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(II) Chapter 52 (Time and Mood Swings)

Days flew by and it was the same routine. Anthonio had sleepless nights, Leandro had headaches and Lodovica watched everything happily.

I was happy though that the days were speeding away. I was impatient to welcome the new family member. Another Enrique. The thought of my little one running up and down the house made me smile, laugh and even sob at times. I wanted to know what it would be like to be a mother.

But compared to Anthonio and Leandro, I was very patient. I was left with three and a half months and they'd already started buying baby clothes, shoes and all the rest.

"Y'all are buying all these babies clothes as if you're sure of the baby's sex." I mused one day.

"We're not sure, and that's why the clothes are mixed, meaning they're for any sex. Girl or boy." Leandro replied with a smile.

"Thank you so much, Leandro."

"Oh, don't thank me. I can't wait to have my nephew or niece running round this place." he chuckled, "I'm gonna be an uncle, for crying out loud. I'mma spoil that child more than Anthonio will."

I laughed.

"It's suprising. You don't look like someone who loves babies." I laughed.

He raised his brows as me in surprise.

"Don't ever say that kind of nonsense, Donnica. I adore babies!" he exclaimed and I laughed at his expression.

"Why don't you make one?"

"If I have to have a baby one day, that means I have to fall in love first. I don't want my baby mama to be some random señorita."

"Mmm, right."

Days flew by and I was left with three months. I got heavier, my legs were swollen almost every time, my appetite increased and so did my contractions, cramps

and mood swings. I poured all these effects on the boys. Both suffered the consequences.


One day I sat on my usual spot in the living room watching TV. Anthonio had travelled to take care of some Cartel/black market mission Leandro had sent him on. He was going to be back the next day.

I was okay but not for long because soon enough I began to feel sharp pains in my legs. My first reaction was to scream. The pain was close to unbearable.

"LEANDRO!" I screamed angrily and he came running in.

"What now, mi amor?" he asked.

"My legs!" I cried out, trying to touch my knees.

He approached me and began to massage my legs.

Lodovica walked in with a glass of water which she gave to me.

"Drink this honey." she said, sitting close to me. I took the glass, thanking her. I drank the water.

I felt another sharp pain when Leandro tried to massage my knees.

"Aaaah!" I screamed and Lodovica held my hand.

"Sorry, hon. You can pour your anger out on Leandro." she giggled.

I was very angry and in pain. And without much thinking, I hit Leandro on the head and he immediately backed off.

"Ow!" he held his head. Lodovica laughed out. I was getting irritated and let go off her hand. I didn't understand what was funny about the situation. I was in pain. My cramps were killing me!

"Mama, are you serious??" Leandro asked, grumbling something in Spanish.

"Yes." Lodovica laughed, "Go on with the massage."

Leandro hesitated but knew better than to get me more annoyed and so he continued.

"It's not like I'm the one who got her pregnant." he grumbled.

"Who cares?! Anthonio's not here and my legs hurt! You sent him away!" I began sob.

"It's okay, amor. Relax." he said.

After some long minutes of crazy cramps, I calmed down and it was all over.

"Thank you." I muttered, wiping my tears away.

"It's okay. You're welcome amor." Leandro replied, clearly relieved.

I sat in my room, my phone against my ear. I was discussing with Kloe.

"I miss you girl." I told her.

"I miss you too. But I'm happy you're happy." she replied.

"I know."

"Do you ever plan on coming back to New York, or Chicago? Cuz I can't bear never seeing you again. You feel me?"

"Yeah, I do. I must return to Chicago someday. But not to stay permanently. Just to visit. That'll probably be after I give birth and after I recover fully."

"Okay. Great. I'll be waiting for you. I want you present for my wedding. Okay?"

"Of course I'll be there! When is it, exactly?"

"We don't have a fixed date yet. I want to recover fully first. You know I'm still going through therapy and this blood issue isn't over with yet." I heard her sigh.

"What?? Thought it was."

"It isn't. The blood I was given wasn't enough apparently. Shortly after you left, I fell and went unconscious on my kitchen floor one day. I don't know what happened. Ty found me on the floor and the next thing I realised was that I was in a hospital again. But I'm out now. Not for long. I have to find a donor."

I felt horrible. Kloe was clearly broken from inside about this anemic and weak cell issues, and I was afraid she might get depressed and seek some sort of release in alcohol.

"Kloe, please be strong. Please. You're a strong woman. Fight, honey. Fight."

"Oh I'm fighting, alright. And I'm doing so because of my parents, you and Tyler. Honestly, I'm tired of this shit."

"I know. Please, just try not to think of it. Okay?"


"Luv ya."

"Luv ya too honey. Make that European go through hell for getting you pregnant." she laughed and I joined her.

"Hahahaha. My mood swings take care of that. I really exaggerate some situations without much effort. I don't know. They just happen."

"Ha! That's great! Hope I get pregnant for Tyler. He'll be seeing hell! That is, if I get frequent mood swings too. Because it's a fact that pregnancy affects women in different ways."


"Anyways, gotta leave you now hun. Bye bye."

"Bye, Kloe. Muah!"


The days flew by and by and I waited patiently.

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