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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 55 (A Blessed Night)

Days flew by and I was left with only a month. I'd told Kloe about my wedding and she said she would surely come. I asked her about hers.

"It is next month right? November. One month to go?" I asked her, happily. "I must've given birth by then. I hope to be able to make it."

"Oh don't worry bout that. I postponed the wedding date."

"What? Why?"

"Dumb reasons."

"I don't get it. Postponed it to when??"

"Sometime next year. Anyway it's not me we're talking about."

One night, I lay in our bed while Anthonio massaged my feet. He was so nice and tolerating with me. I knew my mood swings got him more than tired but he still took all my shit in. It pleased me because I remembered what the old Anthonio was like. He would've probably let his anger take over. But this one was a softer one. A gentler one. Too bad my mood swings started at just any moment. But it amused me too. Looking at him made me miss those impassive expressions and frowns he used to have.

"Baby." I giggled

"Yeah?" he looked up at me with a smile.

"I somewhat miss that empty expression along with the dark look you used to have. Can you still do it?" I asked, biting my lower lip.

He was silent and I watched his smile fade. His whole expression changing, the look in his eyes turning dark and evil in some sort of way. He stared straight at me, his expression empty.

It immediately made me breathless, giving me goosebumps as memories made their way into my head.

"Um, it's okay now." I said, both nervous and amused.

He chuckled suddenly and I laughed, putting my hand across my chest.

"I scared you." he mused

"Honestly, yes. That was creepy as hell. I almost didn't recognise you. Your features changed completely." I laughed, "You can look evil when you want, gosh."

We both laughed and he went on with the massage.

"Once you give birth and fully recover," he started, looking up at me with a smile.


"...we're going to make love."

"Hahahaha. So that's all you think of?" I laughed and he chuckled.

"Not really. But most of the time. I gotta remind you that it's been close to ten months since we had some quality time."

"Really? Oh my."

"Yup. Since last December. The night before you left."

"Oh." I giggled, "This pregnancy has gotten me preoccupied." I sat up and held his face.

"I'll make it up to you."

"I know." he leaned forward and we kissed.

"Tell me." I said, leaning back. "Eugene had more than enough opportunities and the time to rape me. But he never did. He didn't even ask me for oral sex. I wonder why." I said, suddenly disgusted.

"Well." Anthonio said, continuing to massage my feet, "We were later told by some members that had been present during my father's rule, that Eugene didn't have–" he stopped for a while, "Well, he'd been castrated."

My eyes went wide.

"He had no– um, genitals?"

"Yeah. I don't know why and didn't care to know why."

"Hmmm. Served him right." I laughed out.

November soon came around and I could give birth at any time. The boys and their mother made sure to always be around me.


One very cold night, I sat in the living room reading, when I started to have horrible contractions. I held my tummy as the pain was so much I could barely breath or scream out.

I started to cry and tried to move. There was no one around me. They were upstairs.

With shaky hands, I took my phone and called Anthonio. He picked.

"Come, please..." I gasped, breathless.

In some seconds they all hurried down.

"Oh my gawd, I think this is it." Leandro stated as both guys helped me up.

"Honey, don't worry. Breathe. Just breathe." Lodovica said slowly, "Mateo, get the car!" she screamed at one of the guards who did exactly as he was told.

I was carefully led outside and into the car. The pain was great and I knew the baby was on the way.

"Keep breathing." Lodovica whispered. Both Anthonio and her sat at my sides while Leandro sat at the front with Mateo. He started the car and we dove off as fast as possible.

"Be strong, honey. We'll soon be there." Anthonio whispered, holding my hand tight. He was just as nervous and anxious as I was.

"Anthonio, take this." Leandro turned to give Anthonio a cap, a fake beard and other things that would help disguise him.


I held Anthonio's hand tight, breathing hard through my sobs. We were getting closer to the hospital when all of a sudden, I felt some liquid continuously rolling down my legs.

"Lodovica!" I gasped, getting their attention.

"What's happening??" Anthonio and Leandro both asked in a panic.

"Oh my! She's losing her water. Faster!"

Mateo increased his speed and soon we pulled up at the hospital. As the car slowed down to park, Leandro ran out of it and into the hospital.

And by the time, Anthonio and his mother struggled to get me out of the car, Leandro appeared accompanied by some nurses who came running over with a wheelchair and other necessities. They put me in it and rushed me into the hospital. Anthonio followed closely till the maternity room, where they asked him to stay out.

He reluctantly let go off my hand and I saw his watery eyes.

"You'll be fine, you'll both be. I love you." were his last words before I was taken into the room.


I stared at the ceiling, completely out of breath and all sweaty! I was crying as the doctor and nurses got all agitated around me, getting all the necessary materials.

The doctor, realising I didn't speak Italian, spoke in English.

"Donnica, I need you to be strong dear. Okay? Breathe."

I nodded, taking deep breaths. I was shivering and my vision was getting blur.

Soon it was time.

"Alright, Donnica. Push!" I heard the doctor say. I closed my eyes and pushed with all strength left in me, screaming my lungs out because of the pain.

"Good, Donnica! Go on! Be strong! Breathe!" A nurse encouraged.


I groaned and pushed in pain! I'd never felt anything like it! It was close to unbearable.

"This is going to be a little tough." I heard the doctor mutter to one of the nurses. It was clear I was having some complications.

"Ikay! Donnica, you can do this! Puuuusssh!" he said again and I did, screaming in pain as usual. It was getting really difficult for me! What was going on? I was already weak and in labor.

"My fiancee!" I cried, "I want him in here! Please! NOW!" I screamed angrily.

"Get him! She needs his moral support!" the doctor ordered.

A nurse rushed out and the doctor asked me to continue pushing. I did of course, crying myself to exhaustion.

I lay sobbing in pain when Anthonio appeared with the nurses. He immediately rushed to my side and held my trembling hand.

"I need you." I sobbed.

"I'm here now, amor. I am. Be strong. I love you. Please, be strong for us. For me. Okay?"

I nodded, my whole body shivering.

"Alright Donnica. PUSH!"

I did as I was told.

I groaned, pushing with all my might, my grip on Anthonio's hand tightening.


I gave another hard push, screaming out.




I gave everything! Anthonio's presence gave me that courage.


I started to hear cries! A baby's cries!



I put in all my strength. I gave all of me.


My head fell back against the pillow. I was weak and in a daze. My vision was blur, I was breathless and sweaty. The voices of the happy nurses and doctor around were all muffled in my head as if I was becoming deaf.

But then, I started to realise where I was and what was happening when I heard cries. Different cries!

My vision adjusted when two nurses approached me and I saw a baby in each nurse's arms.

"Congratulations! You have twins! Two baby boys!" one said, handing me both.

I couldn't believe my eyes!

I turned to Anthonio who stared at the babies, his eyes full of tears. I immediately turned and carried them both, close to my chest, beginning to shed tears of joy.

I looked at both of them and my heart melted with love!

"C– can I carry them?" Anthonio stammered, smiling through his tears. I smiled back at him.


I let him carry them. I watched how tears continuously rolled down his cheeks. He kissed both their foreheads and looked up at me.

"Baby," he started, clearly speechless. "We have twins."

"I know..." I giggled through tears.

It was a miracle! A gift from above. The joy Anthonio and I felt at the moment was inexplicable!

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