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(II) Chapter 56 (Joy)

Anthonio let me carry one of the babies.

"Here. I'll hold this one so Leandro and mama don't see him while entering." he smiled, wiping his tears.

I giggled.

"Okay, honey."

"Let's leave you both." the doctor said.

"Okay. Thank you. Please, can my brother and mother come in." Anthonio asked.

"Yes, we'll send them in in a minute."


"Thank you very much, doctor." I said happily.

"You are welcome." he replied and they all left.

Some seconds after, Leandro and his mother came rushing in. When they saw the baby in my arms, Lodovica immediately broke into sobs and Leandro raised his hands to his mouth in relief, his eyes watery.

"This is great." he muttered and when they were about to walk up to me, Anthonio turned with the other.

"Oh my God!" Lodovica squealed and ran to me. Tears rolling down her cheeks. Leandro froze, a huge smile spreading across his face,

making Anthonio and I laugh. Lodovica carried both of them, immediately!

"My babies! My grandchildren! My little boys!" she sobbed, kissing both. Anthonio held my hand and we smiled at each other.

"C– can I carry them. " Leandro asked with a smile.

"Sure." she gave them.

"I'm an uncle." he murmured and sniffed, his eyes watery and red.

"Is this it? Am I really seeing Leandro's tears for the first time? Let them roll down your cheeks." I giggled and we all laughed.

"Shut up, Donnica." he chuckled, rubbing his eyes. Then he looked down at both babies then at the bands round their wrists. "Which is the first?" he asked.

"The one with the red band." Anthonio replied, "He's older than the one with the blue, with just two minutes."

"Oh, I'm going to spoil these princes so much. They're angels." he smiled, kissing both.

It pleased me to see Leandro so sensitive and gentle. He had that, more than sensitive spot, for babies. And it made me happy.

He carefully gave them back to their joyful grandmother. Before turning to both of us with a huge grin and we laughed.

"Can I have the honor, of naming them?" he asked.

I looked at Anthonio who smiled at me and nodded.

"Of course! You're their uncle after all." I said happily.

"Thank you!" he held both my hands and kissed them before turning and hugging his brother.

"Congrats, little brother."

"Thank you. Congrats too."

They hugged tight and then he turned to his mother. He held the first one's tiny hand.

"I'll call this one Lorenzo Enrique. Just like Papa." He kissed his forehead.

I smiled at Anthonio and Lodovica.

"Then," he held the second's tiny hand too, "This one, I want to name him after both his father and uncle. A mixture of our names. And I can't name him Anthonio-Leandro. That'll be ridiculous." he chuckled and we laughed

"And so, I'll just combine both names in the perfect way and call him, Alejandro (pronounced Aleandro). Alejandro Enrique."

"Combine huh? It has your full name in it and just a letter from my name." Anthonio mused and we all laughed.

"Hahaha, what did you expect? Leathonio? Or Antheandro? gawdforbid." Leandro replied and we laughed again.

"Hahahaha. I'm just pulling your legs. The names are perfect. Thank you." Anthonio thanked his brother.

"Yes, thank you Leandro. I love the names." I said.

"Me too." Lodovica added, kissing her grandchildren.

I was allowed to leave the hospital the next morning with my babies and family. I was very happy and it still seemed unbelievable that I'd given birth

not to one, but to two babies!


Immediately we got home, the babies were asleep and so daddy and uncle carefully carried them to our room.

"Now this is funny." Lodovica said, "We bought only one cradle. We didn't expect two."

"Oh, that's no problem. I'll buy the second one. Right now." Leandro said, getting his car keys.

"I'm coming with you. We need matching clothes for my little angels." Lodovica said, following her son out of the room.

I turned to see Anthonio staring down at his sons. I walked up to him and wrapped my hands around his strong arm.

"I bet they're gonna look very much like you. They have exactly the same skin tone as you. Guess my genes aren't as strong as yours." I giggled lowly, "They're gonna be as handsome as their dad." I whispered. He looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back.

He then faced me, wrapping his arms round me.

"I was in love with you," he started, "...but now, you've given me twins. Not only am I more in love with you now, I'm also obsessed with you."

"Really?" I giggled, "I like that."

"The power a woman has is crazy." he caressed the side of my face, "She has the power to give life, to take it." he whispered, his eyes dropping to my lips.

"Take it?" I asked, staring at his own lips. So pink and inviting.

"Yeah. If you leave me or if anything happens to you, it's– it's the end of me and that's why I need you to be my wife."

I bit my lower lip and smiled at him. Then I wrapped my arms round his neck, pulling him to me. I kissed him real slow and deep.

"Damn. I need you to recover real quick." he whispered against my lips and I giggled.


Later when I was alone, I picked my phone up and video called Kloe. I told her the good news.


She was so happy she promised to make it for my wedding along with Denise and some other close friends of mine. I promised to send them the program once one was done.

After calling Kloe, I called my parents.


"D– Donnica?? My darling how are you?" my mother asked. I heard the disappointment in her voice and I understood how she must've felt.

"I’m okay, mom. Is dad with you?"

"No, he’s at work. Is there any problem?"

"No mom. I– well, I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth yesterday night. To twin boys."

She was silent for a while.

"Twins? Congratulations, honey. I'm happy for you. Really. You sound so happy. So, this is really what you want isn’t it?"

"Yes ma."

I heard her take a deep breath.

"Okay then, I wish you even more happiness my love. And I'm sorry we tried to make you abort."

I felt tears well up my eyes.

"Children are a blessing." she added slowly.

"It’s fine ma. I forgive you both. I love you."

"I love you too my dear."

"Tell dad I called, please. ”

"I will. I love you very much. God protect you, honey."

"Amen. I love you very much too, momma."

"Bye dear."

"Bye, mummy."

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