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(II) Chapter 51 (Home Again)

It'd been two days since Anthonio and Leandro had brought me back home. My second home of course. I was very happy!

Lodovica and her two sons took good care of me. I felt loved. I felt like I belonged right there in that house with them.

I'd missed Anthonio so much. He treated me like a princess, giving in to my every need.

As for my parents, the day I'd arrived Rome, I'd called them to let them know that I was fine and that I'd returned to Rome to stay with my unborn child's father. Of course they didn't take it well but they would have to accept it one way or the other. With time maybe they would.

One day I sat in the living room. My feet hurt and I felt heavy. Lodovica walked in and joined me.

"How are you honey?" she asked with a smile. I smiled back.

"I'm fine. I think." I giggled.

"That's great. I'm happy you're back. You look absolutely wonderful dear. Pregnancy agrees with you."

I stared at her, my emotions taking over immediately and my eyes watered.

"Really? Thank you so much." I said, tears rolling down my cheeks.

Lodovica laughed a little.

"I see you have mood swings."

"Is it that obvious?" I asked amused, wiping my tears away.

"Yes. You started crying and now you're amused."

I giggled.

"Yeah. I get angry, easily too."

"Oh, that's wonderful then. You have my blessings to turn Anthonio's and Leandro's lives into hell." she laughed and I joined her.

"Oh, trust me to. They don't know about my frequent mood swings yet."

"Well, they'll soon know." she laughed and I joined her. I couldn't lie I was happy to be back.


That night, I was half asleep. Anthonio lay behind me, his arm carefully wrapped around me, keeping me warm.

I'd missed him so much. Cuddling up against him, I finally slept off.


After an hour or two, I got up in the middle of the night with a strong need that got me all sad.

I sat up and folded my arms. Then without much effort, I began to sob, hoping to wake Anthonio up.

I was hungry and it made me sad. I sobbed continuously. With every minute that passed, I increased my sobs but Anthonio didn't move.

He was deep in sleep.

Seeing that I was unable to get his attention, I got very angry and without thinking, I punched his tummy.

Anthonio coughed, waking up and immediately holding his tummy in pain. I continued to sob.

"Ow!" he groaned, slowly sitting up and trying to figure out what had just happened.

I folded my arms and sobbed. I was angry. He then noticed me.

"Honey?" he called in wonder, trying to touch me.

"Don't touch me!" I screamed in the silence of the house and to his surprise.

"Ssshh!" he tried to calm me.

"Don't you hush me!"

"Fine, fine. I'm sorry." he whispered his plea.

I gave him an ugly stare.

"What's wrong? You have cramps?"

"I'm hungry!"


"DON'T HU–" Anthonio hurriedly put a hand over my mouth.

"I'm sorry. Please don't scream." he begged. I pushed his hand away.

"I'm hungry." I said in a softer voice, sobbing again.

"Okay. What do you want to eat?"


I watched his expression change in the dark. His eyes widened.

"Pi– where do you want me to find pizza at this time. "

"I want pizza!" I screamed and he literally jumped off the bed.

"Okay, okay. Pease don't scream, baby. I'll– I'll get you a pizza."

I watched him get his jeans and a T-shirt.

"I don't know where, but I'll find it." he sighed, clearly exhausted. I didn't care. All I thought of at the moment was pizza. I needed it!

Once done, he got his car keys.

"I'll be back." he whispered and leaned in to kiss my forehead but I backed away with a frown.

"Go get my pizza."

I woke up the next morning with a smile on my lips. I was in a very good mood that morning. I'd eaten a whole pizza in the middle of the night and it'd put me in a good mood the next morning.

I stretched out and looked around to find Anthonio sleeping on the couch close by. I felt bad for him. I'd pushed him off the bed, sending him to the couch in our room. But it wasn't my fault. Since I'd gotten pregnant, I found it hard to control my emotions.

I got out of bed and walked up to him. He was so handsome. I caressed his face, causing him to flinch and open his eyes.

"Hey." I whispered, kissing his forehead. He smiled and held my hand, kissing it.


"I'm sorry for last night. My mood swings are crazy."

"Yeah. Very." he admitted and I laughed.

"Sorry. You can go lay down on the bed. I'll shower and go downstairs."

"Okay. I need it. For how long am I gonna have to put up with the mood swings?" he asked and I laughed.

"I don't know. Maybe till after I give birth. I don't know how it works. I've never been pregnant." I giggled.

"Four more months." he closed his eyes and I laughed, "Oh my gawd."

"Well, at least you're not going to be alone. Leandro might suffer as well."

"Yeah surely, but at least he won't be having sleepless nights."

"Hahahaha shut up." I pinched him playfully and he chuckled.

"I love you Donnica."

"I love you too."

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