?"

"Sure thing. Along with French, Spanish, Russian and every other language I know."


I watched him go put each one in his own cradle. Then he joined me in bed and I immediately cuddled up.

"Daddy is tired." I giggled against his chest.

"Now that name has two meanings." he chuckled.

"The 'daddy' right?" I giggled again.

"Yeah." he smiled and faced me, "I love you." he kissed my forehead.

"I love you too."

"Guess we'll be getting married next year only? " he asked

"Yeah. I have to do some sports and lose this belly fat I've gained. I gotta fit into my wedding dream gown." I mused, "And the kids have to be a few months older."

"Yeah, you're right. I can't wait for that day."

"Me neither."

"Let's chose a month now. So we prepare in advance."

"Yeah. How about April?"

"Mmmm, yeah. It's perfect. April then."

Days passed along with Christmas and New year. The twins began to look very much like a mixture of their dad and grandfather. I didn't know which exactly. Guess the only thing they got from me were their noses and eye color.

I made sure to work out along with Anthonio and eat well. Good food. And I started seeing the change. I was happy with it.

Lodovica, Leandro and the maids helped Anthonio and I a lot, with the kids. They were loved by everyone at home. Even the elderly members that would visit from time to time would bring a thing or two for them. I mean, they were still part of Lorenzo's lineage after all.

Days tuned to months and soon it was February. I'd lost some weight and the fact that l was breastfeeding helped me too. Lodovica and Leandro had began making preparations for the wedding already. I was very happy because they were of much help.

"The invitations are done. Now we have to be very selective with the people you'd like to invite Donnica. We're still part of a very secretive and dangerous group after all." Leandro told me one day.

"Yeah, I know. I have just four, trustworthy friends, who might be coming. Cuz I'm not sure yet. I'll ask them first. As for my parents, they will not come. I know it. But I'll try calling them just to let them know." I replied.


"Who will you invite?"

"All available members that are close friends of ours, their spouses, for those who have, and their children. It's going to be something little but big too. Nope it's probably going to be big." he said and I laughed.


"But they're gonna wear masks to hide their identity from your friends who are gonna have to put masks too. So it's gonna be like a masked ball."

"Okay. Perfect. That's a good idea."

"I know. I'm a genius." he said proudly and I laughed.


Later that same day, I called my parents.

"Hello mom and dad."

"Hello darling. How are you? We miss you." my mom said.

"I miss you both, too."

"How are my babies?" my dad asked and it pleased me.

"They're fine. They’re a lot of headache, but they’re fine." I admitted and I heard them chuckle, making me laugh too.

"That’s good news. Kiss them for me." my mom said.

"I will. Um, I called you to let you know that...um...I’m getting married to Anthonio, in April. On the 20th. I was wondering if you would want to come or not."

I felt a lump in my throat when there was silence. But then my dad spoke.

"You know we can’t come honey."

I blinked my tears away.

"Yeah, I understand. Don’t worry."

"We love you, honey. And we hope you’ll forever be happy with your decisions. You have our blessings. we'll always be here waiting for you. If you can come visit from time to time, with the kids, it'll be perfect."

my dad said and my heart melted.

"Thank you. I will."

"We love you."

"I love you, too."

"Bye, sweetheart."

"Bye mom and dad."

Next up, I called Kloe who'd promised to be in Rome a week before the marriage to help chose a dress and to help me with a lot. I was so happy!

For the others they weren't too sure to make it and I knew they were still afraid about the Caruso issue, and I understood them. I'd probably react the same if I was invited to attend a Mafia wedding with assassins and all sorts of criminals seated around. As long as Kloe was gonna be there, I was fine. I loved her boldness and I knew she would find a means, at all cost, to be there for me.

April set in really fast and I couldn't be more anxious. I had the feeling time wanted us to get married as fast as possible!


We sat as a family one evening in the living room chatting, when I received a call from Klee.

"Hello, Kloe?? Girl, tell me you’ve arrived!" I giggled happily.

"Yes I have, bish! Hahahaha!"

"Hahahaha! Are you at the airport? Let's come get you." I said happily.

"Hell no. Are you kidding me?? I'm on my way to an hotel where I’ll be staying till I leave. I don’t wanna meet no assassin colleague, of your man." she mused and I laughed out.

"Hahahaha! So we meet tomorrow, then? I'll come alone."

"Perfect! I'll give you the time and place! Girl we need to talk!"

"Hahahaha, Indeed! Can't wait to see you tomorrow."

"Me too! Goodnight love."

"Goodnight, hon." I hung up with a bright smile.

"She's not coming?" Lodovica asked.

"No she prefers to lodge in a hotel."


"Ha. She's afraid of the bad guys." Leandro mocked and Anthonio laughed.

"Shut up, guys. She's tougher than she seems. I'm so happy she's here. Can't wait to meet her tomorrow."

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