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(II) Chapter 54

The next day, Anthonio made all three of us to gather in the living room. We had the house all to ourselves for the moment. The headquarters were always empty as each member had a particular house or country where he usually resided to take care of the Mafia's dark business, different cartels, and to spy on potential enemies.

And so we were only four of us along with the guards all over and a few trustworthy house helps, employed by Lodovica. And so to be short, the headquarters house was owned by Leandro and his brother.

Anyways, we were all seated and Anthonio stood, facing us.

"So, what's this about?" Lodovica asked her son.

"Well," he started with a smile, giving me his hand and helping me to my feet. I stood close to him, a smile on my lips too.

"Good news I bet." Leandro grinned and we laughed.

"Yeah. Um, it's kinda strange to say it out loud." Anthonio chuckled nervously, "Because a few months ago, or a year ago, I would've never believed my life would change this much."

"Uh huh?" both Leandro and his mother said and we laughed.

"But my life did change. Thanks to her." he looked at me and winked. I smiled. "She revived that dead part of my brain, heart and soul. She's the only drug I need and that I can't live without."

"Oooooh! The sweet talk." Leandro cooed and we all laughed.

"Shut up, Leandro." his mother laughed.

"As I was saying," Anthonio chuckled, "I'm quite happy I put a baby in here." he said, rubbing my tummy.

"It was inevitable." Leandro muttered, pretending to dust some dirt off his shoes. Lodovica playfully pulled his ear and we laughed again.

"Let him finish." she laughed.

"Okay. Was just saying." he muttered again.

"As I was sayiiiing, before Leandro interrupted again." Anthonio mused, "I love this young woman very much. She was able to make me humane from the first day, she made me cry, she gives me a mini heart attack whenever she's angry with me, she even made me pray, I think." he admitted and everyone laughed.

"This is serious." Lodovica laughed.

"Yes, very." he answered, "As you all know, I almost died two days ago." he said and everyone nodded.

"That made me think a lot. It made think of all I hadn't accomplished yet." he held my hand and kissed it, "And that's why I asked Donnica's hand in marriage yesterday night."

There was silence for like two seconds and then came in a scream from Lodovica and loud cheers from Leandro.

"Are you serious?!" he asked happily, getting on his feet.

"Yeah." I laughed, showing them my ring.

"Oh my God!" Lodovica exclaimed and came over to hug me, "I'm so happy!" she had tears rolling down her cheeks.

Leandro hugged us both. There was a mutual feeling of joy amongst us. Lodovica sobbed throughout while Leandro cheered continuously.

"This is real !" Lodovica sobbed, "I'm going to be a grandmother and my son is getting married." she hugged Anthonio happily. I felt glad for her. I imagined what she felt. She, that probably used to think both her sons were lost cases. Heartless criminals and complete psychopaths. She probably never even imagined things could and would change so much.

"When do you plan on getting married??" Leandro asked happily.

"Once she gives birth and recovers fully from the stress." Anthonio replied.

"Oh, this is great. I'm happy for both of you." Leandro said, hugging us both.

"Thanks bro."

"This calls for celebration. I'll go ask Gino to prepare something delicious! And in the meantime, how bout we pop champagne?"

"Okay!" we all replied happily.

No one could be happier than I was at the moment.


Later that same day, we ate a delicious meal and had a lot of fun. Everyone was happy.

We ate and chatted about how the wedding might be. Leandro insisted on being in charge of the arrangements. Of course we accepted. We also discussed on our incoming, new family member and other interesting things.

"Tell me, Leandro." Lodovica turned to her first son, putting her wine glass down and getting all or attention.

"When do you plan on settling down? As to what I know, you have no problem when it comes to seducing women." she said and we all stared at Leandro, smiles on our faces.

"Oh don't even think of that possibility, mama." he chuckled, "Don't put your hopes on me if they have to do with love. But you can count on me to give you a whole lot of grandchildren, if that's what you want." he mused and we laughed.

"I would love to see your children, Leandro, but I also need you to have a companion. One you would trust blindly. There are some problems you might not be able to handle all alone, without a woman by your side."

"That's not how I see things." he laughed.

"Give up, mama. He's a strong head." Anthonio said.

"Please, let her know." Leandro replied, laughing again.

"He won't last." I said suddenly and they all turned to me, "Leandro, you will fall in love. Whether it's in ten years or more. You'll find that one girl that'll affect you like no other." I stated.

"Hmm, You're a fortune teller now"

"Sort of." I laughed, "Only problem is, I see only your future. Leandro, I know many people out there are indifferent when it comes to love. But I have hope for your case."

We all smiled at him and he laughed before raising his glass to the air.

"Well, cheers to your positivity and optimism."

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