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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 53 (An Answer For Life)

A late Friday night, I sat silent on my bed, waiting for Anthonio to return from another mission he'd gone on. This time he was absent two days and I missed him terribly. I got a little worried though because I'd tried calling him twice for the past days but he was unreachable. Even Leandro couldn't get to him.

But I tried my best to remain positive.

I was still watching TV by midnight when the door slowly got open and Anthonio stepped in. I squealed happily, making him smile. I immediately struggled to get off the bed.

"Shhh, don't bother standing love." he whispered with a chuckle, putting his briefcase down.

"No." I replied stubbornly, getting up and going over to him. We hugged tight and I kissed him like he'd been absent for a month or more.

"I missed you." he said, kissing me again and putting his hand on my tummy.

"I missed you t–" I cut my sentence when I noticed the bruise he had at the side of his forehead. I touched it. "What's this?" I asked, touching it.

"It's nothing." he was lying. I frowned.

"No it's not. Anthonio what happened?" I asked, rubbing his cheek.

He held my hand and kissed it. The look he had in his eyes broke my heart.

"Sit down, love."

He made me sit on the bed before doing same. I already had tears in my eyes with all that worrying.

"What is it?" I asked, softly.

He looked at me and then slowly began to unbutton his shirt. What I saw cut my breathing. He had a bandage round his lower chest and I saw a blood stain on the left side.

"I got shot at, and almost died. They shot me right below my heart." he admitted. I thought I would go mad.

"Who?" I asked with difficulty, my hands shaking in anger and tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Some men I had to do business with. Things didn't turn out well and there was blood shed. I was lucky there was a hospital close by and I had no problem getting treated since I was disguised."

"You almost died." I whispered, a lump in throat.

"The thought of you and my unborn child..." he started, his eyes red. "...made me want to fight for life, for you. I was losing a lot of blood and couldn't move, but then I succeeded in getting up." he said, caressing my cheek. "I will never leave you. I'm back now."

"Anthonio, don't you ever die." I cried, "Away from me or without me, ever." I warned, my whole body shivering at the thought of him dying and leaving me pregnant.

He took me into his arms and I sobbed. He then let me go and slowly knelt down in front of me. I was still crying, staring at my fingers.

"Baby, look at me." he whispered, looking up at me.

I looked at him, still crying.

"Please, wipe your tears."

With shaky hands, I did as I was told but that didn't stop the tears from still rolling down my cheeks. He held my hand.

"What happened to me the day before yesterday made me think. While I lay in my own pool of blood, I thought of you. Of my child. Of my mother and brother. I couldn't just give up on you, all. Especially you my love."

I sobbed continuously.

"I want us to be a family. I want to build my own family and future with you, and for that..." I watched with watery eyes as he searched his pocket and took a little silver box from it. I stopped breathing.

"I need you to be my wife. I need you to carry my name. Donnica, please."

He opened the little box, exposing a ring with a beautiful diamond on it.

I couldn't believe my eyes! I raised both hands to mouth, tears rolling continuously down my cheeks.

"Will you marry me?" he asked softly, his eyes watery, "I'm begging you. Please, will you marry me?"

I needed not to think twice!

"Yes! Yes! Yes, I want you! I want to be your wife." I replied breathlessly, a huge smile across my face. He smiled back and took my hand.

Goosebumps took over my skin when he slid the ring down my finger.

I held his face and kissed him deep.

"I love you so much." I muffled through the kiss.

"I love you too."

I don't know for how long we kissed but it lasted. It was a dream come true for me. I was ready to be his wife.

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